Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Love Quo too! DEAR GOD site

Finally, We have a fiber optic internet now in the house. Very fast and to sum it up- You will always end up having no sleep every nite! Websites/Blog sites now a days are quite hip, cool and very informative- last night I came across to this site and I really love it!! There is a bit drama of the site as the title implies but it really touched me especially the content of the letters and the scintillating photos. The site actually contains of personal message cum prayer to GOD by senders across the globe who feel and believe that there is still a light at the end of the tunnel.

Its best to visit the site when you are in your reflective mood and somehow relate to what all the senders in this site trying to convey. And if you would like to participate then send your message to your personal savior be it Jesus, Allah or Buddha through DEAR GOD!It really doesn't matter anyway whatever is ur affiliation! So go Figure and browse u sure u gonna bookmark GOD!:-)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

FB Oh Cry :-)

:-) :-)Hahahahahah I dunno if this is rudeness or sarcasm but really I can't stop laughing out loud to someone or anyone who I can poke any pranks/or funny comments etc. Guys, I did not mean it but you know even I am just starting to write this piece, I cannot help laughing:-) Pardon me! but I guess oh! cry as in Okray is just a way of or for me another flipside of life! To laugh out of the expense of another person chi.

Call it rudeness or whatsoever but I did not take it as like that! I'm just being funny but anyway I can back off if someone is hurt or can't take that mean joke!!!Oh cry does not mean a thing to me I mean personal motive or what?- Really nothing as in just pure joke and all! Well precisely because I can only oh cry to people that I personally know of or in one way or another-peeps that are close to me and vise versa!

To all peeps I have been oh crying in FB etc etc--Guys its just pure unadulterated joke(s) or comments! Just to add spice to our daily work and anti-stress or wrinkle buster! diveh Gnda, Anavail & Manding E!!! Tuvag chi!!!---tsk tsk tsk can't stop oh crying!!!:-)

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