Thursday, December 27, 2012

Holy Land 2012 - Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv etc

I am very much grateful to the Lord for having this opportunity to travel to His Place. After a stop over in Amman for one day, we went to Israel via Mt. Nebo. The road going to Holy land was very scenic and super zigzag. Anyway, I already told in my previous post about what happened in the Border. So after successfully done with all the formalities in Israel border, we rode a bus and we went for lunch on the road. Then later we started heading to a place where Jordan River or I mean the Baptism of Jesus took place. The place was so green and lots of gardens. Here, I bought the Holy Water but the funny part here my co-traveller went straight to the river and fetched lots of water. Then later on our guide told them to throw away the water because it is not hygienic or dirty.

Then next stop, we went to Kinneret or Sea of Galilee. First we stop to the Museum and then later we went to the sea of galilee lake where we will go for boating as well as the reenactment of what Jesus way of fishing. It was really a humbling experience. And the bonus experience here is seeing rainbow over the lake it is really nice view. Then after another stop to go which is the Mount of Beatitudes. Mount of Beatitude's according to the tradition, is the place where Jesus gave his important sermon on the mountain. Here where we hiked up the hill and then went to church which is govern by sisters. And then later we went to St. Peters Place and its church and then later we went to Capernaum where jesus also preached . The best thing here was we had a special mass for our group and its really a moving and touching experience actually. Then it was getting dark and so we headed for a night going to Bethlehem. At 7pm we arrived safely in Bethlehem and took our dinner and because its really so tiring we slept right away and then the next morning we visited all the important places or sites in Bethlehem. Bethlehem is a place where Christian, Catholics and Muslim or Jews were harmoniously living. 

Then the very next day , we went straight to Tel Aviv and rode a bus for almost 2 to three hours drive. I love Tel Aviv. An old city but very clean, scenic and vibrant one. Sad to say, we just stay there for a couple of hours and then we went to Jerusalem and Nazareth. Nazareth is in Palestine and thats reality. We went to the place where Jesus spent his childhood and then another mass for our group was celebrated and for me it was very special having a mass especially during this tour.

After visited Nazareth, we spent the night in Jerusalem for 2 nights. Jerusalem is the capital city in Israel and the Holiest city of Judaism. In Jerusalem, theres a lot of Holy Sites to visit. On the first day, We Hiked going to the garden of Gethsemane and various lots of Sites. Our Last day in jerusalem, we went to this souk or called as Syrian Wall where the 14 station of the cross was held and we ended up visited the Wailing Wall of Judaism and the Mosque as well. We finished at 9pm and then went home to our hotel eat and slept.

The next day, again another holy site to visit - and that was Bethany which is in Palestine again and after mass, we went to Dead Sea for a little swimming, floating and then at lunch time we went to Jericho the old city in the world. After lunch we went straight to Eliat the border place between Egypt and Israel. We travelled the Place for almost 6 hours by Bus. At 7pm finally we arrived in Taba, Egypt and stayed in one of the finest hotel there. And that ends my Holy Land Trip. Next story Egypt!

Stunning Mountain Ranges in Israel
Nice Plantation over Israel Plateau

On the way to Jordan River

Mountain Ranges En Sepia

Welcome to Jordan River
The  Jordan River and Moi
Boat at Sea of Galilee

Monday, December 10, 2012

Jordan Trip 2012

I dont know how to start this article but I love Amman. I arrived Amman at 9:30 AM and I was thinking the weather there is not that cold but Boy outside is really cold Spell FREEZING. And this trip is a package trip, so everything was arranged by our tour guide. Amman airport is almost 30 minutes from the city so along the road we saw a lot of hills and valley and its a nice view indeed.

