Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hedonistic Bali Nite life!

Well, with this one Bali did not disappoint me ever. With loads of yummy men shirtless and all plus those promiscuous couple cuddling, kissing and touching--Welcome to Bali Hedonism that Kuta has to offer.

After rounds of rounds of detour/criss crossed left to right etc by Bali taxi driver, finally we arrived to Legian Area where bars be it a strip or drug snorting abound. Shirtless men and drunkard guys sauntering the long street/strips of Legian area where u can hop from one to the other . Nite life is some kind of a dosage ngee i mean shock for expat like me who are used to hang out in prim and proper bars. But here anything u wear--ur totally in!!People do not care not even judge you for who and what u are!!!As long u love to have fun and enjoy then thats what matters here!!! Just be careful:-)

HardRock hotel Bali - offering some kind of a great nite life here in Kuta

The young and restless espaniolas/mujeres enjoying Bali's offering

Dare to grind in I love it in the cage

paddi's one of the best nite clubs in town--lots n lots of young yummy men

Vunash--and moi enjoying the beat/the scenery and of chors those men grinding under

Girls u gonna have fun!!!!

Lets party till the night away way way way

Maldivians virgins on the loose hahahahahahah:-)

Go vunash work it out!!!The free cage where ever u feel like dancing like a pigeon behind those bar

The massive party goerssss...Sweat it out mate!!

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