Monday, December 23, 2013

I love Southern Cali!

Southern California comprises of San Diego, Oceanside, Anaheim etc etc. Watta I love this area is the beautiful sceneries, beautiful mountains and provincial way of life. Oceanside  where my sister lives is a bit boring but very nature friendly and great suburbs for family raising their kids. San Diego - is a different one, its a cosmopolitan city but not as highly as Los Angeles. There's a lot to offer as well in San Diego but I prefer LA.

Living in Oceanside

But in general, living in Southern California is quite better than the rest of the people residing in big cities where lots of poverty and unemployment. Here is where quality of life's abound.

Beautiful San Diego

Vegas Baby

I arrived in Vegas late afternoon, Good thing my hotel is just along the Vegas Strip. FYI, From Los Angeles Union Station you can get a ticket to vegas from Mega Bus. It is just outside LA Union station and it cost 25 USD. The Trip is almost 4 to 5 hours because you need to hop and stop to three different locations in California. But after hopping to these 3 locations, the bus will go straight to Las Vegas, Nevada.

If you have a lot of cold cash, Vegas is your city. There is so much to offer here. From Shopping, to sex to food etc. Everything is here in Vegas. What I miss during this trip is the spectacular shows from Cirque De Soleil to Spell Binding Magic. Next time, I really have to see one of the shows. Forget Casino except the Show.

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