Tuesday, March 23, 2010

DraG Racing - The Fast & Furious

Last week end, The first ever Drag Racing event in the UAElandia happened. From their ads and posters itself, it looks like inviting and oh boy one of  my friends who went there told me it was indeed a great event. Massive! Well, perhaps the fact that locals here luv Cars and what better way to use it for them, is to drive it nuts as in very fast and thats DRag Race is all about. Infact, as per YAS authority I quoted "This new world class sporting facility will provide the motor sport enthusiasts in the UAE and the region especially young people with an opportunity to exert their passion for drag racing within a safe and controlled environment".I really hope that they will not drag race anymore in the city streets during late night. Anyways, my friend Henson sent me this photos!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Well! Nothing beats the scentsation of these 3 perfumes that I have now. They are all Super fab, glam and perfect eu de parfum or toilette for a single lady-boy like me hahaha. It captivates the nostril(s) of every people surrounds you ha ha ha either they have colds or not, they can smell & feel it eventually. As in super smellicious.

.1. Prada MILANO - One of my top list because the smell is so fresh! so powder  & very calm and I luv the packaging. It is so Milanese or very Italian.

2. Tom Ford BLACK ORCHID - VEry elegant, Very Tom ford and Smell SEXY. As in its always the sex appeal  that Tom ford is promoting.

3.D&G LE BATELEUR - The new edition of D & G perfume. The scent is very powerful and manly that every one will be caught looking at you  sensing & smiling ..hmm nice!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Watta Night Out!

Hahaha kabibo chi! last Night I went out with Hayds and Gagal. Well, probably because it coincides with Pacman's triumph that is why we went out but actually its not, we planned this already last Friday but to no avail and also for Heidi's convenience the fact that her off would be today thus we heeded off to our fave bar last night. But anyway, the very interesting part of the story is that after we almost done drinking our second round, OMG! as in one nouveau rich admirer or donor treat us for a nice, expensive, tipsyholic big Bottle of Champagne as in C-H-A-M-P-A-G-N-E!

If I am not mistaken the brand is something Krug or Ruther something but when we checked out the price almost 200 USD. Gracious Lord, he must be so rich that he just waste his money to some virgin, gorgeous spanish girls. To think we do not even know him but he so gentleman that when he gived it to us he just said EnJOy! Ohlalal Vonggalore! Luv it! buT We're not that greedy byatch of a champagne mollah thus, we shared it with him a glass of C telling him a big THANK u who ever u are! Well, he is not that ugly after all, but the fact that he is stranger to us  then what else we can do but we just have to be gracious and thankful to him thats it! as per Gagal (hahaha) if he ask for some  massage or hikap why not coconut (hahaha)! !!!Infact, he is realy muey carinoso because prior to his departure he said something like "You guys take care"!! o divehi!!so concern lala! and that holy holy night was something really to remember divah yatch? hahahah Guvah an show Gazud! as in Nguyab chi

Nway, here's our cherished moment(s) from our last night rampage with of course the big C!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

YaS YaS U!

I have been working in this island called Yas Island since late quarter of 2007 that means I am almost three years here now struggling(he he he). What's good thing about this island is its one of the natural islands of Abudhabi, second it is where the famous Formula 1 circuit located , thirdly the first ever ferrari world theme park is situated also here and fourth it's one of the world's leading tourism project by the world's travel awards.

The Island actually offers everything after it will be totally completed by 2015 from shopping with their Yas Mall, Riding for fun with Warner Bros's theme park, Playing golf with the Links Golf Course and more.

Here are some scintillating photos courtesy of Aldar about the Island.

MCqueen's Final Pieces of ART

If ever I have the Top 5 lists of who amongst the Best Designers in the world, It has to be one of them - is Mr. Lee Mcqueen also known as as ALEXANDER MCQUEEN. For me, he is the most daring, fearless designer. The fact that every collections/shows he unveiled/created prior to his death were all dramatic, pure inspiration, and quite different from the rest of the monotonous designs.

I for one always believe in pure and raw talent which Mr. MCqueen proved and showed to the world that he has one. Well, given the fact that he came from a humble beginning and probably sheer determination, I believed that made him to be the best and unique in his craft.

