Saturday, August 22, 2009

Turkish Bath- the way to rejuvenate your body chi!

That day was our last and final moment in Istanbul and to make this very day a memorable one, we treated ourselves to a spa as in Turkish Hamam(An old ancient practice of spa where someone will scrub, massage and bath you in a well-made steam marble platform).

As I went to the ceremony or ritual room, I have this feeling that I might be harrassed(char) or even offered for something that is very delightful! but to my dismay nothing has happened as in very professional and hygienic rituals and there is nothing stimulating of some sort!

When I entered the room I saw few Caucasian men slumbering into the marble platform doing the inhale exhale thing!!!So I was thinking hmmmm they are the one who will do the thing perfect!!!! but again to my wrong expectation heller--their one of the clients also who would like to avail the offer of a rejuvenation--Sayang thats what I told to myself(but anyway for sure the masseur or the staff are young gorgeous turkish men!!) so I followed what those customer's did(I rest myself in that round marble steam and relax or sleep)as I waited for the yummy staff to pamper/cleanse our tired/submissive bodies.

Finally, in just few minutes 5 men entered the room and speak no english as in Turkish linggo and heller their old and grumpy(another dismay)!!and they will instruct you to lie Back then front and sit---that is in order for them to scrub u rigorously! But my servant is quite friendly in a way that he will whisper me "nice scrub?" "see:-)! my vuling/livag chi" etc. So I was really giggling and laughing because of the way he is teasing me! hahahaha then after the 30 minutes scrub he will bath u and then followed by the very famous soap massage from front and back to your head, feet and hands etc.then bath u again and then sent you to the hot room for another sort of rituals! Then finally a handshake with him and advising me to go to jacuzzi room and take a shower.

Well, the experience was worth remembering. I was rejuvenated/refreshed etc thus I fall to sleep in my locker room for about 30 minutes(its a short hiatus bec. I was anticipating our next stop-Shopping chi!!!)Note-A tip is a must if u feel the ritual!!!

Cemberlitas Hamammi-One of Turkeys Ministry of Tourism recommendation for a classy and clean hammam!

Rejuvenated and fresh---ugsa migwafa oka pagsamot gnda!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

My Turkiye Trip

Traveling Bow!!! When I was in Turkey I found one quotation very much true to its word(s)..ha ha ha I forget the line but it explicitly said that traveling is way of life than just reading a book(even if u read between the lines) because when u travel you meet different people you interact, you learn it for real other people's culture etc but when you read -it just instill in your mind and in fact it will even fade and forget and its just a group of sentence/hyperbole etc etc and pictures chi!. So we really need to travel either by hook or by crook(as in PGMA-gloria chi!hahaha)

Anyway, so much for the intro/adlib! Well, this trip or even in my other trips- I am not this type who extensively search about the place but I rather just depend on to my friend and just go figure when I am there! So in short I delegate the job to Bol-anon(Yen yen) for some extensive/intensive research about Turkey and our itinerary as well.

Again I escape from my real world as escape from the Piles of documents, requests, emails etc etc just to see, feel and touch the Ottomans who I personally believe contributed a lot in this world. And this is one of my best trips abroad the fact that I learned a lot culturally and carnally(Beautiful Turkish men OH!lalala).

Me and Bols meet exactly the time we calculated at Dubai International Airport and straight away, we checked in our luggage. Well, with out a much a do, we arrived very safe and ahead of our arrival time in Istanbul. And with so much fuss in the Immigration Department we waited for about an hour just for that precious stamp(heller).

Anyway, I don't have to narrate and make litany of my trip here but I will share to u guys some of the highlights or Interesting places to visit in Istanbul through the lens of a camera(as in fresh pics):

Booked a hotel in Sultanahmet area, and you can visit all those amazing sites below including this Blue Mosque-Ottomans grand contribution to the world's architecture chi!

Topkapi palace-OMG as n its really just behind our hostel and we really freak out when we find out its just behind our hostel-Jati ra!!!to my delight!FYI this is one of the old palace that the Sultans/Rulers/Sheikh used to live or as an official residence(s)where there is a special room for women(s). They call it Harem!!

This fashion run way as in I really conceptualize this as one--is one of the best eye candy's in Turkey esp when u start to go down in small narrow hall and finally see this cistern-as in OMG plus the ambience is cold and a lot of fish-U feel like your in old ancient theme movies! Medusa as in Versace brand is where u can see it here but in a inverted way!!! but u just really amazed how this things work when infact it was an ancient times with no construction equipment yet! This just infront of the Hagia Sofia area-u just ask and they will point their fingers on u!there chi!as in tudlo

An orthodox church way back before!! Such a magnanimous creation a high ceiling church with paintings attached to it!!really amazing!!! 15 lira to go in!!!

Legendary flea market but right now its a bit of expensive the fact that tourists are coming over there and u can never haggle anymore because they will say--its not our lose there is a lot of tourists coming over! so u better take nothing but pictures---side streets is much better to buy and haggle or deal chi!

And finally, the delight of all delights--papa tarkan i mean turkish men as in u really ohh! ahh! hayy! harrruy! etc etc I gues their one of the most beautiful men in the world plus u know!!You can never go wrong with them ohlalala!!sulit chi!! hahahah:-) Kgndahan their on there way now to you(sign the package and his all yours!) Don't share let them salivate!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

My Turkish Visa!!!

--Ohlala--My Visa as in Stamp lang chi!!

--This yummy turkish will be the one who will escort us!!!hmmmm take us to the nearest hamam spa hahahahhah:-)

Well, nothing much to say actually about this but its just that I am so excited to experience, feel and see the good things/places I heard about Turkey esp. Istanbul.

Last Wednesday, when I apply for the visa I find it not so difficult its just that I forgot to bring my bank statement(as in my swizz frozen account)!!!so the counter staff advised me to get one and she accepted my other docs!!!so I feel sigh that hmmm I can fly and see turkish men in all its glory chi!!!soon! so I run for an errand to HSBC to get it and when I get there--aloha!They will charged me for 50 dhs per statement and for 3 statements--I need to shell out 150 dhs same as the price for Turkish visa!!!! Well I am a jet setter in the making( but heller I will not pay for that piece of paper. So what I did I wait for my Internet banking reset and voila I just print my swiss account free of charge in my office--the hell with that HSBC milking!!!

Finally, I got hold of my statements and rush to the embassy and eventually a sight of nod from the counter tells me to prepare for my luggage and do packing chi!!yahoo!! google--Yilmaz here I come!!

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