Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pacquiao Stardom

Well, I am not actually a fan of him but because I am a Filipino plus we lived in the same island Mindanao and we have the same roots like we were born with out a silver spoon in our mouth - then so be it I cheer and support for Manny.

Anyway, I'm not an outspoken anti-Manny, I'm just either but regardless which sides I'm on Manny Pacquiao still Manny Pacquiao. He is on top of the world now. But I cannot really get the idea of conquering the whole wide world or grab every inch of opportunity just to get millions of money. Like for example, He is planning to join politics aside from being in showbiz - I think he has enough money to live and sustain for another 20 years if he use his money in a modest and smart way.

I hope this will not his achilles or downfall because money/glamour/prestige after all is just a skin deep but being kind/supportive and helpful is a virtue that will never fade. Well, what ever it is, I for one will still support Manny in his next fight. At the end of the day, it's the feeling of being happy, jubilant and proud as one filipino nation! Bring home the beacon again Manny!!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Idle. Bored. Restless. Tired

After my four days off, for this past few days I feel tired and bored working & coming to the office. I do not know but these few days I feel like just to day dream and let my imaginations explore and go beyond-to think I have lots of work to do(document filing, update of records in short all admin works). But really I feel so glum and no energy at all as if I am just a machine nodding "Yes Sir" to whoever superior ask me to do something but reality check I did not do it. I just simply made excuses or even argue to the extent.

And then I have this thinking that maybe this is not the right job for me but on the other hand, when I came to realize that I cannot find a job better than this esp this times - recession and with the rate that I got- its quite hard and impossible to get one these days.

Anyway, I guess this is just a mood swing!!! but this mood runs for about a week now and that, I am really worried because this might lead to my incompetence or to the extent that I will resign!God forbid! I dunno but I hope that I am not over reacting or making a drama per se out of my boredom or misery!!!well, well, Anyhow I try to be bubbly and energetic tomorrow by practicing to greet with big wide smile:-) "Hi Good Morning! How are YOU" to every person that I am going to meet tom!! Good luck:-)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

F1 Frenzy

Having heard from my boss that we will have a 4 days off during F1 Abudhabi Grand Prix, I sighed and just can't believe it!!!So heres my journal for that 4 days off:

Day 1 off- Thursday!! Beyonce Glamour!!!I already done brainstorming what to wear for this event!!!and so I got this funky I LOVE NY shirt(from Aileeh Koh---shes d most sweetest singaporean crew I have known) Anyway, moi and A-n heed down to Marina Mall to catch a bus to the island where the concert is located.....then we arrived around 6pm and walk towards the concert arena----quite a queue actually but so so excited the fact that Beyonce will be performing!!!I am so proud of the venue and the Yas Island itself because one thing for sure I work here plus people are admiring about the island and the Yas Marina Circuit! and then at the arena, I catched a sigh oh OMG! DJ Bliss(my fave local dj from radio 1) do the front act...and exactly 8pm BEYONCE came alive and starts with a bang of CRAZY IN LUV!!! she has so so much energy that people couldn't resist clamoring for more but eventually the show ended with much ardor and satisfaction!!!!until next time Sasha

DAy 2 - Timbaland @ formula 1 fan zone! me, hadz and tagal went to corniche at exactly 10:30 PM as in hurried and quite tense--- were thinking that the show already started but to our delight its not yet, not even prepared and DJ Dannyneville from Radio 1 just started playing R&B stuff prior to Timbaland's appearance. The show starts something 11:30 or so! probably to accommodate some ticket holders from Yas Island and for them to catch also the show. The concert was good enough but timbaland missed some points when he do the adlib talking. WEll its abit far fetch but the crowd did not mind as long as timbaland continue playing his hits.........Promiscous girl--u already know!....blah blah--one of timbaland's collaborated song with Nelly Furtado

Day 3- Its a chilling day!! we plan to watch Bob Marleys lving legend band-THE WAILERS! but to my dismay when we arrived it was already finished and just techno music playing around the air!!!!Sayang we missed the reggae, afro-jamaican concert

RAce Day - No one not even my flatmates can I tag along or join me to see Live via chatellite the F1 Final Race @ the yassalam corniche. So I invited myself and bring along my brisk walk and little jog to heed down to the venue and after 30 minutes of strolling down, finally I reached Corniche with pumping energy!! The venue was a bit relax and quite chilled actually. People just lying down and focus watching the action!!! I sit at the front concentrating also and after the 55 laps or just an hour and 4 minutes of watching the race is over and It's a young German sheperd-Sebastien Vettel grab the elusive winning. @ 22 he won the race and not even to the remote idea that it was a tight competition or a tight speed gap between his opponents...but really he consistently on the lead after Lewis retire due to brake failure. Anyway I am happy to hear that (my) Abu-dhabi will be the same again to host the 2010 Formula One Final Race!!!Anyways, better luck next time Lewis!!!for the mean time have moment with Nicole @ Yas!!!!Enjoy!!!Note: Pix..pix..pix to follow folks

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