This week I read/saw about his last collection which I am profoundly love it and shocked in disbelief that OMG his creations are like Paintings or Works of Art and that I foresee in 20 years time this will be the most expensive pieces to be auctioned at Christies(kidding aside) but probably it will! What else can I say but his final collection is pure elegance and royalty! (photos courtesy of Style.com)


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

World Sport Laureus 2010 Awardees

photo courtesy of www.laureus.com

Last Night I was thrilled to watch the awards night especially the Hollywood Stars who came down just for the event. Because of some glitches with our cable, I had to fix something but unfortunately I did not able to to do it so I surrendered. Upon waiting for my brother to come home and fix it, gosh, I slept and to my disappointment, I just watched the last part of the show which was funny because I thought the trophy decorating the stage was a sculpted one but to my delight when Kevin Spacey bid goodbye and touched him - he was kicking alive I mean a human(for that 3 hours show as in he did that mimicking the trophy) Watta job.  Anyway, here's the link of the list of  the winners/recipient for that prestigious award.

Santigold - Lights Out!

I have been a fan of this "lights out' fame group Santigold since last October 2009 when I heard their songs from one fashion blogger here in www.  Suddenly today, I chance upon 2 see  this pic (courtesy of  Rafe - of the famous Rafe bag - Thanks for d photo!) thus, I instantly blog them in the hope that my friends and readers will come to know and eventually like them too.
Promise! their music is superb, very relax and quite a beat that once you dance with the rythm you can't stop. Chos! but really I so adore them especially the songs "lights out", "Creator" and the "L.E.S artiste".
But my very fave is Lights Out especially the remix. OMG! So fashion that I dance with catwalking (hahaha). For me, they really  rocks!!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

2010 World Sport Laureus Award in Abudhabi

I can't wait to see Hollywood Celebs, Famous Sports Stars, VIPs etc to come to Abu-Dhabi for this prestigious awards night which is considered to be an Oscars for sports. Aside from F1 Formula, finally come this March 10, 2010 as in tommorow, the world will come to know that there is a city called Abu-Dhabi who can able to host/stage major international event(s) such like this.
I would like to believe that one day one Filipino athlete can grab this elusive recognition.

Good luck Abu-Dhabi let the world know we can compete to any major cities around the world by hosting this event.

I hope and pray Roger Federer will make it to win for World's Sportsman of the year award. To check other nominees & categories visit the Site.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Men of Oscar's

Well, honestly I haven't seen the Oscar's yesterday but only news and news, winners and the so called "Million-dollar free goodies" that Oscar's give every year. But right now, right at this moment, I just think of blogging gorgeous men in tuxedos just like one of my fave's yesterday's Oscar's-Yummy Tom Ford (Luv him so much). And now here are my favorite yummies(ha, ha, ha):(Thanks yahoo.com for the photos)

1. Tom Ford in his creation - Luv it and its totally him and his image!
2. Zac Efron - in his own tuxedo(no brand mentioned).This young swooner is really eye catching to all sexes with his young, fresh aura who wouldnt right?

3. Jake Gyllenhal - in Burberry Prosum Tux. He is quite a fine gentleman now


 4. Ryan Reynolds- in his tailored tux. He ooze sex appeal and charisma. So Yummy!

5. Colin Firth - One of my bet to win for Best Actor and he is so fashion wearing this tux and look younger at his age.

6. Chris Pine from Star Trek fame- in his personal tailored tux. He is so dashing and adorable!

7. Taylor Lautner - in D&G tux. Quite a heartthrob and beefy indeed(hahaha)

8. Ryan Seacrest - I had to admit i luv what he wears(in Burberry Prosum Tux).

Oscars Fashion: My Red Carpet Faves

Just today people are so Gaga about Oscars that one of my colleagues here filed for a leave just to watch it and be glued till the show ends. Well, I have been seeing Female Hollywood Stars through blogs and websites in their red carpet dresses. And heres my bests: (Photos courtesy of Yahoo.com)

Carey Mulligan in Prada 

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