Monday, December 13, 2010

Yas Hotel, Cream Fields & David Guetta

 Yas Hotel - Noun: A 5 Star Luxurious hotel located at the heart of F1 Yas Marina Circuit. A truly unrivalled breathtaking and dazzling venue for Abu-dhabi hotel.

Creamfields Abudhabi 2010 - Adjective: is a large dance music festival featuring DJs and live acts and free booze courtesy of lola lenie.hehehe:-)

David Guetta - DJ/Producer. He is currently one of the most sought-after music producers. The Best DJ in the World. He know how to please his audience. Very humble and very apologetic.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Of Going Home and Finding a New Job!

Of Finding a NEW JOB - Well, I can honestly say now that I am not afraid to be terminated end of this year. For the last three years now, I made enough outputs or let's say contributions to this project as well as to the company. Working for a project of sorts, its really hard saying goodbyes but seeing now the project has been done and only few people left like my boss JP has been terminated already, its not motivating or inspiring to work anymore. I need to move on and that is my final say.

Of Getting HOME - Thus, I am excited of going home this december the fact that after my vacay, I will look for a greenier and brighter pasture and I am confident enough that 2011 has a better future in store for me. I can't wait to see old people, friends and family this yuletide, It is my first ever Pasko in the Philippines after working abroad for the last 8 years with no savings (hahaha). Costly and yet full of joy and fun - as in! See Yah Guyz and Let us paint the town red again.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Its all F as in Formula 1™

  OMG! as in I've got 9 days off starting last Friday with the F1 fever till next Saturday for the Eid break. So long and yet so fun hahahaha. Anyway, what I'm going to post is all about F. Guess? of course its F1 Mania, Fever, Fanzone & Fun concerts. F1 for sure its everyone's knowledge that this is the most popular, posh etc sport of all time. Its the second time around for Abudhabi to host the Finale. And of course expect loads of fun, parties and the likes. Celebrities here and there.

Anyway, my fun journey begins last Wednesday when the segment Beats on the Beach started. The line ups are pure talented artists. One to mention - K-E-L-L-Y ROWLAND one of Destiny's child best voices. I guess better than Beyotch-e I mean Beyonce. Well, I think bodywise shes Hottier than B well toned, nice structure and very slim. For me its the best free concert I've ever had ...she all rendered my favorite songs from "I am a survivor, Independent Woman, Say my name say name no one is round U, Nelly I luv you I do, Work, Bootylicious, Commander and when luv takes over". As in I feel like I am the only person on earth dancing free from worries and all - kiver I don't care whos watching me or tracking me.

Thursday - I never thought that I'll be watching F1 this year and voila  we had a ticket to the main grandstand where the real action is. As in me and my colleagues were so excited and seeing all  those guys for me is a pure bliss.They are all Delicious, Yummy, Beefy, Imal, Daku, Tam-is you name all the adjectives they are all that. They were all Cakes, Candies and Vitamins to my naked eyes hahahahha ever. And at night, SEAN Paul was in the house and the crowd really love him but for me I love Kelly's performance.

We missed Friday's event because we were all drunk but it was sorely fun. Ana T rocked the house - we called our batch in our hometown with fun and laughter and what an irony they are at the middle of the wake hahaha and so Gawa Elvie Dirty the werewolf - as in she scratched my arms with her mighty koko and out of her balance she broke the folded cabinet of Heides roommate.Total disaster and fun indeed :-)

Saturday was a bit relax - We had a batch lunch again at Hadiya's Flat and recalling/reminiscing what happened last night and then we went to corniche for some Fishing and at the end of the day - we caught with small fishes. I freed my catch because shes so small that's why I ended blabbing with Elvie Dirty because she really took all those small fishes and I told her Dirty free them but shes just smiling. That is why I told her, I will never ever join with your fishing again - Ur illegal fisher Gawa! even the smallest imo paksiwhon hahaha

Sunday, the F1 Race Day - same thing last year No one want to watch with me in Corniche and so I go by myself. It was full and relax and after 55 laps finally the winner revealed and it was the same guy who made it from 2009, 2010 and 2011 - the youngest F1 driver to win this coveted price - the yummy, the witty SEBASTIEN VETTEL. I think German like him and Michael Schumacher are born to win. Glückwünsche!

