Thursday, April 26, 2012

Take Me to Bandos

Kgandahan Janeth - is the most accommodating  and hospitable person I have ever meet in my whole life. As in for that short period of my vacay with her, She booked me twice as in she booked me two resorts one is the one we shared the bill and the other a friend of hers and friend ko na rin Ate Vicky booked me a complimentary to Bandos Resort for three nights. I cannot ask for more. I am So thankful to you Ganda.

Bandos Island Resort - is not so far from Male (Maldives Capital City). It will take you around 20 minutes ride via their speed boat. Infact, from Bandos you can still see Male's skyscraper or skyline. We are very delighted with our accommodation here as in super deluxe land villa with great toilet and a beautiful sauna plus full board lafang as in breakfast, lunch and dinner. So our first day, after checked-in, we went to their restaurant and ate our breakfast as in super buffet then next we went to their pool and drink some cocktails and later that afternoon we watched the sunset. We even saw shark reefs as in lots of shark reefs. After Dinner, Ganda and I as party revelers /Dancers went to their Disco Bar. As in we danced till the night away. Ate Vicky joined us later that evening as in late evening pero Disco parin to the max ang mga lola mo. Male don't have disco bar etc Only in the island resorts.

Next Day, was my only day as in I am the only one in the resort. Ganda and Ate Vicky have work so they cannot join me only later after their work. So that day, I slept till lunch time and during the afternoon I decided to snorkeling - for me Bandos has the most natural and very colorful and exciting coral reefs  and fishes. Compared to Anantara, they are far better that's why they have a very intensive program of conservation and punishment for tourists who get caught taking corals and bringing it home. One funny story here is when I went to not so deep part of the sea, while enjoying my snorkeling and seeing those lovely fishes, I then suddenly saw a shark swimming near to me, as in I was really scared like hell as in imagining the movie Shark OMG the shark might attack me. So, I hurriedly swim back to the beach area and rest. But Now, my Boss a diver told me that reef sharks don't attack people they are harmless. Those sharks featured in the movie that are harmful are found in the oceans of Australia. Finally,  I am enlighten of what he told me.

So that night, Ate viky and me went to the Bar and drink a little.Actually, on our way to the bar, we meet the owner of the Resort - it was an honor and privileged talking to him. Then later that evening we met Filipino Staff of Bandos. Chika chika muna and tawanan. 

To sum it up, my Bandos experience is totally different from Anantara. Bandos is natural and a village type resort because you can see mosque, clinic or hospital, tennis courts etc in the island. You can see staff coming and going - Its actually a lively resort. Well, if ever someone would take me again to Bandos, Why Not Coconut!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Repeater - Maldivia

Repeater - As per "One that repeats". Venggabels and I am one of them - Repeaters. Charing well thanks to my agent kagandahan Janeth - She's a hassle free expedia, clear trip agent kaya go book na kay Ganda. Hahaha Kidding aside! Actually, I have no plans coming back to Maldivia but because I travel to India and I find air ticket to China very expensive, I chose the latter. 

Well, Maldivia officially name Republic of Maldives is very near to UAE especially Oman. Its maximum of four hours by plane from UAE and 3 hours from Oman. The country is composed of different Atolls or islets. Pure white islets (as in inistress ko talaga). Actually, my trip to maldivia is almost cancelled in fact. Why? Well, the story goes like this: On the day that I am flying via Dubai - I was questioned and blocked from the Passenger Counter. My offense: My Credit Card name is not synonymous to my ticket. Their questioning me back and forth why is this and that ..and then to make the story short - They can guarantee me to travel that day if I will buy a ticket from their company. I cannot get the logic or what but definitely I did not buy. I went home and slept with my friends and then my agent from Maldivia texted me hour after hour. The next day she texted me again that there is still cheap tickets to maldivia and its selling like hot pancakes, Hurry sayang ang booking chi - that very next day, I am so weary, demotivated and not inspired anymore to travel to la isla maldivia but when I realized that I still have 12 vacation days left and what should I do here in UAE - I decided to buy that hot selling ticket. So that night, I went back to the airport, started again to queue and then lo and behold, I saw again that same bitches who interrogated and questioned me about my credit card - I asked to GOD please spare me Lord from these bitches:-) good thing I was in another counter but mind you that same Bitch went to that counter and ask that passenger agent if I am using the same credit card that I used last night - goodthing she was rebutted "can't you see - its indicated there "CASH"..duh kaloka mga buwisit!
So, I went through and passed that ordeal. And finally I am excited to see and feel the paradise of Maldivia but whats more important is to bond, laugh out loud with the Maldivian Kagandahan Janet. I arrived so early in Male, the airport was damn dead and all these Immigration officers were still yawning and sleepy. Good thing there is no more questions etc they just stamped my passport and I go. And so I thought  kagandahan is at the entrance of the airport, OMG my agent is not yet here. As in its like I waited for an hour and so I played my Ipad - then later on, there she goes Kagandahan Janeth is on the waiting area. I went there and indeed kagandahan still sleepy as well.So we went to her apartment, we had our breakfast and later on we packed and ready for Maldivian adventure - the sun, sea and yummy men hehehe I don't think so. Our Resort Anantara is  a 20 minute ride by their superfast speedboat. Just a blink of my eye, Voila I am now at the resort. 

