Sunday, October 25, 2009

Octoberpix EtC!!!

-the terrace ayala---kinda in thing in place 4 cebuanos today

-our future star in the family Monette LIKE her Mother---she can act n sing as in drama kween

the grand family pix during boyets wed!!!!all the clan of both parties from nanay n tatay sides

-one of kind and rare white island u can see/visit during low tide season-a turtle island where sea turtles hatching n laying their eggs

-tourists in action-wearing safety life jackets for any eventuality

-my ever beloved auntie suzanne as in I havent seen her for about 15 years or so, nice catching her!!!

-kaliwat ni job the whole ku klux klan as in clan in tour Siargao Island tour!!!o diveh:-)

-club tara in Socorro island one of a kind resort total paradise guaranteed!

-the F1 race actually a gp2 race on practice-quite a noise pollution indeed :-(

-the mega billion cost of AUH F1 race track or Yas Marina Circuit--one of a kind for sure!!!

Vacay , F1, demise at ibp!

October, watta hectic skeds i got during this month. 1st week of this month I had a wonderful catch up vacation with my american n canadian aunties aside from Lola B's 92 bday and boyets wed!! It was a worth going home indeed!!!

Then, after heeding back to Abudhabi-we got lots lots of fun here--the Mieff film fest and then f1 race with lots of activities going on!!!!But not all fun is worth dying for of course-- My aunt and maders mom-Mam Necing passed away this week and it is sad to remember being her a cancer survivor!! My prayers and heartfelt condolence to them--they are indeed very close and dear to me!

And then last saturday we had an invites to the GP2 practice race and we went there to follow and get the catch up for grabs which is to see in real and larger than life - BEYONCE! of course with out much ado i have to do what ever it takes just for the up for grabs--tension, temper on the rise during that day!!! hahahahahahah:-)

so this coming thursday, i am so so excited to watch BEYONCE--gyrating and singing out loud ALL THE SINGLE LADIES---oh oh oh oh!!!all the single ladies put ur hands up! anyways, pictures to follow..........up next hahahahaha

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