Monday, October 25, 2010


Miral Trailer

"Miral tells the story of four women whose lives intertwine in a starkly human search for justice, hope and reconciliation amid a world overshadowed by conflict, rage and war -"

It was the last day of the Abu-Dhabi Film Festival and as I about to check who win in the festival, I was shocked to know that Miral still showing as the finale film for NON-Narrative Competition. So right at that moment, I decided to go to Marina Mall and queue as expected a lot of people from all walks of life were already in line. Finally, at 7:00 PM they started selling the tickets and voila I was on the right seat over looking the whole theater and of course the larger than life screen.

I do not have to tell all about the film but all I can say is that MIRAl is a film where in it imbibes the notion that by fighting back or a tooth is a tooth formula is not the solution to this problem. Thus this fight must be waged in a mightier form or in a better arena just like what Miral did when she educate and graduated and as an International Journalist now, devoid from illiteracy, angst and islamist brainwash; she can retaliate much better now. Watch the trailer here: MIRAL

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Watching Arab Film "We Were Communists"

I am privileged to watch a documentary about "Communism" in Arab World. This is in line with the recent Abu-Dhabi Film Festival. We were communists - is the title of the film. Actually, there's a bunch of movies in line some are french, Italian, Latin etc to name a few but  I chose this one because of the fact that I am living here in Arab Country (as in in flesh and blood).  So I assumed that Nobody will watch the film or either just majority of Arabs. But then I was wrong, the people who I have seated with are English, Americans and Canadians. They are curious about the film and so am I.

All this years I thought that  the conflicts here in middle east like Palestinian War or Lebanon Civil War etc is something about Islamic struggle or the curtail of Islam Rights of not giving them the right to live etc. but I was wrong because with in their culture or their country, there are some Idealists or Marxists would like to shape or lead their country in a better form of government with out embracing this being Muslim or dragging the issue of Islam etc. Something that they want all of their people to be fair in terms of wealth, status etc and that no one rise above from the other like Rich or Poor etc.

Anyway, about the movie, first I feel the movie is a bit boring, full of story telling and just a vivid pictures or scenery's of Lebanon -where the location of the story. Actually the movie is about five men who join the communist party during the 80's civil war and now they are reunited because one of them came back in Lebanon and as a Film Director in France he would like to create a documentary about communism why they join, why the communism in Lebanon dies or vanish into thin air and also recollecting of their pasts. Sometimes the scene was a bit blurry or maybe its the way the director would like to portray.

As I am about to sleep or go, suddenly the film showed a very heart warming and moving scene where I think its really happening until now. The scene is a chilly or freezing night in a hilly village when suddenly a large scale spotlight with an echo sound is moving right and fro and monitoring the movement of  the whole village but, not by their government but by an  Israeli government because this village is a boundary between Israel and Lebanon. Something that with in me as a democrat or believer of suffrage to vote, to be free etc awaken or ignite my sympathetic feelings that I cried buckets and that when I realized that was  the syllogism of the movie why the narrator joined the communism party and also that is what he wants to convey that there is every logical or compelling reasons why some people join or fight for any cause or movement in this unfair world. End of the film. Around of applause followed. I hope the film wins.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Thinspiration: Jennifer Hudson, 29, Singer

Tonight, I am so lazy going to the gym and I am about to sleep when I chance upon to see this once fatty Diva in the internet. Well,  Diva in the sense that she has that powerful & angelic voice being a singer. OMG! She is so THIN now! Amazing! Upon researching now about her and her lose of weight, I quoted one line from the article she is featured saying: "Well, the new mom religiously goes to the gym 5 days a week. Shes the spokesperson now for a certain product/campaign  and of which the campaign is all about educating families on preparing healthy low-cost meals. This initiative is an effort to help alleviate hunger and obesity". What an effort and dedication she made just to make this thing(s) possible. A thinspiration story to follow indeed.

Anyways, interesting enough of her story that I right away; right at that moment, I get out/up from my bunk and start jumping rope coz I missed my gym ritual. But the good thing today I kept myself away from eating "RICE"- the very source of evil of my overweight. Back to the subject , Jennifer Hudson is my new thinspiration Idol now. Being a successful Singer(from Rags to Riches), Award winning Actress and now a spokesperson of ending obesity- she is credible enough to be followed and as a source of inspiration.

