Friday, July 29, 2011

Of Buying a Property

Before, I was so pessimistic enough not to buy a property especially that I am single and no plans of settling yet. Now that my siblings have their own properties, they encourage me to buy one and that's why I bought one for myself.

I dunno what's the good thing of buying a property but somehow I made some realizations now that I am getting older and wiser(char!) that to buy a property is to invest for the future and also the pride of ownership - of owning one's house and this means that I can paint the walls of my house any color I like, turn up the volume on my CD player anytime I want, attach permanent fixtures and decorate my home according to my taste. Home ownership gives me and my family a sense of stability and security.

I do not know what will be my next investment but so far Investing on Travel gives me the sense of fulfillment and happiness hahaha;-)

Photography - I am loving it!!

This is the hobby that I told you my dear followers, Very creative indeed! After researching and canvassing about DSLR camera on whats the best and durable, etc;  I  finally bought a Nikon DSLR camera D3100. In one of the blogs that I read and I quote that "Nikon D3100 is one of the best DSLR for a beginner". And that sums up all my decision of buying one.

Photography really push you to the limit especially your creativity. It somehow helps you how to hone your creative skills because I just know now that even you do not have that creativity yet but when you try and explore eventually it will come out. Its a matter of practice actually. Anyways, here are my sample of my photographs. Enjoy my works!

Working with a Start-Up Company

To my fans and followers, I am so sorry for not updating this blog. Well, because I was busy with my new work, secondly I had this new hobby that I cannot resist holding on and last but not the least, I really forgot that I have something that I owe it to you guys and that is of telling you what's on my mind and what's up on my personal and career life(char:-)!

Well, well anyways here's my first entry which is obviously in the title. I am like 3 months or so now with my new company and so far so good. I am little bit busy sometimes and sometimes not, my new company is new to Abu-Dhabi , its actually a start up company. But then there is a mother company that is based in US which provided the funds, logistics and the people in order for  my new company to compete and survive here in the middle east. For confidentiality, I will not disclose my company's name because the nature of it is something sensitive.

Let's go to my work and the people - for a few months I really pity myself because I have a bit of loads whilst other don't have than just sit and do face book for the whole 8 hours. Its something unfair but then its their work ethics plus it infuriates me because this kind of employee is really incompetent, he even doesn't know how to operate basic excel that's why he keeps bugging  and ask me how to do this and that. Shame on Him but then he is not really learning even to the point that I tell him straight to his face that I am not your teacher to teach you on how to do that, It is highly expected of you the fact that your getting 5 figures and even higher rate than me. But right now, I am okay and happy in a way because I have other colleague now who in away knows about his job and even can help me how to lessen my work through initiatives and techniques. We are team work in a way. GOD is good all the time!

And to end this entry, I can say that working in a start up company has to sides of the story, its either you lost or you contribute/help. If you have that solid experience and know your job very much, probably you can help the company how to structure the path and the process but if your just a nuisance and just got lucky ending up with this job, you will wait for something to happen because you afraid to share and contribute to the company. Also, I believe in Employee Working Attitude - even if you have a little bit of experience but if you are raring to go and do the extra mile stuff, eventually you perfectly do your job.

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