So around 12 o'clock we arrived in our Hotel. Finally we met our tour guide Madam Ally - She's the most lovely and well informed tourist guide. What I love about her is that there is no dull moments with her. She's funny, intelligent and witty. So that day after lunch, we went for a city tour and it was worth to see the whole Amman. FYI, Amman as the Capital city of Jordan has two parts now one is the old Amman and the other is the New Amman. The New Amman is where you can see new malls, clean pedestrians and vibrant night life while the old amman old settlers and dwellers are there. Then we went to Citadel which is one of the UNESCO heritage sites in Jordan. A very huge fort where you can see the whole view of Amman as in 360 degree view. Lots of Romans Architecture and influence. We went also to there version of Italy's Colosseum which is very huge as well. And then after the tour we went to the New Down Town Amman to eat for some lunch because actually we haven't had any lunch at all he he he. Then after taking our late lunch we headed to the Shop for some little shopping and then imagine at 5PM Jordan was already dark and its night already. So we went home and meet the  other pilgrimages and then dinner was served and the very next day, we went to Madaba in Jordan where Mt. Nebo is located. The Tour bus took us around 1 hour going to Mt. Nebo.  Mt. Nebo is a holy place where Moses died a very scenic and nice mountain ranges along the way. On top of Mt. Nebo you can see the city of Jericho and Jerusalem afar. And here where we are going to the Border between Jordan and Israel via allenby bridge. Whats the most heartening experience I had here is when I went to a little chapel  and I offered a little donation to the Franciscan Priest and He told me "Blessed You" together he gived me the Blessed Virgin Mary which I heartily accepted. 

And then later, we went down going to the Border area of Jordan and Israel. In the border it is really dramatic because each car was being checked up and it took us around an hour waiting for our turn. Upon arriving in Israel Immigration, a lot of checking and questioning. But with GODs guidance we passed through.

Amman Neighborhood is very quiet

Amman Citadel - A must to visit when your in Amman Jordan

Our Hotel in Jordan (I forgot the name) with lots of Hanging Plants adorning the wall

The Streets of Old Amman

At the store buying souvenirs from Amman Jordan

Souvenir Shops in Amman

Picture Picture on our way to Madaba Jordan

The beauty of Mount Nebo

Friday, November 23, 2012

Traveling with Indian Peeps

Hi! Dear Followers:-) I am back blogging. Well, My first article to blog is up (see the title) he he he then next will be of course my Holy Land Trip. I want to blog this now because there is lot to talk about ha ha ha. I am not writing yet the full details but I am giggling, laughing of the memories I had with them. I am laughing a lot because of course for Filipino mentality they will wonder what the heck I am joining with these Indian Mafia. But it was well worth fun traveling with them.

Well, Maybe because I have been to their country. I know some of their food and a little bit about their culture and traditions. What ever it is but they are actually the same as people in general. Okay Now I will start narrating - On that chilly Sunday Morning of November 10 - My travel agent Alfie called me up where I am because the group is there already (and I knew then its an Indian Group based from our previous discussion) and she said the other members all the way from India is already and they are ready to check-in and so I hurriedly went up to her and so I met them we are total 12. At first, I was timid but lo and behold the Abu Dhabi based Indian (they are catholics) are pretty chatter so they talked to me blah blah and so we became like instant friends.

When we arrived in Amman, Jordan - I am really thinking we are just this group the 12 pax. OMG 30 more Indian peeps all the way from Kerala are coming for this tour. I was like Huh!!! Sigh:-) indeed I was in a wrong group thats what at the back of my mind. Then Later that day, they arrived the whole group. I was thinking that this Indian will talk to their language in full throttle but I am wrong I just realized that Indian Expats or Living abroad they talked to this Indian all the way from India in straight  English some like Taglish or keralish (kerala lingo with english). And this is the first observation I did, I did not bother to ask but it seems for me they are some kind of similarity with us well maybe just like Pinoy living in the states meeting and talking with pinoy from poktoy. Ha ha ha!

Then, the next day we hopped on the bus going to Madaba one of the guys from our group I mean Indian group based from Abu Dhabi told me we will set on the rear end of the bus to accommodate this Indian Group from Kerala and then I did not hesitate to bother asking why? because I want to sit at the middle side he told me no no some of them don't want them to talk in english because they (Abu Dhabi Group) are comfortable talking in english and so I said okay. So in our group we speak all in english freely even talking to their husbands and wives. How cool is that!

But I am really surprised of this group I mean my Abu Dhabi Indian group - they are really pretty talker. They always asked me and talked to me so I did not hesitate to talk. Infact, they are like us Pinoy they are prepared for this trip so they bring all these chips and junk foods to share with me. And they fun of joking me that at the end of this trip, I should learn to talk Keralite or Malayalam ha ha ha.  and FYI, Indian Christian now I know are more Hygienic promise I did not smell any body odor except their indian dish. I have a lot to squeal but it seems I am running out of time (char)

Anyway,  at the end of the trip our group leader asked me " I hope your not lonely with this trip? " I proudly replied her " Ally, I was not lonely at all with this trip. In fact, traveling is not about nationality. It is about the bonding and communication your with with these fellows. This is not about my passport". And she said "huh so you are Indian now". I am just Laughing LOL

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I really believed that things happen for a reason. Though the reason behind will not always come right after what happened. Actually, It sometimes comes late. So these past few weeks a lot of things really happened to me from my work, incident, etc etc. And this really test my faith, then I came to realize that Honestly, I don't have strong faith or bond with the Lord. I sometimes neglected Him.

