Monday, October 29, 2007

Of beauty,fashion, Vanity and Excessive Flattery!!!-------kinopya ko lang yan noh!!

I can't help but to comment on what is happening now to Dubai and to the world in general--as if sounds missionary ako ever!! try to save the world from dominion--anong term yan?anway,basta read na lng!!!!!

One time, I 've had a guest, a regular one ---Can't seem to recognized her. So she approached me willfuly and said " don't u ever remember me Peter? so I asked her"ur quite familiar but I can't remember u when was I saw u before? And when she responded a word " I am Ms chuvanes--blah blah..I was really gasping for awe........"IS that u Madam chuva..oh gosh U perfectly changed!! !!! ur kinda high maintenance now? and with a retort of her reply"of chores no!!!....and to cut the fairy tale story short---She drastically cut herself into what i mean is "NAGPARETOKE SHA" FROM her macho elbow to her not so flat nose and even to her fattening BILBIL!!!!as she said she cost her a fortune but its an investment daw because she looks good and she need it for her job as a Corporates Sexetary!!!!But really cmon, she is not that ugly nor that very pretty but anyway to each its own!!!!!Actually I really like her old bubbly self before than now being compose, poise/demanding and trying to be glamourous as in fake glamour!!!!!well I cannot blame her because she is just a follower of so called OVERRATED BEAUTY!

I was really shocked that she is being so so s0(dili kon totoy k?) superficial now and talking about high luxurious goods which is not related to her image before and even now. For me it is sometimes good to talk about fashion etc.etc...but being trying hard and keep telling things about "i plan 2 buy these and buy(with all the fingerpointing in the magasin or zine) is really unnatural and socially climbing!!!!!I cannot seem to understand that some women even if her earnings is not enough to muster her basic needs. really...have the guts to buy LVH or/Prada or/Guccci real as in through her credit cards! that is very impractical..for me !!!
Actually U can be fashionable but not being over...u can look good that can matches to your financial capabilities! But her becoming a victim or an addict of too much spending is really pitiful. It is a sad fact that some people tend to prioritize the LUHO than looking after of her basic needs. and that i think because OF FASHION ek ek i mean buying compulsively!!!!

VANITY----Ms. chuva for me now is really vain as in every things she puts in her face/body and feet must be hypo allergenic free/elegantly scented and scientifically tested as what she confided to me. To hell with that Ms Chuva!!!!k ka lng?

But in the end I just realized that the whole point for this of why Ms. Chuva tend to become a fanatic of these things materially its bec. she wants to be flattered excessively by others!!!

OF EXCESSIVE FLATTERY- people who needs attention/or limelight really love this...long for it earnestly. Come to think of it-Why invest into liposuction..buying luxurious goods....dissecting facial cares free from blah blah blah blah?.....when all is well ends it very well!!!

Now I know what WORLD PEACE means in every answer of a beauty titlist-WORLD PLEASE look at me!!!!Right Ms chuva?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Men oh Men and its idiosyncracies!!! wattta term!!!charrr

Walang kokontra ha? this is my personal opinion about men in general!I mean gay men pla...not straight but somehow may correlation or relatedness.....bec. male species be it gay or str8men are polygamous in nature..ooopsss reserve ang comment!

When I came here in this developing great work and live, I found out that there are few/some discrete gay dating movement..but very very secret as in,,,nakatago sa baul sila!!! so u need to dig them up.

Old/matured gays----they are the one who lived their life alone/miserable through the ages..the've been to relationships from having a family of their divorce to collecting younger men of different ages/nationalities, they tend to care of you/pamper you just for the sake of having sex with you and eventually u think that there is a serious relationship going on......but no no their just having fun because your the apple of their eye for the mean time.........but dont get me wrong when they had enough of you..sorry they just left u unattended!!!!kaya careful kafatid

Bar gays/Pahada-----U already know what their game is right!!!!??? they ask your mobile number or anything to keep u warm just for the night!!! then if u love it goggogogo GO 4 D GOLD but if u dont let their eyes and saliva simmer down as if they feel like THEY ARE pathetic dog!!!!

Diva--or top muscled gays-----oh when u see them they feeel like goddess because of their sculpted bodies even if they act like a real not reel men kuno!!!!when they snort u that ur obvious they hate ur a trash..their style of fishing is underground hooking..they exerted the effort of having those muscled every day in the gym..then they need to paid their effort of getting the if ur not macho then chill out give way for the QUEEN!

stalker/pyscho gays-----when u meet them up..they are like very intellectual...the topic is deep everything from world economy to politics! so the bait is really tempting....from meeting to dating to mating..and to they dont accept ending or breaking them up..they keep u awake by calling and calling..text u evry day n night! sometimesu can see his shadow following u and really scared u what better way is---to change ur mobile/location/house etc.....period!

