Monday, December 22, 2008

So so so excited!!!!!!!Celebrating Christmas!

I cannot wait but to blog this upcoming and exciting momentous event. Bongga!!!Have I informed you guys that I am and will be staying at the finest/5 star hotel in Abu-Dhabi-THE LE ROYAL MERIEDIEN(Now u know!!) One day to go and I will be slumbered in a deep sleep covered with the finest egyptian quilt cotton and all this churva parties. I am actually celebrating it with my F(guess who?)of chors not my family(u think they will share me the bill) but Friends and colleagues in Halcrow. They are the one who inspired me to aim higher and one way or the other help me got this coveted and fulfilling job(?)-(bec. of salary and its increment).

Well, without much a do, I cannot wait but to show you a teaser of our exclusive rooms and the rest of the hotel amenities. Adlib: I am pity for kgandahan who can't have christmas with friends but herself-----well well gnda heed yourself to the one and only royal mirage. Who knows you might end up seeing with somebody there!!!! But really, Gnda If I will be there with you, It would be fun(tastic) - hilariously fun(tastic) ever even if we're just two. So much for the adlib and here are the pics to salivate your senses:





Monday, December 15, 2008

Comparing luxy kutson VS back ache vanig!!!!(A Hypothetical Analogy!)

After contemplating and reminiscing the recent grand lifestyle of mine(charrrot!!!!), I cannot help comparing my old past lifestyle. I was really a common tao wayback my Pasay Days! Shuttling/Riding the vandalized MRT from makati to pasay standing like mannequin all the way or the worse-riding the jeepney with handkerchief ever.

Anyways, when i got to see this pictures of mine--sleeping comfortably in some luxy place, I really laugh out loud the fact that I am experiencing this now! Where infact Way wayback before oh lalalalala......I used to sleep in the ever persian rug of the phillippines---MISS BANIG along with my kasin mader, kagandhan and vonash with the number 5 volume of Electric Fan. I was like--i cant believe God gived this to me or I mean He made this possibly. And I am humble enough to thank him all the way.

Well!!!Back to the topic, of course Banig taught us to be more tough or strong and flexible thats why we experience pain/or back ache out of her and by doing that and being persevere and determined to reach our goals----we finally have that comfortable and luxurios kutchon!!!!!

I hope I was able to impart or share some good lessons in life!or if not reminding us to be more patient and determine in achieving our goals....!!!!!!so we can have IKEA right?No more Banig!!!!GaGa(wla na akong maisip na pampatawa)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fascinating Ceylon-A Troika Travellers Story(As in Soap Drama )

Actually, this is the title of my photo album in my facebook account. It is it really is it!!-----Ceylon also known as Sri Lanka----a very fascinating country.

Finally, the troika jet setters/globe trotters/well-travelled etc!!etc u name it!!! (kami yun! of Madrid, S(not spain of cors) Surigao del sur(have u heard that poorita province)--of cors (all my readers all of them from that province) once again conquered exploring the churvanits country of Ceylon(mas posh and elitista cliche not Sri lanka.

I met them, the Maldivian Kgndahans at the airport past 6. I was really like OMG where art thou!? those Kgandahans?. After searching and using my connections(char) at the airport I finally got contact Dyosa # 1- Kgndahan Edge.GAGa---their waiting na pla at the very outside of Bandaranaike International Airport ---Looking for cheaffangga taxi. I was thinking again we had booked a taxi.Anyways, to cut the story short - Josa # 2 -Vonasha(model ng Scan-voti) she made vula of one of the car lifts there. Finally, we got a car to send us to our fabulous/luxy place - The HIlton Colombo! THC- is one of the very finest hotel in Colombo. A 5 star amenities and the food is really great especially the forks as in pork or love those yummy oink oink ham and sausage!!! WEll, to sum it up we end up getting a power nap for our shopping churva later that day!!!!!!!HOuse of Fashion--here we come!!!!! vix please(gnda) to the rescue!!!

As in very early--we wake up to catch the train going to Nuwara Eliya---the bagiuo of Ceylon!!!!!the hill club--a very historic hotel where super elites of Sri Lanka ayyy Ceylon pala either expats or locals or even us------luxuriously stayed there. We trekked, climbed and sashayed the whole place....-From hakgala fashion garden to suicidal eklavo lovers in u really going to slip-FYI. Everything in N.E likes in Europe or England. We dined for thanks giving as in in advance---with all the fashion echus of coat and tie. and to top it all----the barfly troikas(kami yun) will not complete this trip with out going out and hunting for fresh yummy bloods errrr of in papa----so anofehhhh ramfa ever...and at d end of the nite-----lashing lang si gnda hahahahhahahah..

Kandy-----love the place for its serene and crystal clear lake. There is so much to see the place from thrilling reclining cave buddha to bathhouse err ayuverda spa(term ni vonash) to kind hearted Namal(hmmmmmm papa ni vonash either gnda)etc etc. I just missed seeing those big elfy as in elefants.........anyways, i got to see them in India or even in Dubai Zoo noh!!!

kalokers as per gndda!!!! we ended the trip with so much LOL and churvaness!!!and again we end up staying in a historic hotel circa british invasion time pa in which Dr. Jose Rizal-Our national hero once stayed there also!!! char! thats for our day use only kaka JOse!!!Hayyy the trip really relieve me from the stress and its always fun travelling with freinds like gnda and vonash! with all the comment, issues and antics that we could share and talk about!!!!!!!

Hope to c yah in Bali, Malacca, Singapore J-Blogged and Romance travel beacons churva!!!!!so with mumsified and elaykra!!!!!!

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