Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I have to title this post "Reunited". Why oh Why?!  Because it has a lot of explanations as in to be explained ever gazud. For the past few weeks, I had been reunited with the past like my old friends or old places, etc. It takes a months or years to be reunited actually but seeing them again is a great feeling.

First thing that I reunited again is having fun in WILD WADI - When i use to live and work in Dubai, I have been in this place three times and since there is a promo rate for this fun-tastic place, I have asked my friends to come and join me reuniting again with Mr. WILD (I guess this place is a male hahaha because his name itself is masculine and he takes good care of us ). Well, there is a bit changes of the place actually. They have new exhilarating rides example the rides for two or three people that will twirl the hell out of it! OMG! Superfun!

Next thing  is bonding again with Ate April and Jeff. I considered them both as real and close friends. But due to some unforeseen circumstances things have changed. But still were in contact and keeping in touch. I am so proud of them because they are successful when it comes to career, love and marriage. For almost 3 months I have not seeing them - there still some lose threads but then recently upon seeing them both I am so happy -  They are all contented and grateful. They centered GOD in their lives and that is why I am happy for both of them because I believe that everything will really follow if you have constant relationship with GOD. I'm struggling with this but I am humble and thankful to GOD. 

So what happened during that moments; well that is my story here because its Daddy jeff Birthday, They invited me with a sumptous dinner in one of the restos in Park Hyatt Saadiyat (love the food and everything there) and then we went to Rays Bar in Jumeirah Towers and voila I love the party there so class and so much fun (well probably because of the fact that I haven't partied for a long period of time). We went home at 1AM and I am drop dead tipsy. 

And then the very next day, I went to join them in Park Hyatt Hotel, We went to the beach and then talked anything under the golden sun, but the most exciting part is when we play and catch those little sea creatures kicking and alive. We put them altogether and watch these small creatures run, walk and come out from their shells. What amazed me there is that this is my first time to see these little sea creatures coming out from their shells as in. And FYI, we just found out that these small creatures could not be thrown away easily by current or waves as they walked back towards the sea - their so willfully brave. And after the beach, we went to the their infinity pool. The Pool is so glam that we can't resist swimming or Dipping into it. Arabic Tan lines there you are.  Whatta weekend indeed! 

Thank you Briones Family! Kayo na:-) Siksik! Liglig! Umaapaw!

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