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Mens Spring 2010: FashionPiece(s) I heart!

I am not an Editor or even have the authority to review or write about fashion but because I luv Fashion and I have an eye for a queer guy  thus, heres my fave(s) for Mens Spring 2010:

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mediocracy or Not!

Sigh! Every time some one died either a relative/brother/sister/or even 3rd/4th degree affinity of a Filipino staff in our company- expect that somebody(a pinay) will come to any staff and ask for any donation whatsoever! As in everytime! Well, there is really no problem with that but its just that I happened to overheard from another nationality saying that why Filipinos are doing that every now and then. Thus, I am thinking if that is a mediocre thing to do or not. After getting ideas from my friends here and from my colleagues who are non-filipinos, I came to realized that we should stop this because it is so demeaning to know that we are beggars here or something. Well, for me its okey asking to close friends or townmates esp. if they know the dead person but we are just colleagues of a company and you are tying to come to every desk asking for it and showing a pitiful face with matching blah blah blah you know! It is really frustrating and sometimes its like we have a filipino syndicate thing here that everytime there is a demise, we are doing it!

Thats why just today, one Pinoy Engineer told me that the wife of Mr So and So (a filipino) is died in the phils and that we need to do something blah blah and to my retort "that Sir, if you do not mind it is not my job to do that mediocracy thing because one thing for sure Mr. So and So they did not even bother to ask for help. I think just being there to emphatize and sympathize with him is enough but if you are willing to do that thing you can start doing the rounds to every staff here asking for every penny". I will never do that! Because one thing I never divulge except to my friends and family that something or someone is died in my family. For me its a personal thing not unless if I come to ask for help and beg.  Thus, I am thinking to openly inform those Admin Staff that they should not do it unless the bereaved family or staff is asking for financial help in written or so but for sure they will debunk my idea because for them its one way to help and show(s) their support as a colleague and as a Filipino countrymen or kababayan. Well anyway whatever!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wanted: Challenge

I will admit now, my work is really boring. I need something that is challenging or even a little bit pressure. I start my day twitting and then if something came up like pile of documents or something I just put it aside because If I do it right away, I have nothing to do for the rest of the week. So I'll make sure that until thursday which is our last day, I still have something to do and work on.

But day by day or as time goes by, I feel like things are not going smooth or I mean its getting more boring! well, probably because I do not have friends also in the work. One of my friends already left and got a better and well-paid job. Anyways, I am still trying to sort out things and even check & observe the market becoz its still some kind of down and slow because now a days,  no company gives a bigger and better salary . I can wait for the right oppurtunity! And Once it will knock on my door, I'll grab it riteway!

Monday, January 18, 2010

To go or not to go!

My friend Mitchi is bugging me again to travel with her. Its because its her birthday this coming FeB! And as per our plan we decided to travel this time to Luxor, Egypt. As we agreed, Once we can book with in our budget(hotel and ticket) then go go go ever!

But as I think and rationalize about it, Its not a practical to go this time because I have a plan trip ahead this coming May- My Backpacking Asian Adventure with my Singapura Friends. Guvah an Budget!(as we express it in our lingo). Well I am hoping and crossing my fingers that she can get me much lesser than our budget. Because with that, I can meet both ends of my Travel Budget for my 1st/2nd quarter travel trips. But really, Luxor is always in my travel lists for this year because as an open museum city, U can see everything from their big statues of pharaohs to there gothic inspired columns or I mean the remnants of the past of their Gods and Goddesses is really out in the open field. It is not enclosed like any other countries. The vast of their ancient culture and civilization is wide open and every one is invited to explore and experience. 2 GO or Not 2 GO? well see come this February!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My 2010 fashion finds

Well, well after I wrote about my churva 2009 lookbook, I just realized of coming up also of an idea of writing about what's the fashion for 2010!or A Fashion-must-haves that we need to look forward for this year's spring, summer or fall! And here's my lists now na:

Number #1 on my list(s) is - This Rayban genius-look eyeglass! The fact that I don't have anymore 90 vision, well, this must be a need not just a want 4me! Un4tunately, I've been searching it in every nook & crannys of abudhabilandia optical stores but to no avail. Hope this will come in the market soon! Probably this Feb or Mar(God Willing)!

#2.Watever brand or Any type of brand of this shoe(s) will really do and I have been looking around for this style of shoe but just a fake or PVC(as in feevaysee)I found! Must check & shop it in online! Bcuz this shoe(s) will match with my LBJ!

#3. Another shorty shorts galore- been thinking to top it off with a suit!I mean a suit jacket(see below # 5.) whacha think?

# 4. In this hot city like AuH as in Abu-dhabi.One must have these(This rayban eyewear and this hottie hat)- for protection, fashion and the likes.

# 5.For the last 5 years or so, I did not invest into something worthy cum for all season suit(s) and I think this time I like to splurge one

-and then style it with this 3/4(as we call it) or mixing it with the short(# 3 list) then voila ur fahionisto ! hahaha

Monday, January 11, 2010

My 2009 Fashion Lookbook: A Lookback chi!

2009 was a fashionable era/year for me thus, I am posting back my fashion lookbook from that LBJ to cropped jackets and some mix match shirts, hats and accessories. I'll make it ensepia because 2009 was a thing of the past indeed.

-My past fashion experiment

-That layer thing-accessories, vest/shirt and that cardigan sweat shirt

-Inspired from men's jeans jacket and I layer it with a twist-that scarf xox

-Christmas Xtravaganza thing! red checkered LS -so IN in 2009 Holiday! Might even IN till this winter/frosty time

-winter wonderlandia knitted jacket cum sweatshirt! wattever

- this was in Singapore and its summer then! so gaga over lacoste polos in any colors! Loving this lite blue lacoste

- bold printed loose shirt! Very In na IN! I guess even till this year

Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 A New Beginning

For me 2010 would be a better and creative life for me hahahaha and that as per from an Astrologer. Well, I wish and hope that this year would gonna be a good year. But anyways, 2010 for me would be a resolution for a new beginning to spend less, save more and enjoy life as it is.

For quite sometimes this has nothing been realized but I guess this time it would be materialize little by little. Because drastic action I guess will just be vanished into thin air. Starting it in a little way would be a good start for this 2010.

1. Firstly, I would like to stop using plastics ever and instead use organic or biodegradable thing. Lets say credit cards/plastic bags etc, instead use paper bags and cash which is obviously made of paper.

2. Minimize excessive partying because I am not getting any younger anymore instead more into watching movies or dining and spend more talking.

3. Enjoy life do not mind the future but of course save for the rainy days. LIfe is a serendipity sometimes you will never know that people who are conscious enough with their heath etc etc are more prone into having cancers/ enjoy life do not take drugs but just enjoy.

4. And the last but not the least Work in accordance to your job description/contract and do not push yourself because sometimes nothing or you cannot reap sometimes what you sow!

Thats all and I hope we all have a better life ahead this 2010

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