Sunday, January 15, 2012

HS Batch 95 Though Thick and Thin

Regardless of how many friends I've meet and win, My HS Batch still the best among the rest! They are my wind beneath my wings charring! I am opted, I mean Urge to write an article about my batch here in  my blog because I felt it coming from my heart that regardless of what ever happen to us, they will be there through thick and thin. And what happened last week is a living testimony that through all these years, we are here to support each other.

They may win and have new found friends as well but those friends they found (if not all) are good only for nothing, they are there for fun and excitement but for crisis and help - you will never see them even at the slightest of their shadow; comforting you or even offer help but rather;  they will condemn you for that senseless act. And yes,  its really proven enough that those friends are good in blabbing of what they been and up to but at the end of the day - their just simply like a bubble - evaporate when the rough times and when the good times comes; they will appear right away just like that :-)

I Just hope that our allegiance which never written in the paper but carve in our hearts will remain forever and that even in our 60's will still look for each other and laugh each other of the moments we shared. Hail to the Batch 95!

The Batch 95 Through the Years!

Through thick and thin, we are there for each other!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

God's Purpose

Recently, something was happened. Out of fun and celebration, we did not foresee it or even think about it but it happened. It's pain to see them being there but I always believe that God has purpose of it. Or for me Things that always happened there is always something to be learned or there is a reason why it happened. Its either logical or illogical but there's always a reason. Like in my case before, I mean last October; I met an accident and eventually I realized that for what ever reason or excuses I had of not seeing or even grateful to HIM there is no way of  forgetting HIM and not just that that I should be careful enough now of riding cars etc and of not just deciding if Id like to go to this place, I can go what ever I want. No, this time not anymore, I am carefully thinking and planning if the trip is worth to go or not but more than that a lot of rationalization(s) also not just for myself but also towards other people; my family, friends and acquaintances.

So I just hope that we will look that way of the things happened to us and life has to carry on. Its also a check and balance of your mentality, attitude and the way you carry yourself. Maybe its time to lessen a little bit of being too proud, boastful. Just stay being humble, simple and be grateful always to God and also to people who help and build you all the way. Well, for some Money can change them but I hope this time its not about the money but of learning and experience you had been through and with that I hope we will make us a better and helpful individuals. Amen, To GOD be the Highest Glory!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years Celebration and Cold Play!

Fun! Fabulous! Glamorous! Exciting! That's what New Years Celebration is all about. Me and my friends booked a hotel and at the same time bought a tickets to watch Cold Play. It was indeed a treat but it was also a restless tiring and an energy draining.

And here's my diary on that joyous celebration, Dec 31, 2011, exactly 3:00 pm we went to the hotel and checked in. Sheraton by far is really is a 5 star hotel. We asked for a late check out and the receptionist told us we can have the room till 1:00 pm. What the heck? Five star hotels standard late check out is 2:00 pm. Well, probably the girl has no knowledge about it and second it was my friend who do the talking in the Reception so let it go! Anyway we have been staying in the hotel a lot of times and 1:00 pm is okayish anyway he he he. We took a nap for while and later at exactly 5:30 we went straight to the mall where the concert venue was nearby.

Good Lord! 5:30 is not yet traffic so our ride was smooth and voila after 15 minutes we arrived in the mall. But because we were hungry, we look for some fast food who can offer sumptuous meal. Lo and behold my friends, we think the same so we headed to FOODRUCKERS, our favorite. So yummy and full, we strolled for a while coz the gate opens at 8:00 pm. 7:30 was good enough to go and queue. Finally at 8 o'clock gate opens. So excited to see the venue, we hurriedly went inside. Hmm the venue was so big so we searched for a place where we can see the whole stage and of course the cold play in real flesh. And so we got our place to stand for the last 3 hours or so, Party till wee hoursssssss!!!wotwooo. After a long hours of standing lets say two hours of wait standing, finally Cold Play is here to rock en roll!

Their playing our favorites after favorites after favorites but Paradise still the best ever they played on. Later, the countdown for NYE begun and we shout out loud, toasting and well wishing for everyone in the concert a happy new year and blessed 2012 for all of US. So great and happy feeling indeed! And here's to prove it that one joyful and tireful NY celebration.


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