Saturday, December 26, 2009

Not that Festive Christmas

Well, probably because of recession; We did not have that merry christmas here. We just celebrate it in simple manner as in we just went to the church-thanking God for what he did to me, for the blessings he always pour/shower to us, then a small salo-salo-quite intimate as in my guests were all from Spain where we hail from, sharing all those pinoy stories and laughing out loud and then sipping wine and toasting for the best to come. For me it was intimate and indeed a celebration!

And finally, Christmas is really for KIds so what better way to celebrate it by giving gifts to them and be a santa for a while. Infact, I havent give my other gifts to my other inaanak(s) but eventually I will! Just have no time to visit them! Well, thats all and I hope we all have that prosperous and joyful New Year!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


And I quote "Politics - is a process by which groups of people make decisions, but and but again according to Wikipedia, Politics has been observed in all human group interactions, including corporate, academic and religious institutions. It consists of "social relations involving authority or power" and refers to the regulation of a political unit" therefore, I conclude that politics is a human nature, a flaw or disease that human created in his/her society or culture.

Actually, I really dunno why some people are practicing this dirty tricks when in fact they should leave this to the politicians who are running for government offices, and in my case in Construction field or Engineering firm, Bosses are not running for congressmen or either senators but they are running/manning big millions of projects that needs completion as per target date. Well, I guess it really depends on the upbringing of the manager, if he or she was brought up by crook or corrupt parents then eventually or obviously he/she is going to be a corrupt individual!- I dunno maybe this is a lame theory or out of my delusions/outbursts that is why i got this pathetic concept.

But I pity for the Brand because my company has been a refutable one since then but sad to say with all the rumors spreading and the reality or I mean people that we work with, it is really frustrating/disappointing to know that such dirty trick or double edge word POLITICs exists.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Brandon Yummy Flowers!!!

I dunno or Maybe I'm still not getting over with him from last night but He is so so good @ performing. I love his moves and the energy plus he is very good looking. What I like most of his feature is ..he is quite cutie or boy next door looking but when his on stage OMG!! He transform into a rock artist that is not so rubbish or hard looking but fun and the sex appeal is so oozing. Well, perhaps that is my type which of course not all will agree. Because old mentality wise, Rock artist is some kind of rubbish, long hair, lots of blingbling/jewelries but not Brandon - He is so elegant and one of a kind! I just wonder why on earth I just know him. Probably, because I was so focus on R&B or Pop Music. Now, I am so much into the KILLERS!!esp to Brandon!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Wish Lists

Yuletide Season is fast approaching! and even if it is commercialize now, I still hold on to the traditional belief of having X'mas wishes. You'll never know Mr. yummy Santa will come to town and grant me these wishes.

This time, I have come up of not that much expensive but can be of an investment someday(pwede pang-sangla hehehe) or pang-resell value chiness, etc. And here they are (not in chronological order):

1.GUCCI mens bag - so fantabulous and can be wearable in/for any occasions everlili!

2.Travel to Thailand/Camnbodia/Vietnam, Egypt and the USA - As if I have that much money to spend on and do these trips but as I said you will never know, some one will treat me to come and tag-along with him...har har har

3. Longlost este Longtime Partner- I dunno where is he now but I guess and I hope that he might come this 2010 (aba nanghula ang lola--madam awring chi). He may not be the most handsome guy in this planet but and but as long as he has the heart and soul and I can relate to him! thats fine and it!!go go go tuvag kgndahan! reserve your comment chi!

4. Buy a Property/Investment - I have been struggling with this but I hope this next year I can put up or top up or invest a small but income generating investment. Its either a land, farm or house and lot!

5. Helping my family and the likes - I just hope and hope that I will be strong enough or my income will still be maintained so I can help, send, delegate etc. share my wealth to my family, etc!

Thats all for now and I hope it will come true eventually!!!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thats WeaRability!!!

It's winter time and I just bought my cropped black jacket that match with my skinny jeans and for almost 3 weeks I consider this two as my fave wear on any occasion & just mixing up with any tops. Now I just realize what WEARABILITY means!!!!

-this cropped jacket cost me 30 dollars and its very wearable & if u are creative enough just top it off with scarf and ur fashionisto na!

-the jacket n the jeans are my staple this days. Just mixing up with any tops either longsleeve or long white tees, voila ur in!

-just like this its the same jacket n jeans but i just mixed it up with anything I can find n my closet!(not moi im already open cabinet)hahaha

-nothing to say about but i love my wear-ability pose here!

- wear-ability here i come! Just found this tee-shirt and im planning to mix it up with this black jeans and black jacket of mine that I considerd wear-ability this days and with some BLing..bling on it!! rockista in the making!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

That LBJ! Long-legged Black Jeans of mine:-)

I will admit it, I am vain and loves fashion churva(who doesn't right?) and this time I love to embrace it and be practical enough of what should I wear and not to; and this long legged black jeans of mine is so so my favorite and I just found out based on my research thru the web either in fashion blogs or hard copy magazines etc. this skinny black jeans is a must staple for every occasion and heres my pix on this Little/long-legged Black Jeans:

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