Tuesday, January 25, 2011

On Different Gay Mindset

Fortunately, I am not really that Gay! Why I say so because I am not a vampire looking and searching for every beefy men just to hound or suck their bloods even in broad day light. I don't agree to some doings of spineless gay bitches, Its ka-cheapan but anyway to each its own, I do not care as to how many men he suck or in bed. But to some Homosexuals, It's an honor and privilege them to count in their fingers and brag it about. But to hell with that that's why I don't friends Real Gays. They are just really out of this world and they want to be in the center of attraction.

I always believe that you can be yourself without shouting it to the world that I am Gay and please look at me. Yuck No wonder some gay racist people killed or hanged them with out mercy. It's actually about conformance - Conform to what your society dictates but of course there is always an exception to that rule because even the society obviously see it but they are just blind enough. Our society is double standard and that you just live with that. That's why Drag Queen should live and stay to a society where there is no rule, where majority are gays and that everything they do, people just don't care because in a society wherein to co-exist and adjust, they are just being simply ignored and laugh about.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

In memory of my Dear Friend Camille

For the last 8 years I made several friends here in the UAE be it in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. One great friend that I have found in Dubai was a woman named Camille. She's actually my  regular guest as well as her husband Kuya Vince in my previous job which I was a Store Supervisor in a major coffee shop. Thus, that's where we build our friendships.

We partied, talked anything under the sun especially Cammy. She's a talker and we have the same vibes or wavelength, likes etc.  In fact, even without her husband she always come to my shop, look for me then beso beso and have a short conversation. She's really a bubbly person inside and out.

Circa 2007, when I realize to moved Abudhabi and fortunately got a hefty offer with my new job - This was the time we disconnected from each other but good thing Face Book was there na - so we communicated in FB. Then suddenly Middle of  2009 her husband told me via FB that Camille is suffering from Cancer now thus shes not replying to my message or even chats which I was dismayed and sad enough to hear that. For me she's so young and full of life - and that time still I cannot accept nor comprehend about what happened to her but then again I have high hopes that eventually she will be cured.

Then come this December (2010), I was so excited to go home. I booked my flights and prepared every thing for my departure even its a rough and tough for me esp with my career. But what can I do that's life so either by hook or by crook I need to face that adversity and Be Challenged. So, prior to my flight last Dec. 18, 2010, during those weeks  and one fine Friday afternoon - I was alone in the house and I woke up very late. So what I did, I made my late lunch- I cooked, ate and browsed the internet. Then suddenly I felt someone is looking or gawking at me like a shadow looking behind me - I was really scared that time so I stopped from what I'm doing and went straight out of the house. I thought that was just my weird, bizarre feelings for that day but then I was wrong, It was start pala of my encounter with omom. And during that week, every time I'm home especially in my bed, I really felt some one is embracing or touching me because my hair skins were really moving and I even talk to him or her to stop scaring me. In fact, I told my sister & her family about it so that this ghost will moved out or vanished but then those trying weeks this Casper did not vanished instead stayed in silence and comfort me.

That Night(Dec.18) in an ungodly hour and while waiting for my car lift to pick and send me to the airport, I chance upon to browse FB then suddenly a shout out revealed from Kuya Vince Del Rosario: "My beloved Camille is in the hands of the Lord Now"- and this give me shivers and knowing more that Camille was died last Dec. 16, 2010 - It really stricken me of what I heard from other people stories about coincidence, chance encounter with the ghost and of such fate is really really True and Now I believe.

To my beloved friend Camille Del Rosario - Thank you for visiting me for the last time though I did not see you in your silhoutte or halo I really felt the sincerity of your visit, of knowing and informing me that we are true friends inspite of any circumstances either death or eternity. And that your legacy, memories and experience that you have shared with me will always reign in my heart. And I will quote Kuya Vince that "Your gone, yes it's true, but your memories will forever live in those with whom you have touched". And I'm one of those, with that I am very much honored.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Of Wedding, Vacay and Rampage

Finally, I went home this Yuletide season. For the last 6 or 7 years, I have not experience celebrating Christmas with my family and finally this last year 2010 I did. It is not actually a big deal but then again Christmas in the Philippines is way way better period.

Of Wedding - This is one of the main reason why I went home this year. April & Jeff - the couple has been my friends since immemorial char! actually about 5 or 6 years now since we were flat mates in Dubai. I have witnessed their struggle from being Neophytes here to now a well-stabled career and loving couple. They have carved their own niche here thus no wonder God's Grace has been so good to them thus being blessed they have transcended once step higher their relationship by tying the knot. And it was one hell of a wedding indeed. Such Elegance, Glamour, Fun and Vekiness. I Missed Gavgav actually!

Of Vacay - Its a worthy going home last Christmas. Seeing my family and relatives is enough reason of coming home. In fact, I have been jetsetting back and fro to Manila and my home province. But I never complained because this is once in a life time chance of coming home, reunite and celebrate. Money is not a question here but tired and sleepless nights/days just to catch early flights etc. But then its part of the experience, I will  never forget definitely.

Of Rampage - This year is the most eventful vacation I've ever had. Manila with lots to offer, I sauntered, discovered every nook and cranny of its Nite life Scenes from the posh Serendra to all walks of life MOA, to gay friendly Malate and to Libis Call Center haven- I have never complained but enjoy and savor every minute of it. There is so much to enjoy, celebrate in Manila. It is just I have so little time and spce

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