The Anantara is composed of 3 islands in short they have 3 resorts - Naladhu, Vili and Dhigu(one is super luxurious-Naladhu, the other is deluxe-Dhigu and the last is the standard water villa type resort-Vili. You can access all these resorts through their Front Office if you like to visit. Our land based villa which is located in Dhigu is so nice, so beautiful especially their toilet. I love also the design and all. So our first day we went to the Pool Side - oh lots of peeps but its a nice setting - its fronting the beach and its good for watching sunset. Actually, its an infinity concept pool. So that day, we just lounge at the pool and then our connection to that resort offered us a tour to the 3 resorts, so we are happy to visit all these resorts and its type of luxury. Naladhu Resort - is the most expensive one Imagine a minimum of 1000 per night OMG they must be super rich - for those people who book that resort. Its worth every penny because you have the butler, an infinity pool, sauna and the food is serve at your villa. Vengga:-) and Later that night we just stay at there lounge bar just chilling out and off to bed. 

Next Day, we went to other resort - Vili again we stayed at the pool and having our lunch. Ganda went for swimming and me of course my favorite snorkeling adventure. The water here is so crystal clear and the best to see the underworld is through snorkeling and diving. As in its like I was in the water for four hours just watching the beauty of corals, fishes etc. Their really great creatures. and that Night Ganda and I decided to celebrate Earth Hour so we went to their lounge bar to witness the celebration but sad to say they are not serving food - So we went back to our room and we ordered food to room service. The funny thing here is when the earth hour was about to start - the food just arrived so we did not able to off our lights instead we just console ourselves that when we off to bed we will off all the lights - hahahaha na kunsensha galore hahaha. 

Our last day - was just chilling at the resort. We woke up late and then at around 10pm we went to the reception paid our bills and later we bid farewell and off we go to Male. We had our lunch at the Thai Resto. Ganda offered to pay the bill and thanks to you ganda. I love Thai Food! Then, Again I stayed at Ganda's sosyal na flat and sleep galore akish super ever. Hehehe :-) 

Anyhow, to sum it up - My Resort adventure with ganda  is so relax, refreshing and laziness to the max. We're just catching up a lot of chikas and especial mention to Ate Shawie as in she was our happiness that one fine night dahil sa kanyang mga twineet - she has her side of being talak lang ng talak. Ate shawie kaloka ka.

Anyway, there's a lot of pinoy stories to tell but then I have enough of blabbing. Maybe another separate post dear readers. So stay tune and wait for my next chika at magbabalik ang iyong lingkod...See u soon:-)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Indian Adventure Saga - The Lake City (Udaipur) - my last stop

