Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dream Resorts

Seeing these paradise resorts in the net makes me nostalgic of all my trips abroad #charing. But anyway, there is no cost at all blogging these beautiful, serene, fanciful, heavenly resorts that I always love to visit one day (If and If I have millions and one day I will conquer them). There prices ranges from 1000 US Dollars above and I think for me its worth every penny you've spent there (not unless they are rubbish and no trainings he he he You know what I mean Hotel Services should be impeccable! Right? And here's my Dream Island Resort bucket lists (Nanaman)!

1. The Residence, Zanzibar- Upon reading this super luxurious resort, Imagine 1500 USD a night OMG this has to be spectacular and impeccable service. I love the long strech beach and there huge pool. It really is a Residence with beautiful furniture's etc.

Beautiful Pool Side

The Long Strech White powder beach

The Beautiful Villa with a pool

2. Perivolas, Santorini Greece - This property is very famous for their nice pool shots if you are in Santorini. And I think there spot is really really good and great location. I love to try setting on there pool and Lope Navo - the famous pinoy photographer from NY will shot me #charot #dreamsdocometruepegito ha ha ha

Stunning View of Perivola and thats what your paying for

The Dilapidated Perivolas Villa - Location, Location, Location

The Famous Girl Setting on a Pool at perivolas photo - shes everywhere if you google perivola

3. Guana Island, British Virgin Island - 19,000 USD a night renting the island is the price to pay if you want secluded privacy/vacation. This is must be tranquility and of course peaceful paradise.

Peace Serenity and Amazing View

The pathway to the paradise

Panoramic View of the costly island - perfect view indeed!
4. Four Seasons, Bora-Bora - And I quote one of the testament from trip advisor "From beginning to end, our every need was taken care of by the extremely attentive staff. The spa, the locale, the amenities, the spa were all stellar. The pictures do not do the resort any justice. You can not imagine that such a picturesque place exists but here it is." So this must be really a paradise indeed! I think I need to save for this Bora-Bora while still earning after all that is reward for myself and my someone! #charing
OMG This is really a major Paradise!

Picturesque Bora Bora Four Seasons

A very Large island Resort as in!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Bucket Lists

Today is not busy day so what better way to eat my time is to blog and blog not through my stomach (eat). Bucket List???? of what? ... of course of  Travel.

I have been doing this lists and this year is different. Well, different in away that I am considering now of budget and time because this year my new company doesn't allow me to go leave after one year meaning all my leave this year is unpaid unless I need to be one year with the company. So much of reasoning and heres now my lists to go #chararat #charot. Thanks google for these pictures below!

Cappadocia, Turkey - is always in my list its just now that I hate processing visa and lots of requirements. But I am hoping this year that dubai will have an agency to process my visa with out a hassle. Chimney Fairies here we go.

Beijing China - The Great Wall of China - is always and has been on my list but then because of the long flight I always refuse to go ha ha ha but I love to go to China and explore.

Zakynthos is Zakynthos - this island in Greece has been and always on the most interesting place to go and one day I love to conquer this piece of paradise. Greece is always my bucket lists he he he he.
Tbilisi, Georgia - Another realistic way to go is this city - from dubai is just a 4 hour trip and Im thinking to really see and explore this country maybe a trip to georgia, armenia and azerbaijan where i heard lots of good reviews about these places. In GODs time we can see these places.

Aqaba, Jordan - is another in my lists. This city is very close to Egypt and Israel where lots and lots of sea, sun and fun. I love to go here because its close to sharm el sheik and eliat in Israel where alot of beach goers abound and culture as well. And also to see PETRA. I think this is the must place to travel this year. Lets see!

Wigstagram Party

I love parties and because I always party for free, its my time to treat them a party for free ha ha ha. June 20 is my bday and I really thank GOD for this gift of life and of course to my parents as well for bringing me into this world. And because its a party we need a theme to align and coincide one another. Thus, what comes to my mind is why not wearing a wig and have fun. Lets WIGStagram parteee because IG is so in now.

So around 9 pm all my invitees converge and the party started. I kinda lazy writing alot about the party but I think pictures speaks more of itself so I better post lots of pictures instead of blabbing. Happy Viewing  Folks he he  he he he.

Charming Tel Aviv

Another late post because I was thinking I already posted a story here about Tel Aviv but then after I figured out I haven't post about this gayish city, I am thinking to write it now...as in Now na talaga.

Media all over the world can really paint or project one city as bad or bully or dirty or snob but when you reach and see the city for real, a different positive and nice view sets in. I really thought this city is as dirty as a war torn city but mind you it is not i nfact they are the most vibrant and modern/cleanest city in the middle east. Its just that they are painted as wicked witch ha ha ha.

So now I'll paint this city as beautiful as Las Vegas. Anyway, Tel Aviv is the capital of Israel. I arrived Tel Aviv via from Hebron as part of our Holy Land Tour. Upon reaching the city, I Feel in love right away because of its beautiful landscapes and greenery. As in like almost the whole city is covered with trees, flowers and bermudas.

The best area of Tel Aviv is there old town Jaffa. What I love Jaffa is that this a walled city of Tel Aviv where people from mediterranean converge as their main port to go by boat/ship especially countries coming from greece and cyprus or even turkey. Jaffa is touch with old and new architecture. I love their way of restoring old buildings or converting old buildings into cafes or shops. Plus you can see from here the stretch of Hotels fronting the mediterranean sea. The vibes here is very latin or like Cuba because of the spanish architecture.

The Picturesque Jaffa

Old dilapidated stone house converted into shops and cafes very modern when you go inside

Moi selfie selfie pag may time

Love there flats with lots of lush greeneries

Main Gate of jaffa

Beautiful Tel Aviv lots of Parks and very green

old Church in Jaffa

love this stairs in Jaffa

Trees, Greens all over Tel AViv

church church around Jaffa

selfie along tel aviv version of florida coast

The Tel Aviv Yafo beach strech

Old Town Jaffa Square

Jaffa swarming cafes and stores

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