Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hapless People of CDO & Iligan - They need our help!

Cagayan de Oro and Iligan is very close to my heart. In fact, I am very familiar of every nook and cranny of there streets even until now. I was part of the culture and life of these cities way back. Thus, when I heard, read of what had happened - my hearts melt and I was so sad. Well, of the fact that these cities are not the most sinful cities if not in the world or in the Philippines. 

The Wrath of nature is not justifiable but perhaps because of what people have done to the forests, mountains etc - No wonder its not the wrath of nature but the repercussion of that wrongful acts. Those hapless and Dead people are just the collateral damage of what had happened but some people are the one to blame - those corrupts who are blind of easy money and allow mining and logging companies to exploit with out small consideration of the majority and the future.

Well, I am begging you guys to please help and donate in your own small way either money or in-kind. They don't deserve this punishment but because of the fact that its happened already, what we need is yours and my actions to help and donate. Anyway, if you would like to send money, heres the following bank accounts of Abs-Cbn Sagip Kapamilya:

Account Name: ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc.-Sagip Kapamilya
Bank: BDO
Branch: Sct Albano
Account Number: Peso 0039301-14199 Dollar 1039300-81622
Swift Code: BNORPHMM

Account Name: ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc.-Sagip Kapamilya
Bank: BPI
Branch: West Triangle
Account Number: Peso 3051-1127-75 Dollar 3054-0270-35
Swift Code: BOPIPHMM

Account Name: ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc.-Sagip Kapamilya
Bank: PNB
Branch: Timog
Account Number: Peso 419-539-5000-13 Dollar 419-539-5000-21
Swift Code: PNBMPHMM 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

2011 Christmas Wish List:-)

Every year I made several wishes but only few is granted or even none. This year I am wishing of losing weight enormously so I won't buy any more clothes, pants etc ha ha ha ha. My wish also is to give more out of my blessings because the real essence of Christmas is to give than to blab of expecting something will give. I don't know maybe because I was not brought up as a kid of expecting something - perhaps because all my ninangs or ninongs are not based in our town so no one is giving me something except during school Christmas party. Even in school Christmas party, I am one of the least who can get few gifts. So Christmas is not really for me when it comes of receiving something.

But all through the years, God is been so good to me. So in return of His goodness, I always share my blessings (at least in my knowledge he he he) but I really did. It's always in my actions of sharing maybe with in my families or few friends only (sorry sa mga nkalimutan or taken for granted). And my last wish is I hope I can travel to europe - it may sound social but its not its just one of the countries you need to visit and explore. Well, to our filipino culture and mentality - your being social maybe because of the spectacular views as well as the clothes your going to wear especially winter but its really a mentality because when your there they have all the problems socially and economically than the other countries you visited already - they have snatchers, unemployed people who took your left over foods in McDo plus the unbearable coldness in which most of the time you cannot sustain staying out. You chilled and everything! So its just really in the picture but critically these countries are just the same as ours. Our economy is far better - they are even on the brink of recession til now. 

And my other last wish hahaha is for my family to have a better health, In good condition and financially free from obligations. Thats all and may we all have a brightier, wealthier Christmas this year and years to come. Happy Holidays:-)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Visa Application - So annoying.....Racist atleast for me!

This week I apply for schengen visa in Italian Embassy. I am so excited so I headed early to the embassy office of thinking I will be the first person in the queue and voila! when I arrived there, indeed I am. Its like Im ahead of 10 minutes prior to open so I waited for another 10 minutes. Then suddenly a voice over came and asked whats my appointment so I explain and the guy let me in. Upon entering,  the guy told me to wait again "Madam is not yet ready" and later on, he told me to pass through that security alarm same like in the airport and then he instructed me to go straight and wait there. I went straight and enter a small door and then inside is like an investigation room infront of you is a small cashier window. 

A fat old woman is in the counter, thinking I can made her day so beautiful, I smiled cheerfully and greeted her "Bon Giorno, Madam" she just replied "Good Morning" and then, I showed her all the documents they needed. Question after question after question after question and so I answered after answer after answer after answer. 

After all those deliberations etc shes not convinced.  She told me to send a new documents; approved leave and stamped bank statement from the bank itself period. Yet Im not also convince of her reasons, I retort back and she replied if you will not stop I will inform the embassy to ban you from entering this embassy and so I surrendered. Upon leaving - I said to myself Racist..I dont care if she hear that as long as I express my dismay. But now I'm okey, I think they have the right to demand let's see whats store for me the next round. hehehehee:-)

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