Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My Oscars Best Dressed

It's Oscars season again and this time my inner me of being a fashion critic roars again like a tigress in despair ha ha ha ha (what a term). So this time who's in my list? Take a wild guess he he he.

Well,  for sure a lot of you have already seen the best dressed lists from different magazines, social media pages etc. Actually, It's all just the same its just that for the sake of being relevant; I've come up with my list as well. And here's my best dressed as in super best (runners up and my winner):

Simple, Sleek and She never goes wrong every Oscar season but shes my 5th best dressed or runners up. Its just that I am longing for more. Very simple for me. I want more edgier with this kind of look. Cate Blanchett rocks her john galliano red carpet gown anyway.

Another runners up for me, the style of the gown has been around but seeing all her total package really works wonder for this model. She wore Marchesa, a London based designer.

Another Runners up for my best dressed, very clean cut and sexy. Tom Ford is indeed great designer. The thing is her hair doesn't complement with her dress. Maybe, a boyish cut or not this style of hair would be appropriate for this gown.

My Second best dressed goes to faith hill a very sleek so appropriate J Mendel gown. So Fresh and Light! Kudos to her great team of stylists, makeup artists, etc.
My Best Dressed: From head to toe to her hair and make up, this trophy wife of John Legend is my best dresed for this season. Shes indeed fierce, glamorous and sexy.  Shes wearing Zuhair Murad, a designer from Dubai.

Addicted to Gym

For the last three (3) months, I'm regularly going to the gym. Well, to say the least I decided to sign up for an annual membership that's why I need to work out.  But before, I used to think that Gym was boring, so redundant and very trying hard. Now, gym for me is my refuge or a place to have fun, enjoy and relax.

In fact, when I started going to gym my habit of splurging money for shopping was cutoff. I even rarely go to the  mall now. Why? because I am already dead tired and that I don't have energy anymore to shop I rather go home and sleep.

FYI,  My gym itineraries and activities are always like this: I go to the gym every week days from mondays to sundays and relax during weekend. My cardio exercise is every other day while my weight activities are every two days in order for my muscle to relax and grow. Once in a week;  I go for yoga, zumba and body combat and even the strenuous one body pump. 

But before doing these things, I always eat first because as they say we are like cars; if you don't have enough gasoline, you don't have enough power to move. So eat before you work out  but not too much that's the cardinal rule.

Well, they say that if your addicted to mall they call it mall rat and if it is the gym then gym rat. Then, I rather chose the latter because somehow you gain something healthy as well as longevity.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Adulating Eddie Redmayne

I came to know the name Eddie Redmayne, a young brilliant actor back when I was watching Les Miserables the movie . Back then, I saw his potential and prowess in acting.

What's the good thing of his craft is that he is always in character. As in he gives justice to all his roles and he has so much more to give in this field. In fact, when I haven't yet watch the theory of everything my bet for Oscars Best Actor is of course the birdman himself Mr. Keaton but then when I saw Eddie's acting in the theory of everything, I don't have anymore doubts that he is not going to win and I was right enough, he won the Oscar's best actor last Sunday night.

I don't have to blog about his credentials but what I am sure of is that he comes from an affluent and professional clan of businessmen.  Acting might be just his hobby  because eventually in the future he can have his own business. Well actually in the movie (Theory of Everything) every angles or scenes that Eddie did were all fantastically great. Spotless and he is very passionate about his craft - his great acting.

To you  Mr. Eddie Redmayne my warmest congratulations and I highly respect of your talent / craft. You are such an inspiration to young actors even to us movie viewers and kids who dream to be a star someday.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Watching The Judge

This is not actually a technical review of what transpired in the movie but just my take, my personal opinion or reaction about the movie.

Prior in watching the film, I thought the script of the story was from my favorite author John Grisham. Oh Boy! I was wrong it's not him but someone named Nick Schenk and then rewritten by another two scriptwriters commissioned by the film outfit.

As a matter of fact, I loved the film so much that I cried buckets at the end of the movie. To give you some brief story of the film, the movie is about a Judge being accused of murder of first degree and One of his sons who is a lawyer will fight to defend him in court. But the problem is they have some personal issues and struggles as a Father and son. So on and so forth.

