Friday, November 23, 2012

Traveling with Indian Peeps

Hi! Dear Followers:-) I am back blogging. Well, My first article to blog is up (see the title) he he he then next will be of course my Holy Land Trip. I want to blog this now because there is lot to talk about ha ha ha. I am not writing yet the full details but I am giggling, laughing of the memories I had with them. I am laughing a lot because of course for Filipino mentality they will wonder what the heck I am joining with these Indian Mafia. But it was well worth fun traveling with them.

Well, Maybe because I have been to their country. I know some of their food and a little bit about their culture and traditions. What ever it is but they are actually the same as people in general. Okay Now I will start narrating - On that chilly Sunday Morning of November 10 - My travel agent Alfie called me up where I am because the group is there already (and I knew then its an Indian Group based from our previous discussion) and she said the other members all the way from India is already and they are ready to check-in and so I hurriedly went up to her and so I met them we are total 12. At first, I was timid but lo and behold the Abu Dhabi based Indian (they are catholics) are pretty chatter so they talked to me blah blah and so we became like instant friends.

When we arrived in Amman, Jordan - I am really thinking we are just this group the 12 pax. OMG 30 more Indian peeps all the way from Kerala are coming for this tour. I was like Huh!!! Sigh:-) indeed I was in a wrong group thats what at the back of my mind. Then Later that day, they arrived the whole group. I was thinking that this Indian will talk to their language in full throttle but I am wrong I just realized that Indian Expats or Living abroad they talked to this Indian all the way from India in straight  English some like Taglish or keralish (kerala lingo with english). And this is the first observation I did, I did not bother to ask but it seems for me they are some kind of similarity with us well maybe just like Pinoy living in the states meeting and talking with pinoy from poktoy. Ha ha ha!

Then, the next day we hopped on the bus going to Madaba one of the guys from our group I mean Indian group based from Abu Dhabi told me we will set on the rear end of the bus to accommodate this Indian Group from Kerala and then I did not hesitate to bother asking why? because I want to sit at the middle side he told me no no some of them don't want them to talk in english because they (Abu Dhabi Group) are comfortable talking in english and so I said okay. So in our group we speak all in english freely even talking to their husbands and wives. How cool is that!

But I am really surprised of this group I mean my Abu Dhabi Indian group - they are really pretty talker. They always asked me and talked to me so I did not hesitate to talk. Infact, they are like us Pinoy they are prepared for this trip so they bring all these chips and junk foods to share with me. And they fun of joking me that at the end of this trip, I should learn to talk Keralite or Malayalam ha ha ha.  and FYI, Indian Christian now I know are more Hygienic promise I did not smell any body odor except their indian dish. I have a lot to squeal but it seems I am running out of time (char)

Anyway,  at the end of the trip our group leader asked me " I hope your not lonely with this trip? " I proudly replied her " Ally, I was not lonely at all with this trip. In fact, traveling is not about nationality. It is about the bonding and communication your with with these fellows. This is not about my passport". And she said "huh so you are Indian now". I am just Laughing LOL

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