Anyhow, here's her photos from that oinky monayin look to now being sultry, sexy and confident actress.

From Being FAT(1) to being curvier (2) & now SEXY & SULTRY(3)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

That Fine Week-End

Last Week-end, I had a very nice and comforting week-end although the big event that we anticipated was canceled- still it was a memorable one. And here it goes:

We booked a hotel with a super downer rate which was included of Breakfast at the Traders Hotel by Shang-rila. And true to what previous guests commented, Traders as 4-star deluxe hotel was indeed beyond my expectations. They have a very cozy, jazzy yet modern & hip lobby, A very comforting front view room and of course their courteous  & cheerful staff and their services.

Friday, was our first day. Ana & I went to the hotel and checked-in. We're so amazed of the room and its facilities such a nice room overlooking the whole Shang-rila property. and then we indulged ourselves to mega lafs as in lafanggness - a Humba plus rice plus coke = Fullness! Watta day! Then, Mitzi later on joined us and then we went ahead as planned to go swimming in their pool. After we over used the pool, we went to our room and start dressing for that Tiesto concert. It was a mega blackness theme for our costume I mean the dress we wore. Sad to note that when were in the concert area - security said that it was canceled but we differ to disagree thus, we went to the back area and we saw that notice board that it is indeed canceled. Anyway, its not our lose but of course the organizer -it was sold out but then they have to make decision Fun or Safety? and they chose the later one. But still we chose FUN and thus we ended up bar hopping in Souk Al Qaryat from Sho Cho to Noodle House and then to Left Bank. We left the souk at 2:00 o'clock.

The next day me and Mitzi, indulged ourselves to what Traders by Shang-rila has to offer. First, we had our breakfast which I think the service supercedes any other hotel services. Imagine right in our table one staff service staff offered us of their breads, drinks etc and served it to our plate. Plus our table was situated infront of the beach - watta way to enjoy week-end. Then after we consumed their buffet from main course to desserts and fruits, we heed up to their Pool-Swim, Rest & Relax. Then later on 3 hours before our check out we managed to power nap and at exactly 3:00 PM we called their staff and went down ( we might oversleep and paid again for another day-kaloka!). Then after checked-out, we decided to went to Shang-rila and see their lobby and restaurants. As in one of the best lobby Hotels in AUH if not UAE. Then, we heed down and voila we love their pool, thus we stayed there till the sun set down. Funny though but we came up with an idea why not dine in some hotel outdoors and just buy shawarma or burgers, anyway we just look after of the 5 star ambiance and of course nothing else but pictures.

Shang-rila's Elegant Lobby Bar

The Hotel View from the pool

Loving the Art Wall of the Lobby

An Inspiration for my dream house char!
Their hip n chic lobby lounge

Loving this waiting area for the lift
The modern grand entrance

D mandatory self pic in every rampage

Their cozy tropical design pool

Mitzi on brisk swimming

Arabic design influence + Asian

The lovely outdoor setting

Not so nice mojito but its fine

Shang-rilas pride Pool

Love to try sun bathing here

Monday, September 27, 2010

On Gay Lifestyle and its Competitiveness

 I have been reading a lot of Blogs of famous and not so famous gay bloggers. If you streamline all their topics - it always goes down to Fitness & Fashion. And judging from their pics, it really looks like what they say or preach is true. Anyway, the topic really boils down on me. I mean, I'm always inspired by what they say; so I jot down all what I have to do to make me fit and fashionable. But reality sucks, Why? because I am so lazy especially if I am in my bunk. Once, I'm in that hypnotic piece-Plans or things to do for that day will just be in sketch and vanished into thin air. The very pig style of sleeping came into picture and then of course the gustatory side of Lafang/Eating after. So who's to blame for my incapacity to strive to be fit, and fashionista? very obvious myself. And it adds insult to injury day by day until I found out that I'm 80 Kg and going. OMG! Ano va to:-(

So at this day and age of mine, I just realized I cannot compete anymore to look fit and sexy especially on my lifestyle I mean Gay lifestyle. I rather go for that comfortable side of life of pigsty sleeping and eating. Pathetic but that's really me now- domesticated and lazy. But the funny side of it, once I am on the streets or crowds of people either mall or shops; I just do the tricks of stomach in and feel confident. Ha ha ha ha but reality, friends of mine has been saying in a daily dose "Tumaba ka, Ang laki mo na, etc". What ever!!! Maybe, a diet pills or liposuction will do! Sounds vbc to me:-) he he he

Thursday, September 23, 2010

On Mining........

