Monday, May 14, 2012

Loving Instagram

I Love Instagram, its so quirky, funky and produced beautiful artsy pictures. I've encountered insta through twitter - Hollywood celebs are using this social media as their tool in taking pictures and posting it in twitter or in facebook. Instagram really is amazing, at first I thought that Insta is just a tool in taking pictures but voila their like any other social media also - you can comment, like and even chat via commenting each other's pics. Whats so unique of Instagram is that - its more of pictures you uploaded every single minute or what you do in a day by showing it through your scintillating fotos. More so, Instagram is interesting if you follow your favorite celebrity taking their own pictures personal or not personal.  It's really nice plus the fact that you can edit old fotos and make them artsy dartsy churvalo. Its really the "IT' thing to do actually in this modern times. So why not create one and make Instagram part of your daily life and routine. He he he he:-)

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