Thursday, June 14, 2012

Drunkhard Syndrome

I just found out that some people really have problem coping up their emotional baggages especially when their drunk and when their drunk so hard that's the time these people are blabbing or even started fights and it is not just pick up fights but as in total commotion that every one on that drinking session or the whole house will get involved. Is this a good thing? of course not he or she needs to undergo rehab or therapy big time Infact this is not good for someone I know who's is so quiet and soft spoken when she or he is not drunk but when he/she ever get drunk - He or she is really a total disaster.

I guess these people should be monitored and controlled because their anxiety, insecurities etc will occur once their on that brink of Drunkenness. And when they don't as in their like angels so quite yet so dangerous.

My take here is that they really need emotional or psychological help as soon as possible because once it will not stopped they will bring these baggage s till they get old and that so pathetic because I always believe that when people get old they should be happier, calmier / relax and that they just enjoy life instead of worrying and be closer to GOD.

My Madonna Experience #MDNA Tour

Well, finally the Queen of POP landed here in the Middle East and did a very heart pumping energetic shows. My Lola M went here in Abu dhabi last June 03 and 04 and indeed a dream come true for me seeing her in real flesh. Actually, I was hesitant to attend her concerts because of the buzz that her shows were sold outs and that tickets are running dry or remaining ones are so high priced. Then come one week prior to the concerts I heard that there are still tickets so I went to Flash site and checked "wallah there's a lot of general admission and so affordable", Yahoo so I told Anna to join me watching Lola M.

Madonna did not failed my expectations. The show is really one of a kind that I have ever seen - compared to what I have previously watched like Beyonce, Cold Play, Metallica, Tiesto and other Famous Singers. I like the theme and the theatrical arts that the stage / musical directors wanted to portray or execute. Its very controversial but  Art is an art. what ever the political meaning is I don't care but it is indeed a theatrical art. Performance wise - she has still the stamina and the drive and of course her signature revelations is really the most exciting like kissing a girl or showing her boobs which she did in Istanbul show but here in Abu-Dhabi I think kissing to a girl is a revelation considering the place is highly conservative, controlled. I salute the Abu Dhabi government for not censoring the performance and for giving the freedom of expression. Well Madonna is madonna and no one stops here. Her male dancers are my superlikes OMG i love their swaying and ramp model moves - Its really Beautiful plus their bodies are to die for or source of inspiration - Thin / Fit and Muscled (not body builder).

The Bonus thing that night was when we tried to bribe or just tease the Security Guard in the Golden or VIP circle area and he let us in prior the show starts. Whattta night indeed, we really happy watching LOLA right infront of her as in larger than life. I was drunk but indeed Happy Lola M really the Queen of POP! See her heart stomping performance below

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