Monday, July 16, 2012

Aquaventure Experience

Summer is fun and what better way to celebrate it is to enjoy and relax. Last Saturday, June 30, 2012;  we went to Aqua venture in Atlantis - The Palm. The sun was scorchingly hot but still we manage to enjoy this adventure. Hot hot hot but I am loving every minute of it. Anyhow, here's the testimony of our enjoyment of course through our photos. Hope you are enjoying as well!

This is Aquaventure - one of the best water park in the UAE. I love the location and place and of course their Rides.

People from different nationalities may it be a Tourist or UAE Resident stayed on queue just to beat the heat and eager to play on the water.

One of the best attractions  in Aquaventure, Kids of different ages love to play here and I for one (kid at heart) loves it especially all these rain waters and all the splashes.

This is such a huge water park. People loves to lounge here with all their Salbabida (I do not know the English term) and the water will sent you to various areas.

This is the main attraction in Aquaventure - A daredevil slide that makes your soul detach in your body for a while. I did not try because of the fact that I read alot in the forum that some guests complained something wrong with their spinal cords after trying this ride

Staycation with long time friends

I love my week-end, Our long lost friend Panks as in long lost tlaga! Wherein fact shes just a  kilometers away because she is in Dubai. Anyway, when Vivalen (my other friend) called me something about Staycation and All -  I couldn't agree more but just to confirm with her that I am on it. Well, well pictures will really speak volumes so here's our bonding moments.

Vivalen booked this hotel as in in just an hour 
and the rate is still affordable which is including brekky for 3.
Really, I loved the hotel - the room, the pool and the restaurants are all 5 star hotel standard. 
Well, Its freaking hot now in UAE and hotel weekend promo is all over town
so either in a hurry or just a week away don't you worry! 
Crowne Plaza is very affordable. Start Booking Now:-)
This is our Room 414- Super Stylish, Modern and Sleek. 
I love the idea of see through toilet over looking from the bed 
but you can hide it then by turning off the blinds and then you can have your privacy. 
As in mega promote akish

This my couple friend - Yhe and Vam. I had known them for almost 8 years now.
 I am Ninang hahaha to their uber cutie and bubbly Gav.
 Shes very sweet young girl anyway.

Our Group picture. Pankie our common friend is the one wearing 
white blouse in the upper left photo.
 And that is Sam-sam in the lower right photo. Sam is the only daughter of Panks.
 Pankie is beautiful inside and out Single Mother and shes available. Hehehe!

Our stay will not complete with out hitting the bar and celebrate. 
As in we really have fun dancing from 80's to the 90's.
 And mind you were the last peeps to stay in the bar. 
We just talked really anything under the disco lights hahahhahaha

 This is my Inaanak Samantha - OMG shes adorable at 5 - 
she can sing very well, speaks english fluently and shes courteous. I love her.
 Infact I have still utang to her hahahaha. Babawi ako sayo Samsam

 After our sumptuous breakky, well of course whats the
 best thing to do is to walk around the lobby 
and of course the photo shoot - this is a must for us. hahahha. 
Their really a great couple! char:-)

Originally, Panks and Vam are the real close friends. 
Im just a sabit - but then time runs and
 I stayed with panks in her flat during her pregnancy
 and that we became friends as in for life.

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