Sunday, June 30, 2013

Breathtaking Mt Sinai and Taba

So after we crossed the border of Israel, we reached Taba, Egypt at around 7pm. Taba is  situated in Mount Sinai Mountain Ranges. It is a Free zone area of Egypt at the same time a tourist destination with lots and lots of hotels swarming all over taba plus Casinos and Duty Free Shops all over.

It was around 8pm that we arrived safely in our hotel. Our hotel is a 5 star hotel named Sonesta Resort. I was so excited to see my room. And after giving our keys, I hurriedly went to my room and slept a little bit. Then later, we went down to the pool area for a buffet dinner. OMG I love the buffet lots of seafoods and we enjoyed it very much especially the food plus the ambience.

So after we savor our dinner buffet, we hiked a little bit and see around the vicinity of the hotel. We also went to the sea shore and feel the breeze of the red sea. Its a little bit cooler now in Egypt.

The very next day, we packed and traveled to Mount Sinai Ranges which was spectacular. We dropped by a restaurant and ate our lunch. The Great thing traveling along Mount Sinai Area is that its really picturesque and very serene. We stop in Sharm El Sheik and then some other touristy places. It is really fun and very pleasant. At around 7pm we arrived Chaotic Cairo. But that 6-7 hour trip was really worth and I have fun and memories ever. I hope I can go back to Egypt but to Alexandra, Luxor.....Lets see:-)

Thursday, June 27, 2013


If you have IG then you're In ha ha ha. But if you dont even know what's IG mean then you are really not In. Honestly, I am more hooked now in IG than any other social medias #char. Its because IG is more pleasing to the eyes than bashing through my followers beautiful pictures. Well not unless you scrutinize the underlying comments of the bashers thats the time you get pest. What I love about this social media is the hash tag themes esp. every thursday ha ha ha ha That Throwback Thursday churva. I love TBT because it reminds me of my beautiful, virginal, sexy days when I am still thin and young ha ha ha plus the moments I've shared with all of my friends and family.

TBT is TBT so to make it more real than just blabbing about it,  here are some TBT's to remind me of my sexiness, thinness, pretty ness ha ha ha.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Of Being Laid Off

This article is quite late because I am not anymore laid off ha ha ha ha. I got a four month job now. And I feel like expressing my thoughts now about having no work and looking. Anyway, I'll brief you a little about my short experience of being laid off. It was 2nd week of January 2013, when my Area Manager called me in his office about me being terminated. Well, Honestly because I am also combating my anxiety, stress or panic attacks - Ironically, I was really fine and relaxed that time. And also because I am not really busy with my work for me its really okay to let go of me. I deserved that punishment if that is the case. So in my previous company once you are being terminated automatically you will not work asap. This is good because I am paid for the whole month and I just have to look for a job. That's it!

Well, back to that 50 days that I am being unemployed, I feel like I was just on vacation and doing nothing but then I am continuously looking for that great opportunity. Actually, you get bored and then fearful but Life is really have Ups and Downs. You just really have to deal with it and pray for Guidance. And also, You need determination and courage like every day don't stop looking for a job apply and apply. Ask, Research and Reach out - this is the most important thing.

Well, right now I can say I survive that being laid off but the most important thing is My Faith and my Devotion to GOD is getting stronger and better because no one else will help you but HIM. Yes you have all the support system but then with out God nothing will happened. It takes two to survive GOD and U plus the support system.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Maldivia 2013

I finally consider this place as one of my best places on earth #charing. Thanks to Gandas semi freebie discounts ha ha ha ha. I've been here thrice and it gives me great relief and stress free vacay. So this time, we opted to go to two resorts one is the uber best resort travel awardee #Baros and the young and new hip resort #centarafushi. Anyway, I've lost for words to write and scribe here so I think I better opt to post lots of pictures here to salivate and be amazed of what Maldives has to offer he he he



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