Good catch but there is but!!!!or PERO---u can find them in unexpected time/date or places..sometimes at frst u feel like he is not..but when u try meeting him again in some public places....u feel that there is vibe and u feel like him....but relax reserve ur emotions..then again u realize that u have a lot of things in common. But then, eventually u will find that..he has issues that u cannot deal with but only u either decide to let go and let live or do the circus thing back n forth!! ! with this so called GOOD CATCH DAW! is there really such thing as good good catch?or only cold cash lang!!

oh men oh men gagwin ang lahat maangkin ka lamang..but helller wake up to your senses darling ......dont go on his terms but on yours...ika nga if you are just his options then dont make him priority...make him ur options too as in 2.......and thats men as in GAY MEN ALLABOUT! BOW:-)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Contemplating life in dubai!!!!

It is very natural for a human(not brand ha?) like me that when gone are the good days and you just counting your few remaining days.. living in a such vibrant city--- to reminisce/contemplate/make drama about everything u have done!right? and here are the things that I could never 4get my Dubai!

Nightlife-------active and this is where I cannot forget this great city. From filipino nitelife way to hedonistic arabic and decadent brits PARTYING~~u can never go wrong partying in this city!!!!Bitchess/assholess/drags/pathetic/neird/TH...everything..its a melting pot of nationalities/personalities/attitudes!!!

Shopping------where everything u can find it here except flea markets!!!The good thing to shop in this bizarre/attention grabbing city is....if u are looking for international hi-street brand where it is very IN in fashion world..mix n match!!!! then head to this shopping paradise because even in my own country I cannot afford buying it there where tax and net profiteering is traditionally practiced and ..burden for us shoppers!!!

Fine Dining/beach/accessibility--------Very plenty for this city and in which u can select from cheapskate dining to fabulous/skyrockets expensive restos!!!!

Beach is all over in town so u just heed and do ur tanning!!.....prettty cool n relax and lots of men/pamen abound here!!! Accessiblity-----well i am talking of my work from here to my nearby workplace..where i just strutly and do my signature walk!!!!oh laban ka tyra!!!!

Men----very pratical here...they dont go for relationships ..they just go for fun and all that if thats ur game then play with them but if u cant handle do it your own!!!! thats just it!

Anyway, thats my way of contemplating about dubai..not really into sobs and all that!!!but to reminisce and cheerish about the good things that Dubai has offer me...even my pockets empty!kalas JOIE DE VIVRE!!!live life to the very fullest and at the end of the very day u are gone and just be remembered right or wrong?..its up to U!!!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Zouk!Abra!Jumeirah--Mader Nitz & me

My Mother Nitz as in my mudra has just arrived here in UAE particulary Abudhabi & Dubai! And what better way to threat her is to tour here around the city.....Because as u know I mean as far as I knew her through thick and thin....she is very HAKAD(our native lingo for raring to go be it party/trip etc...). So that day! I brought here to GOLD ZOUK, TEXTILE ZOUK and from riding gondola or abra in Dubai's cliche to poshes or plushes hotels in Jumeirah lane...Dubai's westeria lane version kuno!
Round one-we went to gold zouk where shimmering golds displayed! Wazz anda----as in orez so we just post there as tourists on that infested tourists if where gonna buy those bling bling thing but actually we just took pictures and pose!! Next stop---after riding the gondola---abra in short we heeded to textile zouk where different kind of telas abound!!!right term vah?

Anywys, the very interesting to note here is the JUMEIRAH lane where tanned bitches and gorgoeus assholes--of brits/aussies/africans/brazilians/americanz u can find!FYI-and they are the effortless beauties/hotties/yummies/superfish of DXB(flight term of Dubai-FYI parin)....2nd stop-JUMEIRAH BEACH HOTEL--A boat ship like hotel where when u enter u can see their grand lobby and olympic size pools backgrounding the largest waterpark in Middle east--the wild wadi!!so whatelse we did--eh ano fa picture picture ever!!!pose mader! smile!----next desti!!THE MADINAT JUMEIRAH---where we get tired and dizzy for its maze design mall and hotel as well! Pretty exciting/interesting and most higlighted here is when we met this acccomodating and nice aussie woman who took us a picture and mind u we took picture also of her together with mader nitz!!!!comment-thats the really good thing of meeting new nice people!!!!its amazing!!!..the last stop- is MADINAT ALQASR-An empire palace hotel where arabic and chinese influences/architech touches/designs are displayed!!!!Plus its a beach front resort and an artificial river banks.When we got in-we thought there was an entrance fee but to our in free-----so let the foto shoot begun/begin watta ever...flashhere flash there flashing everywhere!!!and thats the whole trip in HAGOK ever si mader for that trip!!!and so am I ahahahahahahaha

