Monday, October 25, 2010


Miral Trailer

"Miral tells the story of four women whose lives intertwine in a starkly human search for justice, hope and reconciliation amid a world overshadowed by conflict, rage and war -"

It was the last day of the Abu-Dhabi Film Festival and as I about to check who win in the festival, I was shocked to know that Miral still showing as the finale film for NON-Narrative Competition. So right at that moment, I decided to go to Marina Mall and queue as expected a lot of people from all walks of life were already in line. Finally, at 7:00 PM they started selling the tickets and voila I was on the right seat over looking the whole theater and of course the larger than life screen.

I do not have to tell all about the film but all I can say is that MIRAl is a film where in it imbibes the notion that by fighting back or a tooth is a tooth formula is not the solution to this problem. Thus this fight must be waged in a mightier form or in a better arena just like what Miral did when she educate and graduated and as an International Journalist now, devoid from illiteracy, angst and islamist brainwash; she can retaliate much better now. Watch the trailer here: MIRAL

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Watching Arab Film "We Were Communists"

I am privileged to watch a documentary about "Communism" in Arab World. This is in line with the recent Abu-Dhabi Film Festival. We were communists - is the title of the film. Actually, there's a bunch of movies in line some are french, Italian, Latin etc to name a few but  I chose this one because of the fact that I am living here in Arab Country (as in in flesh and blood).  So I assumed that Nobody will watch the film or either just majority of Arabs. But then I was wrong, the people who I have seated with are English, Americans and Canadians. They are curious about the film and so am I.

All this years I thought that  the conflicts here in middle east like Palestinian War or Lebanon Civil War etc is something about Islamic struggle or the curtail of Islam Rights of not giving them the right to live etc. but I was wrong because with in their culture or their country, there are some Idealists or Marxists would like to shape or lead their country in a better form of government with out embracing this being Muslim or dragging the issue of Islam etc. Something that they want all of their people to be fair in terms of wealth, status etc and that no one rise above from the other like Rich or Poor etc.

Anyway, about the movie, first I feel the movie is a bit boring, full of story telling and just a vivid pictures or scenery's of Lebanon -where the location of the story. Actually the movie is about five men who join the communist party during the 80's civil war and now they are reunited because one of them came back in Lebanon and as a Film Director in France he would like to create a documentary about communism why they join, why the communism in Lebanon dies or vanish into thin air and also recollecting of their pasts. Sometimes the scene was a bit blurry or maybe its the way the director would like to portray.

As I am about to sleep or go, suddenly the film showed a very heart warming and moving scene where I think its really happening until now. The scene is a chilly or freezing night in a hilly village when suddenly a large scale spotlight with an echo sound is moving right and fro and monitoring the movement of  the whole village but, not by their government but by an  Israeli government because this village is a boundary between Israel and Lebanon. Something that with in me as a democrat or believer of suffrage to vote, to be free etc awaken or ignite my sympathetic feelings that I cried buckets and that when I realized that was  the syllogism of the movie why the narrator joined the communism party and also that is what he wants to convey that there is every logical or compelling reasons why some people join or fight for any cause or movement in this unfair world. End of the film. Around of applause followed. I hope the film wins.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Thinspiration: Jennifer Hudson, 29, Singer

Tonight, I am so lazy going to the gym and I am about to sleep when I chance upon to see this once fatty Diva in the internet. Well,  Diva in the sense that she has that powerful & angelic voice being a singer. OMG! She is so THIN now! Amazing! Upon researching now about her and her lose of weight, I quoted one line from the article she is featured saying: "Well, the new mom religiously goes to the gym 5 days a week. Shes the spokesperson now for a certain product/campaign  and of which the campaign is all about educating families on preparing healthy low-cost meals. This initiative is an effort to help alleviate hunger and obesity". What an effort and dedication she made just to make this thing(s) possible. A thinspiration story to follow indeed.

Anyways, interesting enough of her story that I right away; right at that moment, I get out/up from my bunk and start jumping rope coz I missed my gym ritual. But the good thing today I kept myself away from eating "RICE"- the very source of evil of my overweight. Back to the subject , Jennifer Hudson is my new thinspiration Idol now. Being a successful Singer(from Rags to Riches), Award winning Actress and now a spokesperson of ending obesity- she is credible enough to be followed and as a source of inspiration.

Anyhow, here's her photos from that oinky monayin look to now being sultry, sexy and confident actress.

From Being FAT(1) to being curvier (2) & now SEXY & SULTRY(3)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

That Fine Week-End

Last Week-end, I had a very nice and comforting week-end although the big event that we anticipated was canceled- still it was a memorable one. And here it goes:

We booked a hotel with a super downer rate which was included of Breakfast at the Traders Hotel by Shang-rila. And true to what previous guests commented, Traders as 4-star deluxe hotel was indeed beyond my expectations. They have a very cozy, jazzy yet modern & hip lobby, A very comforting front view room and of course their courteous  & cheerful staff and their services.

Friday, was our first day. Ana & I went to the hotel and checked-in. We're so amazed of the room and its facilities such a nice room overlooking the whole Shang-rila property. and then we indulged ourselves to mega lafs as in lafanggness - a Humba plus rice plus coke = Fullness! Watta day! Then, Mitzi later on joined us and then we went ahead as planned to go swimming in their pool. After we over used the pool, we went to our room and start dressing for that Tiesto concert. It was a mega blackness theme for our costume I mean the dress we wore. Sad to note that when were in the concert area - security said that it was canceled but we differ to disagree thus, we went to the back area and we saw that notice board that it is indeed canceled. Anyway, its not our lose but of course the organizer -it was sold out but then they have to make decision Fun or Safety? and they chose the later one. But still we chose FUN and thus we ended up bar hopping in Souk Al Qaryat from Sho Cho to Noodle House and then to Left Bank. We left the souk at 2:00 o'clock.

The next day me and Mitzi, indulged ourselves to what Traders by Shang-rila has to offer. First, we had our breakfast which I think the service supercedes any other hotel services. Imagine right in our table one staff service staff offered us of their breads, drinks etc and served it to our plate. Plus our table was situated infront of the beach - watta way to enjoy week-end. Then after we consumed their buffet from main course to desserts and fruits, we heed up to their Pool-Swim, Rest & Relax. Then later on 3 hours before our check out we managed to power nap and at exactly 3:00 PM we called their staff and went down ( we might oversleep and paid again for another day-kaloka!). Then after checked-out, we decided to went to Shang-rila and see their lobby and restaurants. As in one of the best lobby Hotels in AUH if not UAE. Then, we heed down and voila we love their pool, thus we stayed there till the sun set down. Funny though but we came up with an idea why not dine in some hotel outdoors and just buy shawarma or burgers, anyway we just look after of the 5 star ambiance and of course nothing else but pictures.

Shang-rila's Elegant Lobby Bar

The Hotel View from the pool

Loving the Art Wall of the Lobby

An Inspiration for my dream house char!
Their hip n chic lobby lounge

Loving this waiting area for the lift
The modern grand entrance

D mandatory self pic in every rampage

Their cozy tropical design pool

Mitzi on brisk swimming

Arabic design influence + Asian

The lovely outdoor setting

Not so nice mojito but its fine

Shang-rilas pride Pool

Love to try sun bathing here

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