Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Celebrating My Birthday - Oman Trip 2015

As they say "Be Yourself, Do Your Own Thing, and work hard. The right people - the one belongs in your life will come to you and stay". #Pak #360 #ParasaEkonomiya.

I always treat myself a trip or a travel during my birthday. It has always been my tradition since 2010. Either I am solo or with someone, I will go travel and wander. So this time, I went to Oman and celebrate my natal day. It was a very solitude and luxurious trip. Me time is sometimes all you need for you to think things clearly. I love the pampering spa that Alila has given. It was such a beautiful treat. Anyways, enjoy the photos and hoping for more birthdays to come for me he he he.

Travelling with my Aunties

This blog has not been updated since April of 2015 due to the fact that I was busy travelling. Now that I have a enough free time, I can blog now as much as I want.

Anyway, last April this year; I had a memorable trips with my aunties from California. First stop, they stayed in Abu Dhabi as they are coming from San Francisco, USA. Then, we went off to Dubai for some cultural and shopping trips and then went to Maldives for a beautiful holiday trip.

To make the story short, Here are the photos of the trips (from Sand Dune City of Abu Dhabi to the Paradise Island of the Maldives).

The Abu Dhabi Adventure:



The Dubai Trip

The Maldives Trip

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