Hi! Dear Readers:-) Musta na? I am back mga ateh. Well, this is my last story for this Indian Saga. As in I love this city,  This City is a spectacular. To begin allow me to thank first all my sponsors for this superb and very cool experiece, to my driver - Sharif thanks for driving me for almost 15 days in India. Though you are not so blabbing or friendly, I still salute you for driving me safe. To All hotels and guest house I have been stayed with - thanks for sharing and extending your warmth Indian hospitality. Its an honor and privileged to stay with you guys. To people I've met along the way, esp Gaia and her beau - your the most accomodating, friendly, unbiased people on earth. You did not look at me based on my skin and nationality, but consider me as your travel buddy who also have the pinch or thirst to travel the world and experience great culture. Though it was a short meeting but deep it my heart it was like a long time. Happy traveling you both and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Hay vengga nagpasalamat na ang lola mo:-) kidding aside, to continue my last story. Udaipur, Rajasthan is situated at the far end of rajasthan valley. This city is nestled with two great lakes of Rajasthan. Because Udaipur is on the top of the mountain, Royal families and its government designed and made up a two man made great lakes after a severe rainfall on the city way back before. They made two great lakes in order for the other lakes to be a tributary of the excess water and vice versa. Thus, until now no more water dry-up for both lakes. This is as per the information from the tourist guide.

I arrived at the city of Udaipur late in the evening. FYI, From Jodhpur to Udaipur - its about 7 hours drive but I love the sceneries here. Lots of beautiful trees and mountain ranges. My hotel is situated in lake pichola hotel and at the area of Gangur. This is the touristy area which all the places you would like to see is quite nearby. City Palace and its complex is located here. Mewar Museum is around this area also. Great Hotels as well are located in this area and the great lake pichola view can be seen here anywhere of the hotels you stay. I love the intricate, uphills side of Gangur Area - lots of beautiful crafts and painting shops. Infact, Udaipur is considered as the city gifted with lots of painters and artists. The City is full of arts and culture thus everything in the street is real arts made by talented raw artists.

My 4 days stay in Udaipur is not enough actually but then I still have the best experience ever char. From seeing their operational City Palace (operational bec. the Royal families still live there until now) to their great summer palace at the top of the hills and the refreshing boat rides along lake pichola. I coudn't ask for more but to rest and relax - Its a very tiring for a tourist like me touring these great spots for one whole day or more. I dunno but I love this city maybe because its so picturesque and the vibe is kinda europe because of their great palaces located at the side of the lake plus the setting of their houses. Indeed, it has earned its name as the Venice of the East.

Monday, April 16, 2012

My India Adventure Saga - Jodhpur (The Blue City)

Ay prang ang bilis kung magupdate mga teh or my Dear Readers, Well the fact that today I have nothing to do in my office period as in no work hahahha plus I am excited to write and tell yah guys. So here I am mga tehhhh simulan ko na "Noong unang panahon, sa kaharian ng India may isang lugar na puno ng kulay asul.....hahahhaha it seems I cannot continue writing a story like this as in tagalog char totyalan ba ngek puro wrong grammar naman ang jenglish ko. Kiveranza, basta mag english ako. Ngek tagalog kaya yan teh..ok watever basta I tell yah in straight english period comma etc.

Okay to continue, Jodhpur is located along the rugged mountains of Rajasthan province. My trip took me almost seven hours by private car. As in we arrived in Jodhpur so late as in Gabi na -plus the fact that we need to find pa my hotel. Ano ba ito - as in We're looking, asking for about an hour and finally we reached my hotel or in short the guest house that I'm staying. Well, Hem Guest House is situated right at the heart of Jodhpur Market named Moti Chowk as in super crowd, super tight esp the road. This time my driver was pissed off because of the road - I decided not to talk back so as not to threat me badly. As in my guest house was located at the very very heart of moti chowk. But right behind the back of this guest house - is the phenomenal view of Jodhpurs jewel - The Mehrangarh fort.  So far, this is the best fort i have ever visited in India . All the relics, paintings, cabinets etc that the Royal Family used is still on display at the fort. This is also the fort that is one of the biggest. What I like about this one is you need to climb the Fort from the entrance. As in super trek, kaagad super trek!!!! hindi muna climbing hahaha OA ka teh.

