Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I really do not know if I'll just stick to write about travels only or  either I can also vent my frustrations and anger here. But the fact that the title is "Outbursts" then probably or literally I can shout out all my moroseness here.

Actually, I decided that this blog should only be or solely for travel articles but now that I am out of subject about travel. I believe I can deviate from writing travel and just scroll what ever is on my mind. And then, perhaps if I will travel again then probably I can write back about it.

For now, I will write anything or rambling about what's up on me, my plans etc. So far, I think I have grown up the fact that I lost interest of going out or shopping for that matter and instead, just staying in the house and be chilled.

Things like that that I never imagine I can do now. Well, whatever it is but life is so far so good. I think, I just go with the flow and then what ever comes to me I will accept it and just go on! Life's adventure anyway! There is always Up's and Down.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Travel O Traveller!
Why are you so addicting and so exciting
Especially if you travel with your family and friends
For there will be fun, joy and laughter.

Traveling is great if there is some one who will threat
and that is your self O Treat O Please
Lest, traveling is really the best O Yes indeed

Traveling from east to west
is the best among the rest
Yet even I am from the Far East ,
I love to travel to the west
for there will be so much learning and exploring
to that western hemisphere, So exciting!

Travel O Traveling
why are you so appealing yet so money & energy draining
The moment I experienced traveling, the moment I learn to know
That the World is so so beautiful
to explore, to conquer and  to appreciate as in!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Koh Samui's Island Tour

The tour guide really pushed me to book this tour because she said in her thai accent "It's fun and exciting lah". And that's why I did not hesitate to tell her "Ok lah".

As in the next day @ exactly 7:30 AM the reception rang me up incessantly and told me that the agent for the tour was there patiently waiting for me. Right away, I changed my clothes and directly went upstairs with out taking a shower(yekky). I thought we went straight to the place but to my surprise we still need to picked some tourists in another hotels for this tour and that is why the agent picked me up so early. Anyway, I do not mind because my group for this tour were friendly and accomodating.

First tour, we went to this village called Island safari where the elephant and monkey shows will be held. The shows were both okay its just that I am quite sad for the animals because the guides beat them up especially if they are not performing and so I just clapped and enjoy the show but the most hilarious part was when the female elephant did the thai massage to the guest performer as in she massaged him by her mouth and huge foot (really funny). And then, the next activity was the Elephant Trekking which I had so much fun because its not just an ordinary trek but a real fun adventure.

After the trek the tour guide advised us that we were going for the Buddha Temple tours. It was indeed informative as the tour guide gave us insights about the temple, etc. We hiked the 80 stairs of this Big Buddha and then we visited other temples also like happy Buddha temple and six fingers Buddha temple.

And the most exciting part of this tour was the mountain safari or jungle safari where rode a jeep up to the  mountain as in road adventure. The roads were really bumpy, narrow and a bit scary for me. It was the most adventurous thing I have ever done. Anyway to continue my adventure story, we dropped by and have lunch at the peak of the mountain where there was a restaurant. The meal was a bit spicy because its a thai cuisine. And thats the time I chatted with my group. I came to know them that they were all British and they're in for honeymoon. Envy of me but that is life they were couples and I am single adventurous gayman(char).  Anyway its not a big deal for them. We talked anything under the sun and all thought out the tour we became friends.

After that tiring mountain safari, we went down to that magical river garden where you can feel the mysticism of the place because of its ambiance and you are going to be amazed of the rock formations there. They were all sculpted from dwarf to fairies to enchanted monkeys etc by the owner of that forest farm. And then we headed to the living mummified monk temple-where you can really feel the love of thais for him. For they really adored him with flowers and offered him food etc. Next stop was the Namuang falls where we hiked for about 10 minutes. In this falls where I got to experienced the natural fish spa on my feet. Actually, I was just curious why the locals put their feet dip on the water and the tour guide told me its bec.of the fish and that reminds me of my KL tour  last May with La Isla Bonitas. As in fish spa au naturale! because I'm with nature

I was really tired enough but then again there was another last spot to visit and that's the grand mother and father rock formations. The rock formations were really naughty indeed. And maybe that is where the inspiration of some thai sculpures came from. And then after that I was the first to dropped off in my hotel, though we're tired we still have the smiles in our face after we bid goodbyes and parted ways. The memories still fresh in my mind and that's what I cherished till now.

Note: Due to my negligence I do not have my own self photos but videos i got in you tube. The videos speaks for the tour actually. Enjoy!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Elephant Trekking - Fun Fun Fun

Actually, I have nothing else to say about this adventure but fun fun fun. Elephant Trekking was actually part of the Island Tour I booked in Koh Samui. At first, I thought that the trek was only to roam around the village etc but oh Boy we went up hill. And it was really like, OMG and the guide, I mean the elephant rider assured me that its really okey and they have been doing this long time. So I just sit back and enjoy the ride, I mean the trek. Trekking up to the mountain was fun and not that nervous but when we went down, O gracious Lord it was really thrill and at the same time very nervous. Imagine, setting at the top of the elephant; I thought was not that high but when I was on the top and sit like a King - as in its kinda high like setting at the top of the cargo truck. How much more if you trek up to the mountain and so when we came down its really a thrill of a ride. I have fun but the most daring thing this elephant did was when this big jumbo tried to jump along the canal.. And it was like Huh No no and so the guide stop the elephant from doing so. Thus, I really recommend every one to try elephant trekking to the mountain.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Palace(s) in Different Places

Every country has its own historical spot(s) either monuments or grand palaces. Indeed, these remnants of the past are the living legends or testimonies that stand through test of times. Thus, in every places that I have been with;  there is always a palace(s) to visit as part of the tour or a must to go and see.

Below from Top to bottom are the palaces I have explored/toured and experienced:  1. Bangalore Palace - India 2. Dolmabachev Palace-Turkey  3 & 4. Vinmamek Palace-Thailand  5& 6.Mysore Palace- Mysore, India  7&8. Topkapi Palace-Turkey 9. Ciragan Palace-Turkey 10. Grand Palace - Bangkok, Thailand.

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