Thursday, January 9, 2014

Downtown LA

They call it down town because of its world class attractions, thriving nightlife and walkable streets and of course people converge here for this. Downtown LA is not new to LA scene. It is always and part of the city's history and culture. What I love here is that its adjacent to each other (I'm talking of there Buildings, Restos, Museums, etc).

In fact, a lot of pinoy stories swarming here like you want a job right away in LA - go here and you will be hired right on the spot. They don't care if you are citizen or not as long as you work hard #char.

In philippine setting its ayala in makati or in UAE its SZR inshort sheik zayed road. The whole day I just walked around, ate and went shopping plus the weather was perfect during that time.

Here's my photos in Downtown LA Hope you like! Ciaooo:-)
This is the Downtown LA at Night - So Beautiful (not my pohoto)

Loving LA Graffiti

Palm Trees so LA - I love it:-)

Inside their train station - no train staff just all cctvs

Here I come Downtown LA

Dilapidated Buildings in DLA - Downtown LA

OLD theater located in DLA

Towering Heights at the Downtown

LA's Public Library
 Structures Structures Structures

Selfish selfie at the LA public library

LA Business Park

Lebanon St in Downtown LA

At the Down town in LA

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Amazing Seaworld Theme Park

Among the theme parks that I've tried so far,  Seaworld is one of the best theme parks.  Its actually about an hour from my sister's place Oceanside, CA. Seaworld is actually located in San Diego, California. What I love most about this theme park - is that there's alot of live shows plus their aim to promote conservation of the sea and sea animals.  Indeed, Your ticket is worthy here.

So if you have the chance to pass by San Diego, then don't forget to see and try Seaworld. It's one rare oppurtunity.

FYI, but I've  heard that Florida has a bigger sea world than California. Then let's go figure soon, time to plan Florida Trip #charr:-)

Legoland is Fun

I love Legoland! It is indeed a happy land for kids and kids at heart like me. Anyway, location wise, this theme park is very near and adjacent to my sisters place as in just 10 minutes and you will be there. Good thing the park is not full when I was there thus I was able to see all of there major spots from starwars theme legos to major US cities legos. In fact Legoland is not just a theme park of legos they also have a hotel right behind the park and even an ocean and  water park so you don't have to look for anything else. All is in there in Legoland California. If I am not wrong its in Carlsbad, California!

Welcome to Legoland California

Happy me in Legoland California

Mader Nitz Enjoying legoland California

This is the Hotel Legoland - where you can stay all night long and enjoy at the same time.

Lego Family - Father and his son

Mader Nits and Me with Legoland Wifey and her daughter

This is so big and I do not know how many legos are being built with this New York City lego

Beautiful Pathway in Lego land

The Lego Factory where its all begin

This is what inside the Lego Factory in Legoland park.

Selfie selfie pag may time in Legoland Park

There Huge Lagoon in Legoland Park - You also try there Ferry Boat touring with in the lake.

Welcome to New York Legoland

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