Then one day, I went to the church and talked to HIM. In the church, I saw a lot of Banners about the newly canonized Saint Pedro Calungsod. I am not always fascinated or I am not a strong believer of Saints. Back in my college days when I tried attending other christian churches, they don't really encourage or believe on saints. But then that day,  I realize that, thats why people with lots of misfortunes or especially poor families back in my home country always look for something to devote not just to our LORD because I think, they feel that saints will guide and help them pray as well to the LORD and free from all these anxieties. This is not about being cult or pagan because we are not offering something like food etc. And that's what my realization now, that why not give this a try devoting myself not just to our LORD Jesus Christ but also to our Patron Saint of OFW Beato Pedro Calungsod. Nothing will lose not even myself.

And now every day I always say a Prayer for special intentions to Blessed Pedro Calungsod:

"My Lord, In your grace you have shown through your servant, Beato Pedro Calungsod, the sublime prize of following you; His youthful fervor on defending the faith that earned him the title to be called Blessed; thus in confidence, I humbly call unto him to pray with me, and to intercede for this urgent favor(make a request) and that through his glorious life I may try to emulate him together with Mother Mary, who have with out reserve said yes to your will. Amen"

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I don't know how to start this post but tonight I am so melodramatic. Actually, it started when I saw the latest video of ABS-CBN Christmas Station ID Song. And suddenly, my tears just rolled down on my cheeks and I was in another world. In a world of Drama, Melancholy and Loneliness that only me and myself would understand. Honestly, I realized that I am the only person now in this world, all my siblings got their own family and kids and that sums up to the people that I have been missing most - My Parents.

Actually when you get old and especially like me that I don't have my own family; I long for my parents companion as well as their love and support. My simple tears burst into loneliness etc. I kept on crying thinking that this buckets of crying will ease the pain or even lessen a bit of what I have been miserably longing. I let this tears keep on falling so I can savor every bit of it. Until it will naturally dries up.

My realization after that melodrama is that actually I have the choice. The choice of being alone for the rest of my life and be with my parents or the choice of joining the bandwagon of what is morally and culturally right that once there is an opportunity of finding someone who can bear and rear a child for me, I will not let it go. Or maybe looking for someone who is the same as me and be partners for life. Either or.

I really don't know what's on my mind right now but what I am sure of now is that getting old or aging alone gracefully is something miserable and lonely. If this is what GODs plan for me then I will accept it wholeheartedly and maybe taking a mission or something helping for the poor in an impoverished country is what I'd like to do maybe lets say ten years from now.  But I guess only God can really tell.

For now the music stops, once again I am back at my normal self and feeling hungry "Kalurks nakakagutom pala mag emote:-) ha ha ha ha".

Friday, October 5, 2012

Of Collecting Candles

I really don't know but now I love to collect candles. Candles of various shapes, sizes and scents. Well, I google about people who loves to collect candles and found out that this is an interesting hobby with endless potential. I don't know what the potential here but mind you what ever the reason is I just love to collect candles and this is my passion now not just a hobby ha ha ha ha. Maybe soon I will put up a candle store back home, we will never know.

Candle with a Lavender scent makes me melt. This is my favorite candle scent. The smell is really soothing. Charot!

My Favorite Candle of all Time - Candle with Lavender Scent
Theres a lot of various scents but lavender is my favorite. Anyway, Candle now a days is more than just for lighting or for Religious purposes but really give us the pleasure of soothing, calming our minds and soul from days hard work. So,  Dear Readers  whats your favorite candle scent? C'mon what are you waiting! go start collecting!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Theme Parties!

