Thursday, October 31, 2013

My First time in New York

NYC has been in my wishlist to visit and finally last week, I was able to see and experience NYC. Well, they hype about New York is so true! Manhattan is the place to be because all the scenes and the actions is there! and When you are in Manhattan walking is In. Sauntering the streets from 44th to 50th or more is fun.
New York Yellow Cab

Staten Island Ferry Terminal

Sky Scrapers along NYC

Skyline Pigeon Fly



It was 4 pm that I arrived  NYC good thing when I queue for yellow cab taxi - a british young lady Ellie asked me if where I stay in New York and to my reply Chelsayhhh (in british twang)- and then she replied back that shes also from that place- to which we agreed to share a taxi (good idea). I have fun talking with her about life in general etc. We parted in good faith. But prior to my checked in in my  hostel, I decided to grab some bite and OMG the waiter is yummy so I ordered quickly hahaha! Le Pain Quotidien is all over NY- I love their unassuming food. So right after a little bit of chika with the yummy waiter - I decided to checked in and that night I just sleep because my itinerary for the next day would be full to which I need a lot of energy! And the very next day, I woke up early, get the map and headed out.

October Morning Breeze in NYC is so freaking cold hahaha and so I grab some jacket and layered it (chos!) - I ate my first bfast in NYC in a mexican resto and then I headed to times square as my first spot to visit and see. Ohlala walking tour is my peg hahahahhaha upon reaching Times Square I was amazed of those bright lights because in broad day light - the lights are still on! Hell yah after a rounds of poses and taking shots (holy crap I am mowdel in NY)  I decided to go to Empire State Building and do the empire tour (So Excited)! OMG the empire is indeed an old tower but with a great strenght imagine it is built since 1930s. The view there is so 360 degree ever!

After the empire tour, a NYC bus tour is part of the package and so I decided to ride on and boy!bus tour is the best in NYC because it is a hop on hop off thing! Great view of the city indeed! and it was just my first day in NYC and I am dead tired hahahaha...more on my next post!

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