As a viewer myself, I was personally moved by these two characters. The chemistry of the two were really good. As in the two were in character both Robert Duvall and De Niro Jr. In fact, I even relate this to my own personal life - The struggle, The baggage's both personal and emotional and the fragile relationship between father and son. It was so close to reality but a movie is always a movie. It is just a platform to convey what is in reality. Anyway, in the end; Love, reconciliation and forgiveness will always prevail.

And that's why I  highly recommend it to you Dear readers to watch the film because there are moral lessons here to instill and imbibe eventually.

My Opinion about Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling

This time I would like to blog a book that I am finished reading for two weeks. It's actually, JK Rowling's Casual Vacancy. I may not be a fan of JK Rowling's book but I love all the movies from her novels.

Actually, this book is not my first choice but the thing is my preferred book was out of stock, So I opted to buy this one. It's a 600'ish page novel and I survived reading it in the train, in my office, in my bed and often during my lunch break.

Anyway, I am not in the authority to scrutinize technically the book. It's just that I'd like to opine my opinion as a reader of this book.

Well, for me Casual Vacancy tackles more of Politics  as well as some social relevant issues connected in it. This is a realistic book that clothed in fiction created by the author. A very timely book and socially relevant. There may be a lot of characters in this book but after you finish reading it that's the time that you will appreciate each of their characters and that they are socially intertwined and connected with each other.

The book encourages me to empathize to people especially the downtrodden or hapless and of course the battered or the abused (physically and emotionally). It's a matter of being aware and being helpful also. Or I may say that real Politics is about encouraging, inspiring, coordinating people regardless of their social status.

In fact, this is my first time to read JK Rowling. At first the book was elaborately boring but when you're almost there you simply realize that OMG this book is so powerful that strikes resemblance to what is happening in our society now. I think she deserves to write more of this than some whimsical or magical theme books.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Joy of Reading Books

I don't know how to start this article but I would like to believe that writing this article will help me realize the essential benefits of reading books or any kind of reading materials for that matter.

Actually for the last 8 years I am not into reading books anymore due to the advent of social medias but somehow I realized that these damn social medias are not beneficial especially if you glued yourself to these platforms for an hours or so. It's just totally draining.

And so I gradually start back my habit of reading books when I went to the states last holiday. Well,  actually the books there are very cheap as cheaper as 5 us dollar and voila!  you can get a quality hardbound or paperback types.

Well, to cut the story short; what I've found out recently about reading books is that it develops a sense of mental comprehension or focus either in your work or talking with friends. Second, I am always transported into a different horizon or should I say a different ideal world that sometimes you don't realize that time is running high. And Lastly,  It gives me the pleasure of imbibing the main character of the book especially if I love the character and dreaming someday to be one ha ha ha How I wish! And that's explain why there's plenty of joy in reading.

But mind you, if I compare reading and shopping, for me there are no comparisons of the two; I rather have both of them as my two favorite hobbies;)he he he.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Why I Love John Green

As per wikipedia John Michael Green is an American author of young adult fiction, YouTube video blogger, historian and creator of online educational videos. Well, I just knew him as a young smart author and now I know that he has multitude of talents so to speak. And as per his biography online he was  born in 1977 and I was in 80's ha ha ha ha so we are of the same generation indeed.

Well , anyway this is just my opinion but whether you like it or not dear readers, I really love John Green. Why oh why? and here's my compelling reasons:

1. Because he revolutionized the method or genre of teen adult books about realistic fiction, experience and the way he writes is so straight forward not so teeny weenie kind of thing. It makes young readers today to be realistic, to be smart and be responsible enough inspite of inexperience in life.

2. All of his books are so light and very relatable that's why I like him a lot.

3. I know I am into late 30's but I don't want to read books now that are so comprehensible that I need to look for a dictionary for every word. This is my past time after a day's hard work so I need to be transported into a different world when I am reading.

4. He write all the books by heart because as what he said in daily telegraph interview, he cried on all his books he wrote.