So that night, I've met the owner of that guest house - they are small family I mean a young family. They're very accommodating and helpful. After checking-in, the husband toured me to their humble abode, to my room and then lastly he took me to the most awaiting part - their balcony with a very picturesque, very surreal background as in larger than life - Mehrangarh Fort. As in na naman all my tiredness/sleepyness paid off. WOW - was the magic word of that night. So now its time for photoshoot - even with out any tripod I managed to picture or shoot myself photogenically. Charot! And also, the best part of my trip here was meeting the beautiful couple from Europe.That night I was really hungry - I went out to the market and look for a nice cozy restaurant. Adjacent to the temple, I saw a nice signage of a restaurant named NIRVANA. I went up because the restaurant is actually on top upon reaching there I said to myself indeed its nirvana because there is a huge hanging garden, I find it beautiful and then after entering the restaurant and ordered my food, this beautiful couple called me up and asked me If its okay for me to join their table. Well, my naked eyes first sets on the guy - yummy toddler for his age and so I did not hesitate to join them. We introduced each other and the rest is history. Briefly, about them this young couple is travelling the world since may - the guy is from switzerland and his girlfriend is from Italy. Imagine their travelling 17 countries so far. So alot of Mollah - Well the good thing of them (FYI lanfg) they just look for themselves not including their families as well - that's the other side of culture of Europeans.

So the very next day, our itinerary was so hectic because I had only one day in Jaipur. Good thing all the major landmarks are close to each other so I have no problem of going and walking to other sites. First Site was the mehrangarh fort then next was the White Temple replicating Taj or more resemblance of Walt Disney Palace but this temple is erected at the top of the mountain adjacent to the fort. I love the peace and serenity of the temple - its actually nice to unwind there after a day's hard work. Then later, we headed straight to Ubaid Bhawan Palace - the best palace hotel in the world. The Palace is part hotel part residential of the ruling royal family of jodhpur. It is built and located at the top of the hills. This Palace is visible around Jodhpur actually because of its location and infact its a symbol of how mighty and rich the Royal Family here. When I went there there's a lot of restricted areas but still you can manage to photo shoot. There is a small part that is allowed for Non Hotel Guest that is the palace little museum which showcase all the palace bed linens, kitchen utensils, gadgets, cars as well as the history and who design the palace. Tourists who stayed at this palace hotel raved about their experience.

What else?, i think that's for all guys - and please stay tune for my last story of this Saga - this time Udaipur - The Lake City:-)

My India Saga Adventure - Jaipur (The Royal Capital)

Dear Readers, I am back mga ateh (hahaha feeling ko I have so much followers - feelingera ako na teh hahaha). Lets continue my Indian journey aka Indian Saga. Well, after Agra - I headed down to Jaipur - which is the royal capital of Rajasthan or even way back during the mughal or british empire, Jaipur was once a royal capital and of which I think is true - kc when you reach the Old City of Jaipur and you look around as in from the roads uptil the mountains; Great wall of fences are decorating the city - its truly like your in the ancient movies the era of invasion of kingdom etc where you are a prisoner and they will send you to their kingdom for punishment or hatol hahahha mga effect na ganyan. As in that kind of touch of their old architecture is still there in Jaipur.

Anyhow,  Jaipur - The Pink City (later ko explain bkit pink okay?) is about 5 hours drive from Agra by private car. I was really amazed seeing the old city which is contrast to the new city. The new is a bit of congested with so much people and dirt scattered all over the City but still that's the vibe of Jaipur anyway. Again, we had problem looking for my hotel which is a Haveli or an Old house type hotel where intricate of indian designs etc decorating the whole building. Finally, we locate the hotel its actually in residential area and back of the main street. I love my hotel its a family owned business- very homely and the staff are really courteous. Dear Readers,remember the name of my hotel if ever you would like to go Jaipur, its -Umaid Bhawan Hotel. I love my room in this hotel, it was so spacious and located at the top of the hotel's 6th floor plus the hotel offers unlimited internet wifi connection -wotwo. Indeed 3 nights in Jaipur was really superb.

For the whole time, I was in Jaipur seeing the overrated Wind Palace which is the symbol of jaipur is a must to do and its awesome. Actually in Jaipur when you tour the city palace it is already a package  because the palace is a complex that includes the Jantar mantar - an astronomical observatory and then of course the Wind palace - a small palace for princess and their yaya's or katulong as well the palace courtyards and gardens. Amber Fort and the elefantication ( Ill blog this separately) is another important thing to do also why? because its a separate site and the fort is a must to see. By the way the old name of jaipur is AMBER which derived from the fort and Jaipur called as Pink City because majority of the houses if you watch it over from the wind palace are Pink as in vayot na color chi hahaha. FYI, During 15th -16th century, Jaipur is the most well-planned or designed city all over India that as per the tourist information guide. Well maybe because the Royal Families lived their for centuries.

