Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dubai's embattled Image

I am so sad the fact that Dubai has been put down endlessly. It so frustrating to know that Dubai has quite a lot of tragedies. From the the property crisis, to lift problem of the worlds tallest building Burj Khalifa and just to date, the Dubai Mall Aquarium leakage. OMG that aquarium is quite so high that eventually if it will leak  it will be a total flood.

I just wish Dubai will eventually free from all bad issues and that the government should over see to double check and fix things that will create problem or bad publicity to them. Anyways, all wounds heal so I hope and pray Dubai will overcome all these. Inshallah!!

Life in Abu-Dhabi

For almost seven years now in this city, Life here is incomparable. Abu-dhabi for me transcends its beauty  from being a quiet, sleeping city to now being touted as one of the richest city in the world and a roaring one. It has a tremendous plan of development in order to boast business, economy and tourism. The city itself is trying to follow competitive cities like Tokyo, Paris and New York  which I think stands out from the rest of the world.

As per wikipedia, the City is a diverse and multicultural. And that one can easily adopt especially if his or her nationality is more dense.  But what I love most of my Abu-Dhabi is its basically because of its unpopulated and what ever status of your life here either you are a CEO or a laborer you can be a neighbor because there is no especial surburb for rich not unless you are a local here. Well, my life  here is so simple yet so quality. Normally, during weekdays of course its work time baby but after work, if you feel like jogging, Cornice(a long stretch park fronting the beach) is just a few blocks away. Its one way also of appreciating the government's effort of making Abu-dhabi environment green.  During winter or cold period, walking  is the name of the game. Well obviously because the heart of the city is so small and its like a business district that one can only walk and hop from one street to the other. Eating out also here is not that bad after all, well not unless if you have a discriminating taste or palate. For as slow as  3 USD you can eat in some fastfood stalls here(just choose either Indian,Pakistan, Filipino or Arabic) or to whatever taste you like. And aside from it, City's fun is not also to miss. There are quiet a lot of bars to choose. From discotheque, jazz to rock bar or to some English pubs. There is really plenty to enjoy! Its just a matter of how you will spend your hard earned money.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Life's a Beach

 As they say Lyf's a beach and what better way to enjoy it is to have fun and relax thus last Friday, after our sumptuous lunch, I heed down to the public beach of  Abu-Dhabi . Upon reaching the beach I saw what I am seeking for! hahahah sea of men all over the beach and showing their glorious bodies. Bongga but really my intention there is to breathe some fresh air plus of course the added bonus of vitamens! Indeed totally awesome and beautiful!Anyways, after all this is life! lets enjoy it to the fullest! ( Photos courtesy of, and

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Ever since I have this shirt which I bought from Forever 21(Men) I always wear it either weekly or during occasion. I find it so fashionable that even my blog friend Dylan a.k.a  jogels blog blog about it because of its similar style with New York Project Runway Designers . As in I really had a good laugh comparing me to that and somehow its flattering - thanks jogels. But really I luv any kind of bold printed shirts. For me its very expressive and eye catching. And anyone wearing this kind of shirt somehow have something to express either for fashion, arts, self-vanity or just plain nothing.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pinoy Supah Models in Greater Heights - MABUHAY!

2010 is an International Modeling opportunity for Filipinos. Every where from Paris-Milan-London-NewYork Fashion Designers like Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, Gucci, Rad Hourani or Dianne Von unveiled their collections  for their spring/summer or fall 2010 and any unique model like pinoy has the opportunity to be booked or not or experience sheer delight of runway fame. 

Anyways, after browsing all the independent fashion blogs and fashion websites, I got to know this two pinoy models who successfully penetrated the competitive world of Fashion. 

CHARLENE CHAT ALMARVEZ: This Pinay 2010 Supermodel of the World 1st runner-up booked every(if not all)designers shows for this 2010 New York Fall . click here video
Charlene as Ford Model  Agency: (  Note: All Photos courtesy of

In SUNO NYF (she opens the show)

In RAD HOURANI New York Fashion Week

In DVF Diane Von Furstenberg NYF


PAOLO ROLDEN: is a  Filipino US-based model. He sashayed in Givenchy Fall 2010 Paris Show and the Perry Ellis Show in New York. I am so proud of his casting video because he speak tagalog fluently(see his casting call video) Agency: bossmodelsny

 In GQ NY show

In GIVENCHY PARIS Fall 2010 (he closes the show)


In Givenchy Paris Fall show 2010

Monique Lhullier Fall 2010: NINDOT as in Impressive!

Monique Lhullier NYF Fall 2010 were so impressive. The Queen of Red Carpet rocks! Every fashion Editor's review tagged it as Fierce or well crafted but not safe. And as they said some has copycat pieces that reminded of Chanel suits. Whatever! but the thing is it may look like Chanel but the piece still has its own Monique Lhullier's touch. Well as a Pinoy and part Cebuano(char!) I really take pride of what shes doing. Sad to say she did not booked one Pinay model to take part and model her collection, I guess its about the image that shes portraying because I have heard it here in UAE that her wedding gowns etc are well-received and patronized by Royalties in  the Middle East and in Europe. Anyhow, heres my favorite pieces from her collection(photo courtesy of

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Into the limelight!

Every party scene here in Dubai or Abu-Dhabi, there's always their version of Paparazzi! I have a share of this limelight way way back before when Trilogy was a hit party venue but now nothing as in no more trilogy and then currently,  Mitzi invited me to cum and celebrate her Birthday last FEb 12 in Dubai and so we decided to go to 2 OCEANS Club Dubai where the latest of glitz and glamour of Dubaians are here. They flocked, gathered and party.

And now I am sharing to you my public mileage in some Dubai party sites. Well I am no diva or having a tag price to my head but at least I enjoy life and now after a long hiatus from the party scene etc I'm back to be scene, heard and party!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kgndhan Bon Voyage 2 MILANO!

I just need to wish her a happy vonggatic trip to Viva Italia MILANO.Si! senor! I am so happy for her shes conquering now the Europa and ganda do not 4get my PRADA charring penecitos chi!! Via con Dios gnda!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Jinx or What!?

I got a message from a dear friend saying " she will resign today coz she got a big fat offer". And so I sigh! envy! happy for her. I dunno why oh why, to think my friend is quite okey and the last time I met her just this past few weeks, she was no plan or even an attempt to move or find a job. Lucky for her, her former flatmate called her and ask her to apply for a certain company-they are really looking for a smart savvy admin staff and voila she got the job with a 5 digits figure. Bongga!

And that I told her why U not me (joke)! You know what! I have been looking, searching, finding  for that elusive job and that elusive figure. BUt sad 2 say no one even bother to offer me that thing!! and so I think, that maybe I was being Jinx or what!!!I feel bored, empty with my current work actually but atleast I still have my work (Thanx God for that)! because if I calculated it all, I think I had applied around 100 companies to date and nothings happened. Though there were few who called me but to my dismay their offering me a menial rate not even higher than what I am receiving now. LOL!. Come to think of it, do i have to exchange my job for the same rate with same work but in a different company/environment/people that I need to adjust & conform again?. Of course Not! As mader J commented no ones died in BOredom/Emptiness etc.  Things would gonna be okey  and soon they will come to u as what my lucky friend told me(crossing fingers)I hope ...hope ....hope not centeno(K) but cigarette(time for it)

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