I just love theme parties! and I am sucker for that:-) For the past few weekends, I've been traveling back and forth to Dubai just to attend parties as in Theme Parties. For all its worth, I made an effort and even prepared customized costumes or paraphernalia's like mask or hat all the way from my place in Abudhabi. Its all 'bout being Fun and on theme. In fact, we have upcoming theme parties to celebrate and enjoy soon - the Tie Up Party and the Rio Carnivale Party for Halloween. This is it! The stress remedy for the days that I've had been working so hard. How about you Dear Readers, whats your theme parties like?

Here are the photos to that theme party moments:

Venice Mardisgra Theme

The Revellers aka Hackers

Hats Off Parties

Hatters aka Hackers

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I have to title this post "Reunited". Why oh Why?!  Because it has a lot of explanations as in to be explained ever gazud. For the past few weeks, I had been reunited with the past like my old friends or old places, etc. It takes a months or years to be reunited actually but seeing them again is a great feeling.

First thing that I reunited again is having fun in WILD WADI - When i use to live and work in Dubai, I have been in this place three times and since there is a promo rate for this fun-tastic place, I have asked my friends to come and join me reuniting again with Mr. WILD (I guess this place is a male hahaha because his name itself is masculine and he takes good care of us ). Well, there is a bit changes of the place actually. They have new exhilarating rides example the rides for two or three people that will twirl the hell out of it! OMG! Superfun!

Next thing  is bonding again with Ate April and Jeff. I considered them both as real and close friends. But due to some unforeseen circumstances things have changed. But still were in contact and keeping in touch. I am so proud of them because they are successful when it comes to career, love and marriage. For almost 3 months I have not seeing them - there still some lose threads but then recently upon seeing them both I am so happy -  They are all contented and grateful. They centered GOD in their lives and that is why I am happy for both of them because I believe that everything will really follow if you have constant relationship with GOD. I'm struggling with this but I am humble and thankful to GOD. 

So what happened during that moments; well that is my story here because its Daddy jeff Birthday, They invited me with a sumptous dinner in one of the restos in Park Hyatt Saadiyat (love the food and everything there) and then we went to Rays Bar in Jumeirah Towers and voila I love the party there so class and so much fun (well probably because of the fact that I haven't partied for a long period of time). We went home at 1AM and I am drop dead tipsy. 

And then the very next day, I went to join them in Park Hyatt Hotel, We went to the beach and then talked anything under the golden sun, but the most exciting part is when we play and catch those little sea creatures kicking and alive. We put them altogether and watch these small creatures run, walk and come out from their shells. What amazed me there is that this is my first time to see these little sea creatures coming out from their shells as in. And FYI, we just found out that these small creatures could not be thrown away easily by current or waves as they walked back towards the sea - their so willfully brave. And after the beach, we went to the their infinity pool. The Pool is so glam that we can't resist swimming or Dipping into it. Arabic Tan lines there you are.  Whatta weekend indeed! 

Thank you Briones Family! Kayo na:-) Siksik! Liglig! Umaapaw!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Aquaventure Experience

Summer is fun and what better way to celebrate it is to enjoy and relax. Last Saturday, June 30, 2012;  we went to Aqua venture in Atlantis - The Palm. The sun was scorchingly hot but still we manage to enjoy this adventure. Hot hot hot but I am loving every minute of it. Anyhow, here's the testimony of our enjoyment of course through our photos. Hope you are enjoying as well!

This is Aquaventure - one of the best water park in the UAE. I love the location and place and of course their Rides.

People from different nationalities may it be a Tourist or UAE Resident stayed on queue just to beat the heat and eager to play on the water.

One of the best attractions  in Aquaventure, Kids of different ages love to play here and I for one (kid at heart) loves it especially all these rain waters and all the splashes.

This is such a huge water park. People loves to lounge here with all their Salbabida (I do not know the English term) and the water will sent you to various areas.

This is the main attraction in Aquaventure - A daredevil slide that makes your soul detach in your body for a while. I did not try because of the fact that I read alot in the forum that some guests complained something wrong with their spinal cords after trying this ride

Staycation with long time friends

I love my week-end, Our long lost friend Panks as in long lost tlaga! Wherein fact shes just a  kilometers away because she is in Dubai. Anyway, when Vivalen (my other friend) called me something about Staycation and All -  I couldn't agree more but just to confirm with her that I am on it. Well, well pictures will really speak volumes so here's our bonding moments.

