Friday, November 26, 2010

Of Going Home and Finding a New Job!

Of Finding a NEW JOB - Well, I can honestly say now that I am not afraid to be terminated end of this year. For the last three years now, I made enough outputs or let's say contributions to this project as well as to the company. Working for a project of sorts, its really hard saying goodbyes but seeing now the project has been done and only few people left like my boss JP has been terminated already, its not motivating or inspiring to work anymore. I need to move on and that is my final say.

Of Getting HOME - Thus, I am excited of going home this december the fact that after my vacay, I will look for a greenier and brighter pasture and I am confident enough that 2011 has a better future in store for me. I can't wait to see old people, friends and family this yuletide, It is my first ever Pasko in the Philippines after working abroad for the last 8 years with no savings (hahaha). Costly and yet full of joy and fun - as in! See Yah Guyz and Let us paint the town red again.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Its all F as in Formula 1™

  OMG! as in I've got 9 days off starting last Friday with the F1 fever till next Saturday for the Eid break. So long and yet so fun hahahaha. Anyway, what I'm going to post is all about F. Guess? of course its F1 Mania, Fever, Fanzone & Fun concerts. F1 for sure its everyone's knowledge that this is the most popular, posh etc sport of all time. Its the second time around for Abudhabi to host the Finale. And of course expect loads of fun, parties and the likes. Celebrities here and there.

Anyway, my fun journey begins last Wednesday when the segment Beats on the Beach started. The line ups are pure talented artists. One to mention - K-E-L-L-Y ROWLAND one of Destiny's child best voices. I guess better than Beyotch-e I mean Beyonce. Well, I think bodywise shes Hottier than B well toned, nice structure and very slim. For me its the best free concert I've ever had ...she all rendered my favorite songs from "I am a survivor, Independent Woman, Say my name say name no one is round U, Nelly I luv you I do, Work, Bootylicious, Commander and when luv takes over". As in I feel like I am the only person on earth dancing free from worries and all - kiver I don't care whos watching me or tracking me.

Thursday - I never thought that I'll be watching F1 this year and voila  we had a ticket to the main grandstand where the real action is. As in me and my colleagues were so excited and seeing all  those guys for me is a pure bliss.They are all Delicious, Yummy, Beefy, Imal, Daku, Tam-is you name all the adjectives they are all that. They were all Cakes, Candies and Vitamins to my naked eyes hahahahha ever. And at night, SEAN Paul was in the house and the crowd really love him but for me I love Kelly's performance.

We missed Friday's event because we were all drunk but it was sorely fun. Ana T rocked the house - we called our batch in our hometown with fun and laughter and what an irony they are at the middle of the wake hahaha and so Gawa Elvie Dirty the werewolf - as in she scratched my arms with her mighty koko and out of her balance she broke the folded cabinet of Heides roommate.Total disaster and fun indeed :-)

Saturday was a bit relax - We had a batch lunch again at Hadiya's Flat and recalling/reminiscing what happened last night and then we went to corniche for some Fishing and at the end of the day - we caught with small fishes. I freed my catch because shes so small that's why I ended blabbing with Elvie Dirty because she really took all those small fishes and I told her Dirty free them but shes just smiling. That is why I told her, I will never ever join with your fishing again - Ur illegal fisher Gawa! even the smallest imo paksiwhon hahaha

Sunday, the F1 Race Day - same thing last year No one want to watch with me in Corniche and so I go by myself. It was full and relax and after 55 laps finally the winner revealed and it was the same guy who made it from 2009, 2010 and 2011 - the youngest F1 driver to win this coveted price - the yummy, the witty SEBASTIEN VETTEL. I think German like him and Michael Schumacher are born to win. Glückwünsche!

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