5. But what makes John Green’s books wonderful books to me is the fact that I think about them, about the decisions and revelations and lines. Sometimes, I forget the name of the characters, sometimes, I forget the details of the stories, but I have yet to forget the ideas and the meaning and the feelings that I felt when I read his books.

6. Also, there is a lot of food for thought, a great narrator, and the usual, great writing that is John Green.

Well, FYI's He is the hottest YA author of today. He is the author of the book that became famous Movie; The Fault in Our Stars then the award winning Looking for Alaska, Paper Towns and the Abundance of Katherine. And I am really looking forward to read more of John Green's YA Novels.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Selfish Me

Selfish - LiarEgocentric. Hypocrite. Greedy. Useless. Worthless. Sociopath.

It is also means in adjective - (of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for other people; concerned chiefly with one's own personal profit or pleasure.

Categorically, I really don't know if I am a selfish prick . But maybe I am because I always look for what is best on me. I don't know why I am so late realizing these things when I am now into my 30's but still it is never too late to change or show some unselfishness to people.

Anyhow, Below are some little tips I got from wiki how on  how to be unselfish or practice a little more of this and a more less of selfishness:

·         Changing who you are will take time, but recognizing that you have a problem with your behavior is a big step.
·         Hug others that need it. Don't hold back tears or emotions because of your ego.
·         Learn to stop judging others and instead try learning to understand them.
·         Encourage people because everyone needs encouragement.
·         Don't hate yourself because you think you can't change. You'll get there.
·         Don't expect to become a saint overnight.
·         Use less words like "me" or "I".
·         If there is only one cookie left at a party and somebody else wants it, let them have it or offer to split it with them.
·         Don't rub your good deeds in other people's faces. The point of volunteering and being considerate is doing the     right thing, not getting glory.
·         Don't be sharp with people just because you are stressed.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Beauty of Moving On

Honestly,  In all my life  I have not been into serious relationships. Its
all pure fun and carnal to me. But recently, I did try dating just to see if I can be of prospect or a catch to anyone ha ha ha.

Well, to cut the story short, I went dating for six months with a younger guy, a 10 year gap of my age. During that six months, I thought I can get him right away because he is young and fresh and of course aggressive (for sure you know what I am talking of). Then later, it was a different kind of emotion.  A bit deeper, sincere and fluid.

Well in all honesty,  yeah I fall for him. I loved him but the thing is I am not emotionally matured. I am a bit of both being  impulsive and drama queen. That is something that I need to work out if I want to have a long lasting relationship with someone. So in short, this guy is in a relationship now . What is sad here is I found it myself but yeah the guy- it is not his job to notify me that he has a boyfriend or something because reality we are just dating. He can even meet and date ten folds of guys. That's the thing.

So what I am trying to tell here is that, Don't be so dramatic just moved on. But in my case although I have lots of lapses, I was really into him thinking I still have the chance. And now the picture is clear enough to me now, it was just pure dating and getting to know each other and it did not work, period.

So the beauty of moving on is that, you value yourself now more than anything else because you get it already and its sinks in now in to your brain and in to your heart. Meaning you embrace now the reality, so what you just have to do is to wish them great, good luck and happiness. There are still billions of billions of billions of people in this world and the probability is that you can have the chance to get someone much better and much you deserved. Life doesn't stop there it's just give you a break to think and assess yourself and then go find someone again but with lessons to learn.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How to overcome Impulsiveness

To start this article, I need to know or research the meaning of being Impulsive,  Impulsiveness or  Impulsivity, etc.

Well, according to American Dictionary of the English Language, Webster; it is an emotion that  is "a moving of the mind or soul; hence, any agitation of mind or excitement of sensibility". Another definition is an emotion in which it is "a conscious mental reaction (as anger or fear) subjectively experienced as strong feeling…typically accompanied by physiological and behavioral changes in the body" . And according to urban dictionary - Prone to acting without thought; spontaneous.