For the past few days, I have been waging, venting out my stand against Mining. So far, people are aware now of what is happening or I mean what is going to happen in the future. It's just really a matter of constant nagging about the issue. What ever my cousins, friends opinion(s) about the issue its theirs not mine but I will firmly stand on my own. Its my personal conviction and no one, not even my family can sway me from it.

What really saddens me is that my town mates do not seem to care about the issue. They just keep ignoring it and just go with their own personal life. That's why I ask myself if they are really socially aware or just plain stupid ignoring this issue.

Well, to some they have convinced their selves that it will boost local economic development but maybe for just a period of time. How about the long term effect to the whole community?

Anywhere in the world, places with mining sites or had been mined/exploited, there stories of their people and their environment ended with sad plight. That includes the unbearable lifetime and irreparable damages of life threatening or debilitating disease, the unrestorable denuded mountains and the tainted rivers & seas.

Actually, it's all about exploitation here. Exploitation of the environment, of the people etc. At the end of the day, these people will leave us nothing but immorality and toxic.

I just hope that for some people, life sometimes is not all about money but dignity/pride and the love for our birth place that no one should touch, exploit her instead to appreciate its beauty. Their is a lot of option to uplift poverty. One is by taking initiative, inspire to follow others and educate your self. In life now there is endless possibilities and opportunities, it's a matter of action and getting it.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Exciting Scenery and Exotic Places to Go! Soon!

If William 'Yummy' Baldwin will ask me what is my biggest indulgence? well, that would be for sure Travel. I was fascinated traveling when my cousins & childhood friends introduce me this hobby(char) two years ago. It's costly but the memories and experience will be forever. Traveling gives me the idea that the world is beautiful and you need to explore in order for you to understand people their way of life, their culture and most especially their place.

Conde Naste Magazine my travel bible, gives me a lot of insights about traveling and thus I have made my lists of exotic places to go. Probably not this year but I love to conquer this piece(s) of Paradise someday somehow.

First on my list, is Hvar, Croatia. My Aunt Lucy based in California told me that this is really a beautiful place. If you love sun, sea and mediterranean-relax setting, this is the city you are looking for.

  Next stop, is Belek in Turkey - its also a resort city where relaxation and chill is the name of the game. Located in the southern part of Antalya where lots of Europeans are travelling just to adore this mediterranean place and its sun.
 The last but not the least, Mykonos, Greece for some gay fun, gay sun and gay adventure. A gay friendly place where its counterpart or comparable to Ibiza in Spain but the best part of Mykonos they are situated in Mountains and hills where white is the official color may it be a house, a hotel or a vacationeer sauntering the hilly streets of Mykonos.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Art of Letting GO and Be Free!

Emotionally, I have been battered since I was a Kid. I dunno but I considered it as emotional battery because it's like my past haunted me again in this age of mine. Ever since, I have been living with my siblings - we had almost 3 rows now of fights-throwing insults and degradation.

I do not want to feel and experience that again back and forth. I am old enough to know what its like to be in that state of emotion where in you feel like you  have nothing good in your family except enduring and giving them headaches. Also, in order for me to escape from this harsh reality I need to move out and escape from this turm oil. At least I have still a little respect for them and in order for that respect to remain and grow again. I need to be out from their sight(s). It is the only way I can do for myself and for them. Its actually the win-win solution that I have in mind now.

Hope this will be for the betterment and for good of everybody!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I really do not know if I'll just stick to write about travels only or  either I can also vent my frustrations and anger here. But the fact that the title is "Outbursts" then probably or literally I can shout out all my moroseness here.

