Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My US Holiday Trip Part 2

Auntie Lucing Home and her toys as in Cars

Sta Cruz Famous Beach Park
The Vast Safari of San Diego

Giraffe and the Oryx

Pimp My Ride - My Auntie Susan Convertible! Watta Ride!

Pier 39 and the Sea Lions

The San Diego Safari Park

The Fishermans Wharf

The Fastest Mammal on Earth

At the Sandiego Safari Park and Right behind me is the vast Safari Park

So right after we spent our NY holiday in Vegas, we drive down to NoCal - North California to see my aunties who I haven't meet for the longest time. And upon arrival what a  joy and fun seeing my two aunties waiting for us in there porch. In fact during the first night we stayed with them, we could not stop talking about our families and friends back home. It ended our conversation around  4 o'clock in the morning.

And on the very next day, my aunties drive us around town and guided us to one of their beautiful tourist spots in Santa Cruz California. We even went to local shops and groceries and bought some goods for  our lunch. After the next day, Another great conversation and laughter again with them. I've almost spent 3 days staying with my aunties. Indeed, This is one of my best trips abroad and one for the books I guess.

San Francisco, California and the Golden Gate - Another check on my bucket list! so after spending 3 days with my aunties - we went directly to SFO because it is just an hour or so drive from Santa Cruz. At exactly 9 am, we arrived in San Francisco. That is so early so we headed down to the Golden Gate to avoid the crowd. Good thing the sun was brightly up shining even if it is cold. We went up then to the bridge to feel and see what it is like there. OMG Such a tall and mighty San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge. The Bridge was purely made of steel. A kind of hanging bridge that I am sure can with stand natural calamities or earthquakes.

SFO Pier Wharf, The Lombard street and other Tourist Spots - Good thing in San Francisco, some major tourist spots are very close to each other. Like Pier 99 and the wharf are just neighbors and overlooking the Alcatraz but Lombard street is another way around - its situated in some steep hilly neighborhood.
Anyway, we took our lunch in Pier 99 and of course it was a seafood menu and the place is overlooking the sea lions at Pier 99. After lunch we went home straight to Los Angeles and it was a 7 hour land trip.

San Diego SAFARI - What a gigantic safari park! actually San Diego Safari before was just an animal facility caring for the health and welfare of animals. Then suddenly the idea to become a park zoo came into reality by a founder or owner of this Safari Park. What I love about this park was that all the animals here are free to roam with in the vicinity except if the kind of animal is harmful or threatening to human. I was thrilled to see a similar like in Kenya or South Africa; safari lawn where herds of animals are walking or relaxing under the shade of trees.

Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles -Prior to my departure going to Abu-Dhabi,   I happen to drop and stop by in this area where lots and lots of Hollywood shops and souvenirs abound. The famous walk of fame is all over here in hollywood boulevard. Beautiful and Historical Cinema theaters are lining up here like the chinese theater, The Eldorado Cinema, Egyptian theater etc. The Red Carpet or Oscars every february is being celebrated here. As in all anything but Hollywood is here you can find and experience.

And I went home by 11 pm as the cold was getting in my nerves and also I am excited to go home in Abu Dhabi the very next day.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My Holiday Trip to the US - Part I

This trip was already conceived like three to four months ago prior to my travel but I always brush it aside. Then come December and my feet really egged me to wander thus the spur of the moment thing came into fruition.

I flew directly to Los Angeles last December 27 and it was a smooth sailing trip as in no turbulence just a little (my worst enemy infact). Anyway, FYI Flying direct from Abu Dhabi is a no hassle thing in the immigration in LA because of the pre-clerance exit interview in Abu Dhabi. No Queues and your straight to the baggage claim counter.

The most tiring part was waiting for my sister to pick me up at the airport (The Tom Brady International Airport). I actually waited for about an hour or so but that is okay - we always wait for the right time #charr.

Then we headed to Oceanside were my sisters family lived. I always love Southern California. This is my second time and it is always feels good seeing beautiful sceneries like mountains, hills and beaches. We ended that day with a sumptous buffet dinner at Pala Resort Casino. What a treat for me by my sister.

I don't have itineraries for this trip and I just rely on my sister plan.

Universal Studios Hollywood - My second time but this time is more fun because I am bringing my family with me. For the impulsives and can't wait to queue - Holiday season in Universal Studio is not for you as in massive, jampacked of people during this time. My unforgettable experience was riding Transformer - a 4D ride that was so thrill and energetic and you feel like you in the scene with Bumblee bee hahahaha. Then later that day we off to met my lovely cousins such another beautiful reunion.

Las Vegas, Nevada - We celebrated NYE here in this sin city. Two days prior to the new year, we head down to Vegas. I was thinking vegas is just about casinos, hotels, shopping and booze but boy I was wrong.  What I like in vegas is that it in downtown you can experience sunny vegas and in mountain top Snowy Vegas. As in having both worlds was indeed great. So we went up to their mountain resort called Lee Canyon. I feel like a kid again seeing and touching all the snow flakes all over me. Infact, I lay down in the snow and it was indeed a happy experience for me.

Then after the snow experience, we went to the Valley of Fire Rock formations - where beautiful red rocks forming different shapes or like cathedrals and architectural structures. Such a wonderful and amazing experience to see this natural formations. What interest me most was the wood that made  into rocks because of time and weather. And speaking of the weather, OMG it was so chilly as in like freezing point that we ended up dressing layers of clothes.

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