Sunday, November 30, 2008


Saturday, my last off- we decided to go to Dubai Mall. With me are the beautiful/gorgeous kgndahans of Surigao- Mitzi and Bingle. Well, its my first time to go I am really see what Dubai Mall has to offer me.

First destination: THE AQUARIUM- OMG! they really built a one hell of big aquarium with real large coral reefs with big fishes from Sharks, stingray to hammour everything. I was really amazed how they made it plus there are divers cleaning and monitoring the school of F!!!.....its a bit of refreshing for me having seen those poor fishes - put in a cage just for the whims of the developer to create a unique shopping experience... anyway its not my fault noh! i just feel pity for them.......

Second, the olympic size skating rink with a larger than life or larger than the basket ball court LCD..i think this is one of the if not the biggest LCD..i have ever seen in my entire life.

All big...and all hype! after seeing those things with much awe...ahhhh...ganun...nakakloka..OMG!---we end up dining in one of its finest restos there-the ASSIA wok----kinda the NASI GORENG is not up to my standard but its one hell of a great dining experience.

Then, we strut the long curvaceous ramp of the TDM!----we searched for one of their gorgeous attractions-THR GROVE but its unfinish business yet. So, we walk and walk and try to find and haggle some shops offering Sale or discounts but to no avail(as in standard usage ko to). and that we end up going to ZOUK AL BAHAR - where the place is very very dim and very subtle---its like ur shopping in a cave!!!!and one moral lesson we learn----please look/watch your steps especially ladies wearing stilettos-its kinda dangerous because instead of having fun u might end up crying for the pain.

Anyways, its really disappointing to note that they open the Mall to the public when in fact there is still a lot of construction/concrete works that will jeopardize people safety.---well well that is only my opinion!!!!!!!

After all, its BUSINESS---no more no less!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Chilling Dubai Marina!!!!!!!

I am here in dubai marina spending my two days off. Love this area for its posh and vibrant place. and to top it all - yummies are living here. of cors sort of men hunting galore !!!! Anyways, I am really quite lazy enough to go around like going to the pool, having sauna. I just feel like watching TV the whole day and setting down in the couch!!!!!What really made my fridy off more gloomy- is when i saw and read bout warzone happening in MUmbai and the recent property down in Dubai.

Its really all not well now. something is happening and someone is conniving of this hulaballo in this www-whole wide world. God forbid and I hope this will not be a long term crisis this FC or CC thing!!!gotcha?

Now i knew why im so such a lazyhead today.....well this is a good way to cut this overspending churva! right????? save save save for the rainy days!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Overspending habit!!!!

I just realize that over a period of 12 months, I had made a lots of spending overly and which I am furious about now!!!! I am thinking of cutting out this erratic or pathetic habit but to no avail. So I need a therapy i guess!!!! and what better to cut this out - is to stay home and sleep tight. But, I guess I will be bored and making myself pity over and over

But really spending either for shopping or dining really makes me happy. You feel light and bubbly shopping and spending here and there. I really do not know if this is innate in me or what but what makes me feel happy at the end of the day---that is what i always follow!!!!!

I dunno but I think we are quite a lot in this planet E! having this spending maniac-----ohoh OMG if my sister will find this out----FCUK! i am going to buy this french connection brand!!!!! hahahahah poor bruha!!!!!watttaever!!! Guva an show as in!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Travelling - a one time life fulfillment(an essay/oration/short story-compiled/condensed in one)

2008 has really been good to me - switching a new well-paid job and voila! - I did what has been my passion in my life - to travel around the globe!!!hmmmmmm feeling jet setter!! galore :-). For this year, I can brag here that I travel to four different countries(pang apat ang Srilanka soon) and there various beautiful places!!!

Well! well! Traveling- taught me more to be unbiased to other nationalities, worthy for myself and appreciating vis a vis learning other cultures, their arts, architectures and heritage. Plus, its really fun and jovial if you are with your close friend or relatives!!!laughing out loud and reminiscing memories!!!o diva gnda!!!!!

For me, I purposely travel this year to visit some of my long lost cousins/classmates cum best friends from my hometown. They are all been scattered/located/worked all over the world so what better way to meet them in flesh is to have bond with them by staying and living with them for free (hahahah comment comment:0-) thus u need air ticket to see them.

June early of this year, I plan to go to maldives to visit my ever katsukaran cousin cum friend kgndahan but sad to note it was cancelled due to untimely death of his ever loving father. So I opted to fly to Malaysia to celebrate my ever golden year in this planet earth! I am and was really
excited seeing Mader Josh and my inaanak smartttyy cuttty EJ !!!!!

Malaysia is really a country you and me or whoever you are!! need to visit-a country from rags to riches. They have alot to offer from biological to social and sexual needss and i love the shopping there!!!!all skyrocket cheap compare to UAE as innnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ever!!!(comment: mas cheap daw and thailand!!!sabi gnda!!)

Hahahaha anyways, When gnda called and bugged me about Maldives - thats the time i made up my indecisive mind going to Male... Maldives---a tiny, whity island where rich beachlovers all over the world esp. Euro's (marami sila kaya yan na lng ang term k0) always come to stay/enjoy/visit and splurge their millions. Of course, its a 100 percent total paradise, total serenity experience - wherelse you can stay in a deserted/sugary island where you free to sleep/sex anytime of chors with your hubby/fiancee/escort/partner/bf.
REally...I am loving it ----my maldivian/bohemian trip.

MY ever kgndahan cousin Jajajaja is the one who always update me of going anywhere in a discounted and really cheap plus luxurious travel----ganun!!!luxy ba?then we heed toIndia with her.... India---a very incredible country. Karnataka State in short Capital Bangalore------is one of our main destinations. First, we are very petrified (please read in indian accent), shocked in awe that the City is very congested ever with lots and lots of Indian pipol. Tired and restless when we reached our very luxe/boutique hotel (HAHAHAHAHAH funny ever!). Bec. we stayed there for i think 4 days--and as per Paulo Coelho-I quote that you can only see the real beauty of the city or place once u stay there for quite a time just like a beautiful lady--revealing herself once u get her more(o diva nag research pa oka)----thats when i admire and appreciate the whole state- infact i am thinking to visit india again but to where Hsirikesh-the place of tranquility/serenity and peace is . Namaste!!!!!

Indeed, I am looking forward for another trip-Sri lanka. I actually always visited Sri lanka but only to there airport. I am very excited of getting there plus the fact that moi, gnda and ever vonash will saunter, paint and strut the town red-its super duper bongga. Cant wait staying in there HILTON GRAND COLOMBO!!!And thats where I called LUXURY!!!!!tlaga!!!

Travel travel -- for me you don't feel sorry for what u have been spent but you always treasure the memory, the experience, the feeling of being pampered, being light, being amazed of the trips/people/place that you have meet/see and done. Then, let u or anyone travel now!!!!!!!!!

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