Zouks!Abra!Jumeirah!Mader Nitz and Meh:-)Part II

(Note: This is my first draft blog article that I thought I lost/delete but alas/heart/jack/king n queen-8s n d draft pala)but tke note more diff pix!!!

My Mother Nitz as in my Mudra has just arrived here in Dubai. So what better way of her to know the through rampage--or in short touring the good side of DUBAI.....becAUSE....u know my very!!..HAKAD--its a endearment (daw) term for being eager to ....go or to have fun! watta ever!!!! but she had all the fun during that whole day from the dilapidated streets of gold souk, textile souk to riding abra to the westeria lane of dubai..kuno, Im talking of the jumeirah area where plushes/poshes hotels are located....and also where tanned bitches and gorgeous assholes of different nationalities especially aussies/brits/africans/brazilians/americans....u can find!--- & to add info to that..they are the expats who are effortless beauties/yummies here in dubai!!! ever as in delicous/hot/and superfish they are!!!!!!psst(keep mum about it)

Anywys, back to my topic----so that day me and my mader went to famous GOLD ZOUK here...wazz anda;-( so we just look around and trying be an elitista tourists kuno on that infested tourist-german/koreans/chinese/russians area of dubai! But what we actually went there was just to get picture and pose!thats it!! kalas(finish)! next destination please-----well, I brought her to the venice ekekek here in dubai...the gondola or abra here ...where u need to ride a boat and went to the other side of the town! and thats our next rampa--TEXTILE ZOUKblah blah blah blah blah....but to end this article....I just highlight about our trip to plush first stop....

we went to JUMEIRAH BEACH HOTEL from their grand lobby to there OLYMPIC size swimming pool areas and all that!!!! whatelse!!!picture ficture as in nothing else..2nd round-MADINAT JUMEIRAH-where we findourselves dizzy and tired because..its a maze hotel and a mall......what we did again..the picture of chors ...kodak kodak as my mader said!!!!!but the most interesting of this stint is..we met an aussie woman whose very accomodating, she took a picture between me and my mudra..and even she i took her a pix with her and my mader!!!we chatted her for a couple of minutes and said goodbye to her!!!!!comment: dats really the good thing of meeting new fabulous/accomdating people from other countries!!!!-they offered help! Last stop na....MADINAT ALQASR-where everything is influenced by arabic/chinese designs/architecture and even furnitures......when we get in---I thought there was an entrance fee but as in free so every minute that were there we grab taking photos(change term)!!Watta I mean---is every corner of the hotels we took pictures of it...and so the famous BURJ AL ARAB was in our glimpse so we took picture of the sight of it!!!!! ever! and at the end of the day mader nitz slept slumberly from that tiring and exciting trip we had.....and so am I!!!!zzzzzzzzzzzzzzhhhhhhhh hagok as in!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

My treklens..i mean scintillating fotos!--archives fotoses that I made and posted in TREKLENS

When I got hold of my digi-cam after buying from the store(of chors no) etc..etc.. I cannot think of anything but to get/take pictures from all over the place may it be a chipannga or sotsyal!!! /interesting people close to me/or even guys that i just met from the streets!!(owss reallly;-)!)

Getting pictures or in short PHOTOGRAPHY is really exciting!!!!! It really excites U especially when u see the pictures and U capture the moment or even somebody just appreciate it for what you have done. Much more if it is MEN or naked men in particular that you are taking..i mean TAKING PICTURE....It is much more not really just much but VERY EXCITING plus more...With all these sculpted muscles ...of chors...for sure my blood or my adrenaline will rush ever!!!!!!

Anyways, whatever is the subject of your PHOTOGRAPHy may it be decent/nude/art/ is always an art of photography! well heller just by taking pictures is an art, right!!!!!!how much more if it is a nice photos you are is really a pleasure diva-?..hayyy very contradicting etits my article?oops itish-pra sosyal not vastos yung term!!! as in!!! are the photos I've got from my Bowl--oops no vaul as in baul...../ through the ages!!!ika nga----as they said ganun!

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