Thursday, March 27, 2014

Beautiful World

A Quaint Shop near Abbasaria District in Cairo, Egypt

Hawa Mahal Rooftop - Jaipur in India

Dead Sea Riviera - Side of Jericho, Israel

Baros Maldives Resort -Kaafu Atoll, Maldives

Centara Ras Fushi - North Male Atoll, Maldives

Cinderella Castle - Disney land, Anaheim California

Pyramid of Giza - Giza, Egypt

California Highway - San Diego, California

New York Business Park - New York NY

Oceanside Hills Subd - Oceanside California

Udaipur Palace, Udaipur, India

Yacht Park in San Diego , California

Delaware River on the way to Washington DC

Beautiful Excalibur Hotel, The Strip, Las Vegas Nevada
Mehrangarh Fort during Night - Jodphur India


#Thowback #New York Riding the Hop In Hop Off tour Boat..During that time, the wind in New York was so cold that it really chill to the bones.

#Throwback #LasVegas My Unforgettable Vegas Experience - In the middle of the night, I chilled extremely I called my sister and advised me what to do and after an hour the chilling subside then I slept.

#Throwback #WashingtonDC as in I just walked all day long all the major historical attractions from the Capitol down to Statue of George Washington. Watta hectic tour that was but very fulfilling.

#throwback #USATour the most expensive travel I've ever did from New York to LA to Oceanside to San Diego down to Anaheim to Las Vegas back to New York then to Washington  #chos

#Throwback #Indiaandindochina India and Indochina area are the most cheapest trips Ive done. Cheap but Nice Food, Great Hotels and lots of Cultural and Historical sites to visit. As in so much joy and lots of unforgettable moments.

Monday, March 24, 2014


Selfie in New York Hop In Hop Off Bus

Selfie in Disney Land Park in Aneheim California

Selfie in Lego Land California

Selfie in Brookly Bridge, New York

Selfie in The Beach JBR The Walk

Selfie in New York World Trade Center Park

Monday, March 17, 2014

Beautiful California Highway

If you are traveling by road to California esp Southern California, this is what you will see (picture above)- there beautiful California Highway. I don't know but I am so in love #chos with their beautiful highways. Their highways are abundant with beautiful sceneries, spectacular nature and  breath of fresh air.

Spring and Summer are great seasons to visit California, people are heading to the beach and parks celebrating life, bonding with families and donning their beautiful bikini and sculpted bodies.

 More than fiction, I guess California has more to offer just like this Highway that surrounds with great seascape! Definitely, I'll keep coming back to California. #charrrrr

My Vacation Things To Do!

Yehey, May is fast approaching and I am so excited to go home. In fact, I always surf the net everyday just to check what's the latest happenings and new hip places to visit in my country. And now I come up with a bucket lists to do so I won't forget anything. Anyway, I will stay there for a month and it is my first time to stay there for a month! Welcome Andalucia, Spain Splurginggg.. Spending ha ha ha ha:-)

1. First things first - Upon arrival my first thing to do is to check and fix my SSS Account, My Health Insurance as well as my Bank Account - if it still exist ha ha ha.

2. Contact my Dentist friend to fix my teeth and also book for a executive health check up somewhere in Cebu or Manila together with my parents.

3. Go home to my town and attends fiesta then reunite with my friends both from elementary and high school. Chos!

4. Check the house that I bought and see if its okay to renovate or to demolish and build a new house. another chas!

5.Then, go figure which islands or activities with in the province are worth visiting.

6. Go Further - I'll check with ganda if Baguio - Palawan - Bohol or even Oslob, Cebu will push through and then will set the date. Charot!

OMG, I can't wait to see the sun, the sand and the fiesta vibes in my home town. God Willing:-)

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