Anyways Dear Readers, end of my Jaipur story - I'll be back soon with another exciting story and this time its Jodhpur - The Blue City. So stay stune mga kapuso, kafatid and of chors mga kafamilya. See yah guys:-)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My India Adventure Saga - Agra, India (The Home of Taj Mahal)

I am back teh...lets continue my journey to India. Followers, Non-followers just bear with me - I am still looking for words to describe and tell about this story hahaha....give me five minutes and I am done. So relax lang teh

Okay, five minutes up -- I am done and ready to tell yah. Lets begin my story with driving from New Delhi to Agra. Actually, it's about three to four hours drive by private car including lunch or snack time on the road. Well the road is well asphalted its just that this highway is really busy coming from and to. Well, my memorable moment here during this trip was when we stopped by on the road and then suddenly a small kid asked me if I want to see a show and he was holding a small box and then I asked him what show and suddenly he showed me right infront of my eyes the two cobra snakes standing hungry for a bite as in I was like..huhhhhhhh and am really scared and told him no no no. My driver laughed at me so hard... and i was like ur mean ur laughing at someones frightness.

Anyhow, the drive was not that tiring because I slept a bit and then watched some sceneries. So when we arrived in Agra the city was really really busy during that time theres alot of people well its a big city anyway. Good thing, my hotel is located around Taj Compound in fatehabad road. Remember Fatehabad area is the place to stay if you like to go to Taj Mahal - its very near and adjacent to the gates of Taj Mahal.To continue, My driver sent me to my hotel - the Sarovar Hotel Portico-it's one of the best hotels in Agra actually. The hotel is nice especially my room and after I checked-in I slept and relaxed for a while and then I just realize that the most luxurious hotel in Taj - The Oberoi Amarvillas is quite near to my hotel so I went there and settled for a drink and later I watched the most anticipating thing to do there - sunset watching which is really great and then the hotel had an indian folk dance show which is really good. All their expresssions and gestures are very synchronize from their face to their hands and to their feet. Its really fascinating!

Then the very next day the most exciting part of my adventure - seeing Taj Mahal in real flesh. I woke up early that day. My costume for that day was already plan wayback here in auh actually so I just pressed it with iron and then wear it werq it and ready to go. Upon entering Taj - a deceiving guy is blabbing to me alot he said he is the owner of the parking lot and that he works for Indian tourism blah blah and later upon entering in the main gate I ask him who you really are? are you a tourist guide right? how much. So he said yes he is and that this is his rate and I told him take it or leave this is the only rate I can give, 10-20 dollar and he said okay thats fine. So we entered the gate - right on the gate he was telling me alot of the so called indian stories as in everything. But while his blabbing about Taj and its beginning etc, i had in mind already that he is gonna be my photographer this is a photoshoot but still with learning of the history of Taj Mahal(anyway i will blog later separately about Taj). As in, every corner, angle etc of the site was a photo shoot but he was not complaining anyway hahaha. He was being paid divah? So for that 3 hours or so; Roaming, listening and shooting was a little bit tiring and after exiting in Taj - I paid him on what we agreed and I headed for lunch. and later that afternoon, me and my driver went to agra fort - which is massive and very intricate and interesting site, then to ahktar tomb - another great tomb and to a mini replica of Taj Mahal temple - which is very near also to Taj and we went to agra market. As in that whole day is really really very tiring. and to add it up I went to fatepur Sikri on the way to Jaipur the very next day. Fatepur Sikri is part of Agra - which is another fort or palace of sort that was made in honor of a saint named salem christi. The place is also very big as well with a super huge mosque and its compound plus the palace, court yard etc. It is built at the top of the mountain overlooking the city or village of Fatepur Sikri. It is really a great place and a must see and do in Agra.

okay dear readers my next story is Jaipur, India. So guys, mga ateh stay tune for another saga of my indian adventure. Magbabalik po ako after a series of commercial breaks. Thank you ate beki belo for taking care of my skin..see yah in abit guys hahhahahaha..lav yah mwahhh:-)

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