Thursday, August 26, 2010

Exciting Scenery and Exotic Places to Go! Soon!

If William 'Yummy' Baldwin will ask me what is my biggest indulgence? well, that would be for sure Travel. I was fascinated traveling when my cousins & childhood friends introduce me this hobby(char) two years ago. It's costly but the memories and experience will be forever. Traveling gives me the idea that the world is beautiful and you need to explore in order for you to understand people their way of life, their culture and most especially their place.

Conde Naste Magazine my travel bible, gives me a lot of insights about traveling and thus I have made my lists of exotic places to go. Probably not this year but I love to conquer this piece(s) of Paradise someday somehow.

First on my list, is Hvar, Croatia. My Aunt Lucy based in California told me that this is really a beautiful place. If you love sun, sea and mediterranean-relax setting, this is the city you are looking for.

  Next stop, is Belek in Turkey - its also a resort city where relaxation and chill is the name of the game. Located in the southern part of Antalya where lots of Europeans are travelling just to adore this mediterranean place and its sun.
 The last but not the least, Mykonos, Greece for some gay fun, gay sun and gay adventure. A gay friendly place where its counterpart or comparable to Ibiza in Spain but the best part of Mykonos they are situated in Mountains and hills where white is the official color may it be a house, a hotel or a vacationeer sauntering the hilly streets of Mykonos.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Art of Letting GO and Be Free!

Emotionally, I have been battered since I was a Kid. I dunno but I considered it as emotional battery because it's like my past haunted me again in this age of mine. Ever since, I have been living with my siblings - we had almost 3 rows now of fights-throwing insults and degradation.

I do not want to feel and experience that again back and forth. I am old enough to know what its like to be in that state of emotion where in you feel like you  have nothing good in your family except enduring and giving them headaches. Also, in order for me to escape from this harsh reality I need to move out and escape from this turm oil. At least I have still a little respect for them and in order for that respect to remain and grow again. I need to be out from their sight(s). It is the only way I can do for myself and for them. Its actually the win-win solution that I have in mind now.

Hope this will be for the betterment and for good of everybody!

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