Vivalen booked this hotel as in in just an hour 
and the rate is still affordable which is including brekky for 3.
Really, I loved the hotel - the room, the pool and the restaurants are all 5 star hotel standard. 
Well, Its freaking hot now in UAE and hotel weekend promo is all over town
so either in a hurry or just a week away don't you worry! 
Crowne Plaza is very affordable. Start Booking Now:-)
This is our Room 414- Super Stylish, Modern and Sleek. 
I love the idea of see through toilet over looking from the bed 
but you can hide it then by turning off the blinds and then you can have your privacy. 
As in mega promote akish

This my couple friend - Yhe and Vam. I had known them for almost 8 years now.
 I am Ninang hahaha to their uber cutie and bubbly Gav.
 Shes very sweet young girl anyway.

Our Group picture. Pankie our common friend is the one wearing 
white blouse in the upper left photo.
 And that is Sam-sam in the lower right photo. Sam is the only daughter of Panks.
 Pankie is beautiful inside and out Single Mother and shes available. Hehehe!

Our stay will not complete with out hitting the bar and celebrate. 
As in we really have fun dancing from 80's to the 90's.
 And mind you were the last peeps to stay in the bar. 
We just talked really anything under the disco lights hahahhahaha

 This is my Inaanak Samantha - OMG shes adorable at 5 - 
she can sing very well, speaks english fluently and shes courteous. I love her.
 Infact I have still utang to her hahahaha. Babawi ako sayo Samsam

 After our sumptuous breakky, well of course whats the
 best thing to do is to walk around the lobby 
and of course the photo shoot - this is a must for us. hahahha. 
Their really a great couple! char:-)

Originally, Panks and Vam are the real close friends. 
Im just a sabit - but then time runs and
 I stayed with panks in her flat during her pregnancy
 and that we became friends as in for life.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Drunkhard Syndrome

I just found out that some people really have problem coping up their emotional baggages especially when their drunk and when their drunk so hard that's the time these people are blabbing or even started fights and it is not just pick up fights but as in total commotion that every one on that drinking session or the whole house will get involved. Is this a good thing? of course not he or she needs to undergo rehab or therapy big time Infact this is not good for someone I know who's is so quiet and soft spoken when she or he is not drunk but when he/she ever get drunk - He or she is really a total disaster.

I guess these people should be monitored and controlled because their anxiety, insecurities etc will occur once their on that brink of Drunkenness. And when they don't as in their like angels so quite yet so dangerous.

My take here is that they really need emotional or psychological help as soon as possible because once it will not stopped they will bring these baggage s till they get old and that so pathetic because I always believe that when people get old they should be happier, calmier / relax and that they just enjoy life instead of worrying and be closer to GOD.

My Madonna Experience #MDNA Tour

Well, finally the Queen of POP landed here in the Middle East and did a very heart pumping energetic shows. My Lola M went here in Abu dhabi last June 03 and 04 and indeed a dream come true for me seeing her in real flesh. Actually, I was hesitant to attend her concerts because of the buzz that her shows were sold outs and that tickets are running dry or remaining ones are so high priced. Then come one week prior to the concerts I heard that there are still tickets so I went to Flash site and checked "wallah there's a lot of general admission and so affordable", Yahoo so I told Anna to join me watching Lola M.

Madonna did not failed my expectations. The show is really one of a kind that I have ever seen - compared to what I have previously watched like Beyonce, Cold Play, Metallica, Tiesto and other Famous Singers. I like the theme and the theatrical arts that the stage / musical directors wanted to portray or execute. Its very controversial but  Art is an art. what ever the political meaning is I don't care but it is indeed a theatrical art. Performance wise - she has still the stamina and the drive and of course her signature revelations is really the most exciting like kissing a girl or showing her boobs which she did in Istanbul show but here in Abu-Dhabi I think kissing to a girl is a revelation considering the place is highly conservative, controlled. I salute the Abu Dhabi government for not censoring the performance and for giving the freedom of expression. Well Madonna is madonna and no one stops here. Her male dancers are my superlikes OMG i love their swaying and ramp model moves - Its really Beautiful plus their bodies are to die for or source of inspiration - Thin / Fit and Muscled (not body builder).

The Bonus thing that night was when we tried to bribe or just tease the Security Guard in the Golden or VIP circle area and he let us in prior the show starts. Whattta night indeed, we really happy watching LOLA right infront of her as in larger than life. I was drunk but indeed Happy Lola M really the Queen of POP! See her heart stomping performance below

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