Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I really believed that things happen for a reason. Though the reason behind will not always come right after what happened. Actually, It sometimes comes late. So these past few weeks a lot of things really happened to me from my work, incident, etc etc. And this really test my faith, then I came to realize that Honestly, I don't have strong faith or bond with the Lord. I sometimes neglected Him.

Then one day, I went to the church and talked to HIM. In the church, I saw a lot of Banners about the newly canonized Saint Pedro Calungsod. I am not always fascinated or I am not a strong believer of Saints. Back in my college days when I tried attending other christian churches, they don't really encourage or believe on saints. But then that day,  I realize that, thats why people with lots of misfortunes or especially poor families back in my home country always look for something to devote not just to our LORD because I think, they feel that saints will guide and help them pray as well to the LORD and free from all these anxieties. This is not about being cult or pagan because we are not offering something like food etc. And that's what my realization now, that why not give this a try devoting myself not just to our LORD Jesus Christ but also to our Patron Saint of OFW Beato Pedro Calungsod. Nothing will lose not even myself.

And now every day I always say a Prayer for special intentions to Blessed Pedro Calungsod:

"My Lord, In your grace you have shown through your servant, Beato Pedro Calungsod, the sublime prize of following you; His youthful fervor on defending the faith that earned him the title to be called Blessed; thus in confidence, I humbly call unto him to pray with me, and to intercede for this urgent favor(make a request) and that through his glorious life I may try to emulate him together with Mother Mary, who have with out reserve said yes to your will. Amen"

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I don't know how to start this post but tonight I am so melodramatic. Actually, it started when I saw the latest video of ABS-CBN Christmas Station ID Song. And suddenly, my tears just rolled down on my cheeks and I was in another world. In a world of Drama, Melancholy and Loneliness that only me and myself would understand. Honestly, I realized that I am the only person now in this world, all my siblings got their own family and kids and that sums up to the people that I have been missing most - My Parents.

Actually when you get old and especially like me that I don't have my own family; I long for my parents companion as well as their love and support. My simple tears burst into loneliness etc. I kept on crying thinking that this buckets of crying will ease the pain or even lessen a bit of what I have been miserably longing. I let this tears keep on falling so I can savor every bit of it. Until it will naturally dries up.

My realization after that melodrama is that actually I have the choice. The choice of being alone for the rest of my life and be with my parents or the choice of joining the bandwagon of what is morally and culturally right that once there is an opportunity of finding someone who can bear and rear a child for me, I will not let it go. Or maybe looking for someone who is the same as me and be partners for life. Either or.

I really don't know what's on my mind right now but what I am sure of now is that getting old or aging alone gracefully is something miserable and lonely. If this is what GODs plan for me then I will accept it wholeheartedly and maybe taking a mission or something helping for the poor in an impoverished country is what I'd like to do maybe lets say ten years from now.  But I guess only God can really tell.

For now the music stops, once again I am back at my normal self and feeling hungry "Kalurks nakakagutom pala mag emote:-) ha ha ha ha".

Friday, October 5, 2012

Of Collecting Candles

I really don't know but now I love to collect candles. Candles of various shapes, sizes and scents. Well, I google about people who loves to collect candles and found out that this is an interesting hobby with endless potential. I don't know what the potential here but mind you what ever the reason is I just love to collect candles and this is my passion now not just a hobby ha ha ha ha. Maybe soon I will put up a candle store back home, we will never know.

Candle with a Lavender scent makes me melt. This is my favorite candle scent. The smell is really soothing. Charot!

My Favorite Candle of all Time - Candle with Lavender Scent
Theres a lot of various scents but lavender is my favorite. Anyway, Candle now a days is more than just for lighting or for Religious purposes but really give us the pleasure of soothing, calming our minds and soul from days hard work. So,  Dear Readers  whats your favorite candle scent? C'mon what are you waiting! go start collecting!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Theme Parties!

I just love theme parties! and I am sucker for that:-) For the past few weekends, I've been traveling back and forth to Dubai just to attend parties as in Theme Parties. For all its worth, I made an effort and even prepared customized costumes or paraphernalia's like mask or hat all the way from my place in Abudhabi. Its all 'bout being Fun and on theme. In fact, we have upcoming theme parties to celebrate and enjoy soon - the Tie Up Party and the Rio Carnivale Party for Halloween. This is it! The stress remedy for the days that I've had been working so hard. How about you Dear Readers, whats your theme parties like?

Here are the photos to that theme party moments:

Venice Mardisgra Theme

The Revellers aka Hackers

Hats Off Parties

Hatters aka Hackers

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