Monday, April 26, 2010

White Island @ the heart of Abudhabi - AL MAYA

I was caught by surprise that Abudhabi has a lot of natural islands that can really compete and can compare to white beaches of  Maldives, Boracay or Carribean though the fact that it is in the Middle East of course people will beg to differ or disagree but I cannot help but to blog and post the beauty of Almaya Island - a secluded, hideous island that was developed/inhabited by rich few here in short Sheikhs and now because they already overused the island then they decided to convert it as a Beach Resort for majority of people to see and experience what Al Maya has to offer.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oh YEAH! The Tom JOnes Concert

April 16, 2010 - My BFF Sheika Mercy aka Armi invited me to watch this Old-thing-kinda concert but to my surprise the concert was not that for oldies but of mix crowd indeed. Nway, before we went there, we made some tagay for the road just to energize our bodies. And then at exactly 6:40 we hailed a taxicab to the venue and when we arrived its very quiet and the crowd were still few. Thus, we were thinking that we're early birds and upon entering the hall, atlas, we got a sure seats which were very visible and comfortable indeed(not too close and yet not so far)! perfect! and as the time passed by the concert hall was in fact getting full & full.Lucky us indeed! we've had a good seat.

Well, I thought that Tom Jones would perform by 9 or 10 PM as in late which normally every  famous singers are doing/practicing like it will start with a front act and then their turn but to my surprise as in at exactly 8:30
Sir Tom Jones perform in his grandeur and powerful voice that everyone is clapping. He is on time to perform but eventually ended till 10:30 which was a 2 hour musical extravaganza of his powerful voice. Truly a total satisfaction because at the last 40 minutes, all he sung were kinda-dance rhythm's. Sex bomb sex bomb your my sex you really turn me on!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Luv 2 Relocate

Actually I have been thinking seriously about relocating and I have come up a lists of interesting places that If given the chance and time to move, I will do it asap. This is regardless of the salary or a conducive lifestyle but a place where traveling is so easy, or a stress free environment or where you can save for your future eventually.

1. Singapore for me is top on my list because it is so near to my home and you go anywhere in Asia if you like.

2. Maldivia- well, why not to experience the sunny side of life and enjoy. I think I need a stress free environment after my work like seeing the blue water and blue sky plus the fresh air etc.

3 .Libya- Where you can really save and Europe is so near I mean Mediterranean is just with in reach. And really u can save because of its location and the place is not developed commercially.

So far these are my options but if GOD puts to me where ever is that then I am very happy to follow & accept it whole heartedly.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Super Blind Item chi!

My weekend was so so full of chizmiz coz my entire Friday off was just nothing but pure Chika as in SNN. And I got to know through my reliable source and friend that this Pa-men super sikat star of a Big Network is really really and willing to transfer to the other network because the loved of his life another menchu singer has just transferred to the rival network. My mole said this paminta even ask for a seven figure as in 4M monthly to one of the Bosses of the so called Other Network regardless if he has movies or ads etc just to be with his loved of his life. Ohlala but true or not this a very discreet, highly sensitive chizmiz that this big boss lady only disclosed this to her relatives but the thing is this relative is a close colleague/friend of my friend thats why the chika become a grapevine aka loop. Infact, the lady boss even commented "heller why should I need to get him, he is even cheating the entire philippine masses especially to his fans because of his ? gender and then he is that diva & demanding pa! No Way!-there is a lot of yummy real men who can level-off his stardom in due time". Hahahaha!. Hula who? well, Sister Ricky M already came out to open then probably he will do the same but I dont think so because of judgmental Philippine society, of course he will not come out from his shell but probably in due time if he will become LAOS, Myannmar!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Red Bull Air Show & the Beach

It was Friday. The Sun was so shimmering shiny and I did not think twice heading to the beach. Armed and packed with all the must-haves(tanning, book, magazine, shirt, towel, cap etc), I str8 away went to Al Sahil Beach and chilled. Actually, FYI! Abudhabi Red Bull Airshow is an annual event in the city. Its a show not-to-miss and a must to attend. The good thing of my spot in the beach is that right in front of me is the sea where the action happens. Though it was noisy, I still able to watch the show with out any ear drum damage(thanks to Singapore Airlines headset freebie).  That day I ended up hanging out with Lola Lenny who's so accommodating and we ate yummy fried porky in their apartment

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