Actually, I decided that this blog should only be or solely for travel articles but now that I am out of subject about travel. I believe I can deviate from writing travel and just scroll what ever is on my mind. And then, perhaps if I will travel again then probably I can write back about it.

For now, I will write anything or rambling about what's up on me, my plans etc. So far, I think I have grown up the fact that I lost interest of going out or shopping for that matter and instead, just staying in the house and be chilled.

Things like that that I never imagine I can do now. Well, whatever it is but life is so far so good. I think, I just go with the flow and then what ever comes to me I will accept it and just go on! Life's adventure anyway! There is always Up's and Down.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Travel O Traveller!
Why are you so addicting and so exciting
Especially if you travel with your family and friends
For there will be fun, joy and laughter.

Traveling is great if there is some one who will threat
and that is your self O Treat O Please
Lest, traveling is really the best O Yes indeed

Traveling from east to west
is the best among the rest
Yet even I am from the Far East ,
I love to travel to the west
for there will be so much learning and exploring
to that western hemisphere, So exciting!

Travel O Traveling
why are you so appealing yet so money & energy draining
The moment I experienced traveling, the moment I learn to know
That the World is so so beautiful
to explore, to conquer and  to appreciate as in!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Koh Samui's Island Tour

The tour guide really pushed me to book this tour because she said in her thai accent "It's fun and exciting lah". And that's why I did not hesitate to tell her "Ok lah".

As in the next day @ exactly 7:30 AM the reception rang me up incessantly and told me that the agent for the tour was there patiently waiting for me. Right away, I changed my clothes and directly went upstairs with out taking a shower(yekky). I thought we went straight to the place but to my surprise we still need to picked some tourists in another hotels for this tour and that is why the agent picked me up so early. Anyway, I do not mind because my group for this tour were friendly and accomodating.

First tour, we went to this village called Island safari where the elephant and monkey shows will be held. The shows were both okay its just that I am quite sad for the animals because the guides beat them up especially if they are not performing and so I just clapped and enjoy the show but the most hilarious part was when the female elephant did the thai massage to the guest performer as in she massaged him by her mouth and huge foot (really funny). And then, the next activity was the Elephant Trekking which I had so much fun because its not just an ordinary trek but a real fun adventure.

After the trek the tour guide advised us that we were going for the Buddha Temple tours. It was indeed informative as the tour guide gave us insights about the temple, etc. We hiked the 80 stairs of this Big Buddha and then we visited other temples also like happy Buddha temple and six fingers Buddha temple.

And the most exciting part of this tour was the mountain safari or jungle safari where rode a jeep up to the  mountain as in road adventure. The roads were really bumpy, narrow and a bit scary for me. It was the most adventurous thing I have ever done. Anyway to continue my adventure story, we dropped by and have lunch at the peak of the mountain where there was a restaurant. The meal was a bit spicy because its a thai cuisine. And thats the time I chatted with my group. I came to know them that they were all British and they're in for honeymoon. Envy of me but that is life they were couples and I am single adventurous gayman(char).  Anyway its not a big deal for them. We talked anything under the sun and all thought out the tour we became friends.

After that tiring mountain safari, we went down to that magical river garden where you can feel the mysticism of the place because of its ambiance and you are going to be amazed of the rock formations there. They were all sculpted from dwarf to fairies to enchanted monkeys etc by the owner of that forest farm. And then we headed to the living mummified monk temple-where you can really feel the love of thais for him. For they really adored him with flowers and offered him food etc. Next stop was the Namuang falls where we hiked for about 10 minutes. In this falls where I got to experienced the natural fish spa on my feet. Actually, I was just curious why the locals put their feet dip on the water and the tour guide told me its bec.of the fish and that reminds me of my KL tour  last May with La Isla Bonitas. As in fish spa au naturale! because I'm with nature

I was really tired enough but then again there was another last spot to visit and that's the grand mother and father rock formations. The rock formations were really naughty indeed. And maybe that is where the inspiration of some thai sculpures came from. And then after that I was the first to dropped off in my hotel, though we're tired we still have the smiles in our face after we bid goodbyes and parted ways. The memories still fresh in my mind and that's what I cherished till now.

Note: Due to my negligence I do not have my own self photos but videos i got in you tube. The videos speaks for the tour actually. Enjoy!!

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