So in other words, It is our feelings that rise up, move out and we want to follow them and do whatever they say. And That is my problem now of being impulsive . Anyway,  According to an article online, Here are some tips on how to overcome that impulsiveness
  • Walk away from something you want to buy on impulse. It will still be waiting for you later, after you’ve had time to think over the purchase.
  • Take a deep breath or talk with a thoughtful friend before impulsively yelling at someone out of anger.
  • Practice calming strategies, such as muscle relaxation, yoga and cardiovascular exercise such as jogging.
  • Write a list of pros and cons of a tough decision before acting.
  • Make a mental outline of what you want to say before saying it.
  • Do some research on a purchase, decision or a proposal before you act on it.
  • Be mindful.
  • Engage in calming activities.
  • You can stop impulsivity from controlling your actions and your life.

But in a more deeper sense, I believe that surrendering yourself to God and Be aware of your actions that you will never ever hurt some ones feelings or emotions is another essential thing to do or in short Self-Control. Thus I quote Joyce Meyer article " God always has your best interest at heart. That's why He wants to change you more than He does your circumstances. Then, when those inevitable emotions rise up, you can make choices on purpose, not impulsively. Choose to go deeper with Him so you can live beyond your emotions and enjoy the freedom it brings in your life - Amen"!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Dating Game and My Impulsiveness

I have been traveling a lot for the last 8 years that I really don't know what's gay/bi dating or a love life is all about (char) and so I tried to join the furry of gay/bi dating and more.

It was July of 2014, I think I saw his account in one of the many gays dating site (not to name the site baka sisikat pa ha ha ha ).  First impression was hmm the guy was very courteous because he thanked me for viewing his profile. Then I chatted him to the extent that we exchanged numbers and then to whatsapp chatting.  I know  I always look for physical attributes thus I find the guy cute enough that I am excited to meet him personally. And so I asked him for a date (as in ask talaga madatung si ateng hahaha). 

Lo and behold, I found out that we were in the same region caraga - he's from CBR (Cabadbaran) and I am from Surigao, it was a plus factor actually because the level of comfortability and relatability is easy.

So our first date turns out to be good and I really liked him that being gay my mentality was that I can bed with him. In fact, we even chat lots of M to M things position and all. He even confided to me his first M to M experience as a Bisexual Man. It was an endless chat sessions of getting to know him better. We had several movie dates and all. But oh boy as the time goes by of knowing him - it was more than sex that was built up on my entire system. It was more of something that maybe we can be partner and spent our lives together (iring agad agad). But I  had lots of lapses actually like  I always accused him of something that I don't even have evidence, things like that but still he was courteous enough to chat with me. Even when I was on vacation in the Philippines we had lots of chats that indeed I really fall for the guy even if I knew him that he fathered a one beautiful daughter but he is not married (of course).

Then coming back here in Dubai was just the same of endless chatting and all. Until such time that I really don't know or maybe I am this type of checking his background because for me chatting is not enough I should check him maybe he has a skeleton or a deep secret or something. So First I found out that he has two accounts in that gay dating site - and I confronted him with all the accusations, he answered me honestly. Second, when I saw his Instagram and try to check what's on it and even ask to follow him but he insisted not to because he is preserving his privacy or a self preservation of his image I believe.  And so I did not insist.

 And Because I am not really sure of him I stop for once or for a week chatting with him but my feeling is so stubborn that I still continue chatting with him and sharing information and all. Again because my emotion is not so stable even until now , my impulses again hits up that I really waged a war with him. Throwing  insults and hurtful words etc etc. It was the last straw that I thought he will never ever chat me back but then again his being courteous enough to reply and it makes me realized that this guy really is a good and kind hearted. Infact, I really can relate with him in lots of things from Movies - Romantic ones, Music - The Script to Soap Operas (of course Game of Thrones) and even books we loved John Green so much! and to any topic concerning Gay Marriage etc etc-we may differ on some points but we always respect each opinion.

The chatting begun to slow a little bit and then I went to the states. But even I was in the states we always chat but not that much. Until when I came back here in Dubai that I chatted him again but it seems that it was cold and I still think that I have the place in his heart until I found out just recently that he is in a relationship with a guy he dated back in October. Then suddenly my heart sunk. Although I should have known the sign but I did not.

Anyhow, we already talked on the phone and sighting a lot of things my impulses and all the insults I've thrown at him. It was really heart rending / warming that I just cried - but I always believe that a great friendship would definitely be in the offing because he is indeed worth to keep:-)

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